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Soccer Report Extra Podcast: Episode 8 – How To Fix European International Bores

Written by on April 1, 2011 | 9 Comments »
Posted in Soccer Report Extra Podcast

As interest in European international matches wanes, US Men’s soccer, since Italia ’90, has gone from strength to strength. Perhaps this video is partially to thank for launching the USMNT on its current trajectory.

This week on the podcast Eoin and Bobby ask why international games, particularly Euro 2012 Qualifiers, are failing to capture the imagination of fans – and what can be done about it. They also look at the Barclay’s Premier League battle to avoid relegation – a battle that now has ten teams within six points of each other. And finally, the boys meander over to Italy and discuss what might be a pivotal weekend in Serie A.

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9 responses to “Soccer Report Extra Podcast: Episode 8 – How To Fix European International Bores”

  1. Soccerlogical says:

    Really excited for the Everton vs Aston Villa game. Hopefully Moyes will put Houllier outta his misery!

  2. Gus Keri says:

    First of all, where is the video?


    Your idea of a special tournament for the lower seeds in Europe has been used for the Asian Cup. Asia has a special tournament called the Challenge Cup among the lower seeds of Asis and it sent two representatives to Qatar 2011, India and North Korea.

    But considering that the Euro will expand to 24 in France 2016, it means the qualifications will consist of 12 groups (8 with 4 teams and 4 with 5 teams) without the need for a play-off. So, the number of matches will be reduced significantly and the lower seeds will have a better chance at qualification.

    With this new system, you are going to help many of the lesser quality teams to reach the finals. Teams like the Northern Ireland (currently ranked 25th in Europe) and Scotland (27th) will have a chance at qualifying.

    But to go all the way to help a team like Wales (ranked 46th), this is too much.

    AFC and Bin Hammam bent over backwards to help India qualify to Qatar 2011 and what we got is: 3 losses with 13 goals conceded.
    This is not good for succer. It might be good for business, though. The Indian fans in Qatar were second only to the home side’s fans. And reaching the Indian market is a good business sense.

  3. Paolo_Rilf says:

    I’m hearing rumours that Fox is about to pull the plug on Fox Soccer Channel.
    Anyone else heard anything?

  4. Soccerlogical says:

    Gusey – You need to click the words in bold “this video”…. under the picture.

    PS That gawdawful video did nothing but repel the cool and talented kids and adults from American soccer. A bunch of upper middle class technically inept white boyz dancing on the beach while attempting various hip hop histrionics to an awful rap song.

    Talk about incongruity!

  5. rdm says:

    It is April 1st today SL.

  6. Boris says:

    Tottenham must defeat Wigan to remain in the hunt for a Champions League spot.
    Sandro will be key as the back line is depleted.
    Also, who will score for Tottenham?
    I would give Pav a shot up front. Hopefully VDV can re-discover his goal-scoring form but Harry has to do a good job in rotating (please) to have a fresh squad for the Madrid game. Do not start Bale even he says he’s healthy. Give a shot to Kranjcar. He always comes up big when he plays. If the game is won early, take out the likes of VDV (even if he complains) to be fresh for the Madrid game.

  7. Gillian says:

    Yay! A new pod!

    I’m glad Bobby and Eoin scrapped their original material and talked about how to make international fixtures…workable? Tolerable? And I agree with the notion that fans prefer club football to internationals. Ironically, I got into this sport because of last year’s World Cup, but now that I’ve been following the domestic leagues, international breaks annoy me to no end.

    Of the weekend’s games, I guess I’m most intrigued by Liverpool & West Brom – for obvious reasons 🙂

  8. Bryan says:

    Way too much international football being played.
    It needs to be cut back ,so that you might actually look forward to it the way we used to.

    I’d leave WC qualifying as it is ,preferably with four and only if necessary five team groups ,it can still be an event on occasions ,and outside of the tournaments it’s still the highest level of international football.

    As for the Euro’s qualifying ,I’d whack it back almost completely.
    Have the lowest ranked play a home and away KO ,winners join the rest ,top half in the rankings are drawn against the bottom half ,two legs ,and you’ve got the finalists. Games played a couple months before the finals.

    After each WC/Euro ends in early July ,no more internationals for at least eight or nine months ,until the next Feb/March.

    No more than two friendlies allowed per country each year ,with exceptions for host nations.

    I’m sure you could pick holes in that ,not that it would ever happen.
    But I’d like to see it.

  9. CH says:

    But wouldnt you guys say that all the big Euro leagues are like this. We know that Man U and Real Madrid will finish in the top 4 every year, so is there any point in watching the leagues as well?

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