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It’s So Hard To Say Good-Bye

Written by on July 15, 2011 | No Comments »
Posted in The Training Ground

Marco Pereira writes mainly about the Portuguese Liga ZON Sagres and is a former correspondent for You can find other articles from Marco at Eat More Bacalhau.

Even though he’s been gone now for almost a month, FC Porto president Pinto da Costa is still having difficulty coming to terms with the fact that former coach Andre Villas-Boas is no longer with the club and opted to be manager of Chelsea FC.

The colourful, yet always controversial, figure that is da Costa never ceases to amaze, both, his critics and those who praise him.  I would even go as far and say that he could easily publish a book solely based on his sound bytes and would easily make the bestsellers list.

Da Costa’s is a man who speaks his mind whenever he feels like, regardless of the severity of his statements and who his comments are directed to.

The latest accusations made about Villas-Boas is another example and the Porto boss’ choice of words, and the fact that he decided to make them public, was done in very poor taste and is evident that he has yet to get over his former coach’s departure.

There are many times that I would hope da Costa just never opened his mouth and someone would slap a muzzle on him, but that would defeat the purpose of free speech.  But the disparaging sentiments that he displayed towards a man who brought him four trophies in one season is, well, idiotic.

The only thing that da Costa has achieved by accusing Villas-Boas of “living with Mourinho’s ghost” and claiming that he was afraid of facing Barcelona in the UEFA Super Cup is a pathetic attempt at being hurtful.

None of us can confirm if Villas-Boas did make the confession that da Costa’s is alleging to, but the Porto supremo’s claims are no more than what people do when they break-up – spread lies to all their friends about how bad of a boyfriend/girlfriend they were to make up for their own shortcomings, instead of dealing with the fact that the relationship is over and having the maturity to move on.

No, instead da Costa had chosen to berate the man that he proudly displayed to the media as his football team’s new coach just a year ago, standing by his side as a proud father would when posing for pictures at their child’s university graduation.

What is ironic is that da Costa went further and claimed that he knew, even before Villas-Boas did, that the now new Chelsea manager would leave the club before he did himself.  In order to compensate for the loss, da Costa hired Vitor Pereira as Porto’s new coach an hour after Villas-Boas rescinded his with his former employer.

If there was so much foresight and omnipotence surrounding Villas-Boas’ eventual farewell, why then still talk and make a big stink about it?  Has there not been enough time to resolve any hurt feelings?  All this is pure arrogance and damaged pride – nothing more, nothing less.

It’s also surprising that da Costa is behaving as such as the long-serving Porto president has displayed a cool and collected persona much of his career, but for some reason is allowing for his blood to continue to boil.

Was it Villas-Boas’ youthful good looks, his smile, his charm that has inflicted da Costa?  Did da Costa not think that how he’s treated people in his life would one day come back to bite him in the ass?  Like Radiohead sang, “you do it to yourself, you do and that’s what really hurts.”

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