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Soccer Report Extra Podcast: Episode 74 – Champions Of Europe… Now What?

Written by on May 22, 2012 | 7 Comments »
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After an improbable European triumph for Chelsea, we seem to be left with more questions than answers. 

Will Roman Abramovich lose interest and cash in his chips now that he’s finally gotten his hands on UEFA’s big-eared jug?

Has Roberto Di Matteo done enough to earn full-manager status at Stamford Bridge?

Should Didier Drogba quit the West London club, while he’s ahead?

Does Fernando Torres really have the right to complain about not playing a bigger role in Munich? 

And, did someone have to beg John Terry to get fully kitted-up for the final whistle, or was he just looking for any excuse? 

This week on the pod, Bobby McMahon & Asa Rehman answer all these questions, and more… enjoy!

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7 responses to “Soccer Report Extra Podcast: Episode 74 – Champions Of Europe… Now What?”

  1. Gilian says:

    When Schweinsteiger stepped up to take that penalty, I flashed back to Madrid last month. In a similar situation, he held his nerve very well. Then again, at the Santiago Bernabeu, all the pressure was on Real Madrid. Maybe he & Ronaldo can commiserate about missed penalties ahead of Euro?

    Thanks, as always, for an enjoyable listen. Can’t wait for your Euro 2012 coverage!

  2. Mark says:

    A bit sad that we won’t be getting as many podcasts during the summer, but perhaps we’ll relish them even more.
    as a Manchester United supporter, I was wondering –
    Assuming United COULD get the following players, whom would help them most in Europe next season, since they obviously had shortcomings in the C.L. this season: Hazzard, Kagawa, Modric, Martinez or Strootman? Thanks for your opinion.

  3. Mark – no intention of stopping podcasts in summer. Might even find more during Euros.
    Don’t mind giving an opinion on players but that is some mixed bag there. Two that play off or in support of the main striker, player who is probably best lying deeper and spraying passes, a defensive midfielder who slips back and plays as a third centre half and a player I have never seen and hardly heard of.
    “help them most in Europe”? Maybe Premier League should be the priority.

  4. From the Guardian “FSG are conducting an extensive search for a manager since sacking Dalglish last week and their ideal criteria of a young coach with title-winning experience would fit alongside a sporting director of Van Gaal’s experience and expertise.”

    My God. I can save them the search. There is nothing in LVG’s history to show that he can fit alongside anyone for any length of time. Incendiary.

  5. J Rob says:

    Can’t decide which betters fits Liverpool’s owners just now ‘stumbling in the dark’ or ‘clutching at straws’. Maybe ‘clueless’ is more succinct and accurate.

  6. Mark says:

    Thanks Bobby. Perhaps the P.L. Should be a priority, but I asked about the C.L. Because SAF has said for the past couple of seasons that he especially wants that C.L. Trophy as he feels that United have fallen behind the other “successful” teams in that regard. Which is true. For the number of P.L. trophies United have won, to have only 2 C.L. Trophies is underwhelming. It seems that while United have what it takes to win P.L. Perhaps they are lacking either in players or tactics in Europe. That’s why I asked you what I asked.
    But I appreciate your analysis of the players anyway.

  7. John Bladen says:


    Was that the guardian suggesting Van Gaal? Or was there a direct LFC link to pursuit of him?

    I’d like to say RdM has done enough to earn the full time job at Chelsea, but I have my doubts. For all Avram Grants limitations, he took the club to the CL final & had them playing better in the league… and yet was still shown the door.

    Abramovich may be an enigma, but he will understand better than anyone that his club needed amazing good fortune to get to the final. The case can be made that Napoli, Benfica, FCB and Bayern should have beaten them.

    That none did is a tribute to both their commitment to defense and tremendous good fortune. Even if he believes they can count on the former under di Matteo, he knows they cannot expect to sustain the good luck that helped them win it all.

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