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The Saints Go Marching Up, Wigan’s Favourite Movie And What A Bunch Of Amateurs

Written by on April 29, 2012 | 7 Comments »
Posted in Winners and Losers

Southampton sealed their return with a comprehensive 4-0 win over Coventry City. It means a return to the top flight for the Saints after being relegated at the end of the 2005 season. Relegation ended a run of 27 seasons at the top level of English. Their return to the top flight was secured against Coventry City another provincial side that had spent an extended period in the top division in England. Coventry survived for 34 seasons between 1968 and 2001 but after 11 seasons in the Championship Coventry will be playing in the third tier next season. The last time Coventry sank so low was in the 1963/64 season.

 Lyon may have lifted the French Cup but third division amateurs Quevilly took the outcome of the final right to the last whistle. Along the way Quevilly had knocked out both Marseille and Rennes.

 Fulham and Merseyside just do not mix. Everton has now beaten Fulham on their last 18 trips to Goodison on league business and it gets worse. In midweek Fulham plays Liverpool and Anfield and the Cottagers have never won on that ground ever.

Wigan continued their annual Great Escape with a resounding 4-0 win over Newcastle who sat 5th in the Premier League before the weekend’s action.Survival has still not been secured but it certainly looks more positive than a few weeks ago. Wigan can still be caught by Blackburn, QPR and Bolton but with 37 points and games remaining against the bottom two clubs Wolves and Blackburn the chance of another season in the Premier League has swung in their favour.

Toronto FC conceded a late goal to Real Salt Lake and in the process tied a MLS record for the poorest start to a season. Seven losses in seven starts and if they do not pick up a point against DC United next weekend they will become the lone holders of a record for futility.

While Swansea fans were left cursing their side for throwing away a 4-1 lead, Wolves supporters why such a spirited fight-back came after relegation was certain. The neutrals, on  the over hand, could just enjoy goal-spree that brought eight goals in total and six in the first 33 minutes of play.

 The fate of Rangers still hangs in the balance as deadline after deadline slips by without a new owner being named or a restructuring plan being offered up. Every day that goes by increase the chances of the saga ending in the dreaded L-word.

Luis Suarez scored a hat trick for Liverpool against Norwich with audacious effort from just inside the opposition’s half a particularly spectacular effort. But if you do get a chance to watch the goal again just watch Steven Gerrard’s reaction when he does not get the pass.

The relegation noose tightened a little more on QPR and Blackburn given their losses to Chelsea and Spurs respectively, while Wigan’s win made things a lot worse. Three dropped points are bad but the walloping QPR took from Chelsea did massive damage to their goal difference and you could make the case that they really lost a further half.

 Any stand-outs – good and/or bad – that stood out for you this weekend?

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7 responses to “The Saints Go Marching Up, Wigan’s Favourite Movie And What A Bunch Of Amateurs”

  1. Carmelo Gabriele says:

    On a really interesting sidenote, Stevenage coached by the ex Arsenal “scout” Gary Smith (I’m kidding, MLS cup winning manager) IF they beat Bury at Broadhall Way on May 5th they’re in the League 1 playoffs… nice job Gary Smith!

  2. Erik says:

    Winner: Barnsley……….They would headed down from the LC to League One if not for Pompey having 10 points deducted. BIG TIME Winner here.

    Loser: Pompey……….Will they even exist in a few years?

    Loser: L.A. Galaxy……….Before the season began the consensus was this team was better this year than last and the only reason MLS was going to play out the season was because of money generated from doing so. Welllllllllllllllllll – so far the Galaxy has sputtered and right now doesn’t look capable of winning a Playoff game let alone enough to win it all.

    Winner: Blackburn’s almost certain relegation……….Once the CLUELESS Chicken Farmers took over and sacked Big Sam this side became hated by almost all with almost all hoping they would go down last season. They tried but managed to stay up. Doesn’t look like they will be so lucky this season and will be headed down to the LC which is a huge “insult” for a side like this. Their supporters will be beyond irate and try and take out their wrath on Venky’s. Wonder if the cluess chicken farmers STILL believe sacking Big Same was the right move to try and make their cluba T5 side – which they said would happen. They might be righ about that, too – just a T5 LC side and not an EPL side. Hate to see the supporters get the shaft but seeing the Chicken Farmers relegated will be AWESOME! Steve Kean has 2 more games left in his Blackburn Managerial career – in all fairness this is not all his fault. He is clueless but he isn’t the one to have all wrath directed at although seeing his post-game interviews the man looks like he needs a hug in the worst way possible 🙂

    Winner: Those of us here in the States…………..because the Manchester Derby is suuuuuuuuuch a massive game that ESPN is moving it from ESPN2 to “Regular” ESPN. Do not downplay what a massive move this is for them. They did it because the ratings for this game might set all sorts of records and make them more revenue and publicity but moving the game from ESPN2 to ESPN can’t be discounted.

    Winner: L.A. Kings………….sorry but until their season ends – one way or another – they will be up here every week for me and I don’t give a…….what anyone thinks. I picked Nashville to win the Cup but now it looks like they might not even beat Phoenix meaning the Kings could play for the Cup for only the 2nd time in history (1993). I want ONE……..ONE……..JUST ONE Stanley Cup winning team for my Kings before I die. Maybe this can be the year! I know this is a scocer site but anyone who has been watching the SC Playoffs can tell you it has been AWESOME! Kings WILL beat the Blues in the series!

    Winner: The LC Promotion Playoffs: Said it last week – will say it again. This year’s LC Promo Playoff sure looks like it could be the best ever. All 3 relegated sides are in it meaning AT MOST – ONLY ONE can come back up while the other side – Cardiff City will be hoping 3rd time is a charm and makes it up (And this is almost 4 in a row for them but in 08-09 lost out to Preston North End because they scored 1 less goal). Something tells me one of the “B-sides will make it back up with the Hammers staying down.

  3. Mike says:

    Winner..Juventus undefeated. Six points away from scudetto. And in finale for coppa italia!

  4. fabr04 says:

    Loser: Joey Barton. Both on general principles and because every team that gets rid of him improves, and every team that acquires him gets worse. And how strange that he’s the captain of the team with the most red cards in the league – I never would have predicted that.

    Loser: Arsene Wenger. Despite him always praising the spirit and heart of his club, in both of the last two years Arsenal has won one game of their last 5. This year, with two games left, they’re winless in their last 3.

    Winner: PL fans the world over, because for the first time since I can remember the league winner will (probably) be determined on the last day of the season. Of the 10 matches on May 13th, virtually all of them will have teams with something to play for (Swansea – Liverpool might be an exception).

  5. Joao says:

    I remember coming on this site a few months ago and saying that Real Madrid would break two records. The goal scoring record is already broken and the points record is three wins away. If Real Madrid accomplish this they would be the first team in a European League to gather 100 points, I thought this only was achievable in Fifa! Hopefully, we will clinch the title on May 2nd against Bilbao.
    Also congratulations to Borussia Dortmund and Juventus. They are two of the most underrated sides in Europe. Juve are two wins away from a scudetto and four games from going an entire season UNDEFEATED and winning a double. This is an absolutely epic accomplishment, especially considering they finished 7th a season ago. As for Dortmund they are a point away from setting a new league record, have won back to back Bundesliga titles and will face off against Bayern in the German cup final.

  6. Erik says:

    Fabr: EPL Season was up for grabs on the last day of the 09-10 season when Chelsea led by 1 point but blew out Wigan and won the league. United will be atop the table headed to the last week of the season. United will get 3 points this weekend vs Swansea while City will NOT get 3 points @ Newcastle alloing United to control their destiny the last game of the season

  7. Ed Gomes says:

    Huge Winners: The American Futebol fan. FOX is planning on showing all the matches, in one way or another, on the final league day. All matches are played at the same time, and they will show as many as possible through their available networks, and have live cut ins. It should be very exciting, with league title, CL qualification, Europa qualification and relegation spots all for grabs.

    Losers: Man United and it’s fans. Horrible loss to City. They were unable to get anything going at all. SAF complaining about Mancini badgering the refs was also more sad than comical.

    Winners: City. Shame on Mancini should they lose the title now. No excuses for a slip up.

    Fabr04, thank you for the Arsenal stat.. Many, especially Wenger, will point to Arsenals resolve due to them earning a CL spot. I say that’s not good enough. This team should be fighting for the league title and not falling apart year after year. The Podolski signing also shows that more mediocrity is on the way instead any real progress.

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