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Dark Relegation Stats, Estrada Looks Special & Anyone Have Mick’s #

Written by on March 18, 2012 | 6 Comments »
Posted in Winners and Losers

 When you consider Sunderland’s poor record at Goodison a 1-1 draw and a replay back at the Stadium of Light has to be considered a great result for Martin O’Neill’s side. Everton was caught napping on an early free kick to Sunderland. Expecting a ball played into the penalty area Everton’s defence reacted to slowly to a ball rolled square to a charging Bardsley who thumped it home. After that is was a case of surfing an Everton onslaught which they did with the exception of Cahill’s equalizer. 

Wigan dominated every important statistical category against West Brom but still had to settle for just a point. They recorded 21 attempts on goal but were only on target 5 times. The only goal came when James MacArthur prodded a loose ball into the net from a foot or so out. Wigan has only 22 points with 9 games left and over the next few weeks they face Liverpool (a), Stoke (h), Chelsea (a), Manchester United (h), Arsenal (a). A tough slog.

Juventus dearly needed three points when they travelled to Florence on Saturday after four consecutive draws had allowed Milan to stretch their lead at the top of Serie A. And three points it was they got with a resounding 5-0 win. It was the worst home defeat ever suffered by Fiorentina at home in a Serie A match. 

Borussia Dortmund continued with their phenomenal run of domestic form when they extended their unbeaten run to a Bundesliga record 20 games with a 1-0 win over Werder Bremen. The win allowed Dortmund to maintain a five point lead on Bayern Munich who thumped six past Otto Rehhagel’s Hertha Berlin.

Marseille may be in the last 8 of the Champions League but their form in Ligue Un continues to be of the embarrassing variety. They have now lost their last 5 league matches after they failed to cut the mustard – this time against Dijon. A penalty from Gael Kakuta gave the relegation threatened side three valuable points. 

I was so impressed by David Estrada in Seattle’s first leg win over Santos that I was shocked to find out he had so little professional playing experience. He scored that night but went two better on Saturday against Toronto FC. His movement is exceptional and his finishing first class. Each of the goals showed something different in Estrada’s repertoire of skills. Alvaro Fernandez assisted on all three of Estrada’s goals.

 After a 5-1 hammering from West Brom the Wolves brains-trust decided to call time on Mick McCarthy’s stint as manager. The first game after McCarthy’s dismissal Wolves fought back from 2-0 down to draw 2-2 away to Newcastle.

Since then they have lost all three games, scored no goals and conceded 12. The resilience shown by Wolves in previous successful fights against relegation has dissolved and things are looking darker as each game passes.  

Wolves have now won just one of their last 15 Premier League games (W1, D5, L9). Wolves have only collected 11 points after 15 Premier League home games and no team has survived in the Premier League after being in such a position. If there is any good news it is that at least one team is going to break new ground as fellow relegation candidates Bolton, QPR and Wigan are all in a similar position.

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6 responses to “Dark Relegation Stats, Estrada Looks Special & Anyone Have Mick’s #”

  1. Soccerlogical says:

    The only manger who could save Wolves is Felix Magath. The same man responsible for assembling most of the current Schalke squad and rebuilding Wolfsburg after McClaren’s debacle.

    I’d love to see Mick “Rocky” McCarthy at NY Red Bulls though.

    Finally, surely Soldado must be given a starter for Spain at Euro 2012?

  2. J Rob says:

    Loser = me waking up early to watch the 2nd half of the Everton vs Sunderland game. Turgid and shockingly devoid of quality or much excitement.

    Loser = me passing on going to the Sounders game in favour of St. Patrick’s Night revelry. David Estrada is kinda the Man From Nowhere (also the title of a brilliant Korean action movie – film fans).

    Loser = me overdoing aforementioned St. Patrick’s Night revelry and suffering through Liverpool vs Stoke feeling very green. Game was always going to be gruellng at the best of times. Lovely goal for Suarez though. You watch no Champion’s League qualification is out-of-the window he’ll score for fun.

    Bobby – no mention of Killie’s upset over Celtic? My hoops-loving mates were all treble-tastic with anticipation on Saturday night and strangely quiet a day later.

  3. Erik says:

    Now that we pretty much know the 3 Relegated EPL sides the question has to be asked:

    What wil be a better race:

    The Battle of Manchester for the Top Spot and then Arsenal/Chelsea/Totty fighting for the other 2 CL spots


    The battle for a T6 spot in the LC and the right to play/qualify for an EPL spot next season

    Too close to call

    Winner: LA Galaxy. Not so much for beating DC United on Sunday but the fact they don’t play another game for almost 2 weeks allowing them to rest up some. I know the season just begun but having 4 games in 10-ish days wore them out and the rest of not being in the CCL will benefit them greatly

    Winner: The medical staff @ WHL for their fast and amazing action to keep Muamba alive when at times that wasn’t a given.

    Winner: Mick McCarthy for no longer having to be with the inept Wolves. There is a saying, “Be careful of what you wish for – you just might get it.” Wolves’ fans wanted MM gone. They got their wish. They might be regretting that now although if Wolves (mis)management didn’t try and take the cheap way out they might be playing in the EPL in August. The difference between the LC and EPL is too many millions to count. By trying to save a few pennies with their choice of Manager to take over for MM they took the cheap way out and now trying to save a few pennies will cost them many, many, many millions.

    Winner (Sorry – wrong sport but since here in the States that is what most people care about I gotta do this): NOT believing ONE SECOND of the Hype Duke and Missouri were getting and only having them win 1 game in the NCAAs. I know it was 1 more than they won but not having them go a long way saved me. I still have 7 of the 8 Elite 8 teams left so not bad.

    Loser: Kendall Marshall hurting his wrist – I have UNC winning it all

    Winner and/or Loser: Saturday was a brutally cold, rainy, windy day here in So Cal. Chivas played a home game vs Vancouver in front of a nearly empty Home Depot Center. Not sure if the fans who showed up are Winners for braving the elements or Losers for showing up in the first place to watch this sorry excuse for a MLS side.

  4. fabr04 says:

    Roberto Martinez must be the closest thing the EPL has to an alchemist – I’ve no idea how he’s managed to keep that team up for as long as he has. But I think this is the year time runs out. Probably just as well – as much as I like Martinez, Wigan’s attendance is miserable, and there’s no point wasting a PL spot on indifferent supporters.

    Winner: Steve Kean. If you had taken a poll at the start of the season as to who would be the first manager fired, he would have topped the list. Now, not only has he (maybe) saved his team from relegation, he’s also outlasted…four PL managers? AVB, Warnock, Bruce, McCarthy…anybody else?

    Loser: Joey Barton. Every team that gets rid of Joey Barton gets better; every team that acquires him gets worse. There’s got to be a Nietzsche quote for that somewhere.

  5. Erik says:

    Fab: Martinez reminds me so much of Mohammed Saeed al-Sahaf – the Spokesman for Iraq during the Iraqi war that got rid of Saddam Hussein. By this I mean U.S. troops would literally be outside the door of where al-Sahaf was making the statements.

    I compare Martinez to him because when you see Martinez sound bites he sounda a lot like al-Sahaf in that Martinez is insisting Wigan will stay up and that they are playing great football. The reality is Martinez knows they are “hosed” and going down and the fact they escaped last season says all we need to know about Martinez’s abilities because I’m not sure SAF could have kept up Wigan last season. Defense wins Championships but every now and then you need some production from your offense and Wigan just doesn’t have that. I can see their stay in the LC being a rather lengthy one, too. Martinze showed amazing loyalty to the club but he should have left for greener pastures. Villa would be a lot better off than they are now if they had Martinez and not the overrated and clueless McLeish

  6. Ed Gomes says:

    I became a Martinez fan when watching the WV coverage in the states. He was excellent as an analyst. Better yet instead of getting caught up in useless debate he just corrected the other analyst and explained why.
    For that reason alone I root for Wigan. Them actually going out and trying to win matches helps. Like its been mentioned, just not enough quality.

    Marseille has been awful. The economic burden has hit French football hard. They, along with Lyon, Bordeaux etc…, will be sellers. Players have given up on the season but just might be showing their worth in the CL.
    The loss of CL money will further hamper the clubs mentioned.

    I know Keane was a popular choice in getting ousted, but people are forgetting the owners. No offense but they were always going yo be tight with the money. They weren’t going to pay for a non working manager.

    Lamps came out and said that Chelsea needs to continue to be dependent on the old guard. I agree that’s all that’s left this season but another year of nothing won and no progress in sight.

    Arsenal St least has, oh never mind.

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