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Soccer Report Extra Podcast: Episode 9 – Is It Nou Camp Or Camp Nou?

Written by on April 8, 2011 | 8 Comments »
Posted in Soccer Report Extra Podcast

This week Bobby and Eoin look back on a week of Champions League action that brought 18 goals in just four games. How much did Peter Crouch’s sending off affect Spurs? What can we make of Schalke’s stunning 5-2 win at the Giuseppe Meazza? Did Shakhtar Donetsk have a chance at the Nou Camp or even the Camp Nou? And do Chelsea still have  a chance of making it to yet another Champions League semi-final? All these questions – and more – are either answered, skipped over or totally avoided in this week’s podcast.

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8 responses to “Soccer Report Extra Podcast: Episode 9 – Is It Nou Camp Or Camp Nou?”

  1. Soccerlogical says:

    A Center in B Ball posts up (“gets position”) under opposition’s net. Similar to Ade posting up (“getting position”) against Gallas in the 6 yard box.

  2. Boris says:

    They have a drawn the shortlist of PFA player of the year awards. The list contains the following:
    Tottenham’s Gareth Bale and Rafael Van Der Vart, Blackpool’s Charlie Adam, Arsenal’s Samir Nasri, Manchester City striker Carlos Tevez, Manchester United defender Nemanja Vidic and West Ham midfielder Scott Parker.
    I am not going to get into who doesn’t deserve to be there and who does. From the players selected, I would give it to either Charlie Adam who has done a fantastic job at Blackpool or Scot Parker.

    Any thoughts?

    Any thoughts.

  3. Bryan says:

    Yes. Essien did play right-back in the CL final.
    The real Michael Essien that is ,not the imposter who’s been wearing his shirt this season.

  4. Roberto Manita says:

    Gentlemen – it’s Camp Nou thank you. Unless you’re going to be British about it and change the name around to suit your liking (the British always butcher the name and get the order incorrect by calling it the Nou Camp). Again, it’s Camp Nou … thank you (phonetically, an easy way to remember it too by the way).

    Croatian Boris – what? Modric didn’t make the PFA POY list? And Bale and VdV did? No, couldn’t be! The list needs more Croatians on it. Or the Spuds need more Croatians. I forget. What a travesty and injustice I say.

    I’m surprised that two players from sides that very well could get relegated are included on the list. Both Adam and Parker have no business being on the list IMHO. And if I were to put my SL conspiracy hat on, I would say the only reason those two are on the list are because they are British. Nani’s exclusion from the list is the real travesty and injustice.

    Where are all the Liverfool fans at?

  5. Boris says:

    Omg…Some people just don’t get it. There’s only one Croatian in the Premier League who’s worthy of accolades.
    I am not going to try to explain myself again to people who only see what they choose to see.
    I said I wasn’t going to talk about who deserves to go and who doesn’t. I am sticking it to it.

    I don’t make fun of other people’s opinions nor do I try to embellish the story to make it more plausible to a person’s deluded mind.
    So, please just drop it.

    Also, to those thinking that Adam and Parker shouldn’t be on the list need to consider how the teams would fare without the players. Not everyone has the budget of Manchester City.

  6. Roberto Manita says:

    Players who have performed so well that their teams find themselves in a relegation battle have no business to be included on a Player of the Year list. None. Sorry.

    The Serbian fella, Vidic, most likely will get the award and should have a couple of years ago when that old British fella, Giggs, got the vote on sentimental grounds.

    Bale’s inclusion on this list is also very suspect. He’s been injured for much of this year and has not scored much, in all competitions, since November. He’s on this list and he’s British too (Welsh … just like Giggs).

    Am I the only one around that thinks the exclusion of the EPL’s leading scorer (Berbatov) and whom I believe to be ManU’s best player this year (Nani, that Michael Jackson looking fella) is a wee bit strange? Wait, both are not British. Did I just say that or am I channeling SL?

  7. Roberto Manita says:

    And as to consideration wrt where both Blackpool and West Ham would be without Adam and Parker, respectively, they would be in a relegation battle. Exactly where they find themselves right now. I rest my case.

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