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Soccer Report Extra Podcast: Episode 69 – Oh, How Naughty!

Written by on April 17, 2012 | 8 Comments »
Posted in Soccer Report Extra Podcast

This week on the pod we engage in a fascinating game of ‘Follow The Train Of Thought’, and it goes a little something like this… Jurgen Klopp’s middle name is Norbert, meaning his middle-nick-name would be ‘Nobby’, a name Bobby often confuses with Noddy, which was the first name of the lead singer Noddy Holder from 70’s glam-rock band Slade, who also had a round-faced buck-toothed guitarist named Dave Hill, who Eoin reckons looks a little like ESPN footie commentator Ian Darke (no disrespect)… Personally, I think Slade guitarist Dave Hill looks exactly like UK actor Timothy Spall (who, by the way, would easily be my pick to play the lead role in Harry Redknapp’s inevitable biopic).

Speaking of ‘Arry, we talk Spurs, Toffees, contentious FA Cup officiating, $35m Andy Carroll goals, rare non-Old-Firm Scottish Cup finals, AshleyYoung diving lessons, the limited shelf lives of some Aussies, Scousers & Geezers, and and a two-horse race for the scoring crown in La Liga.

Plus, Eoin models the latest SREP gear (not available in stores… yet). 

You will also find the podcast on ITunes and at Stitcher Radio.

8 responses to “Soccer Report Extra Podcast: Episode 69 – Oh, How Naughty!”

  1. gabemar says:

    The link for the podcast doesnt seem to be showing on the page

  2. joakal says:

    Hey Bobby and Eoin, very much enjoy the podcast, just want to say that before…

    What? life isn’t fair and so we shouldn’t try to help sport be fair either? First you say that the video stuff isn’t going to put a stop to controversy, so, why bother, then, you say that it will “sanitize” the game into boredom. Which is it? Have to say, it sounds to me like you’re grasping at any excuse to be against moving the game forward. And finally… there is a whole lot of drama on the jersey shore if you’re into that kinda thing. 😉

  3. Sarati says:

    As soon as I saw Timothy Spall’s photo up here I thought of Harry Redknapp!

  4. And please explain to me why this will move the game forward?
    I would have Russell’s piece last week would have illustrated that the concept has not been thought through by many people – especially those that toss it around as a simple solution.

  5. Doug says:

    Bobby: How would you feel about a combination of the two concepts (video replay and your idea for a “challenge” system), similar to the NFL? Each club is allowed one challenge, either per half or per match. Ref looks at video and either upholds or overturns the decision, all in about the same time it takes for a player to dive, roll around, draw a foul, and fake a limp to the sideline.

  6. Doug – here is the problem I have. The system you propose has nothing to do with a player diving, rolling around or anything else. That is completely irrelevant to the debate. It is the unintended consequences of bringing it in that bothers me. I don’t think for one moment that if video replay was brought in for very definitive incidents it will not then grow exponentially.

    As Russell’s post alluded to last week. A ball is judged to be over the line and goal is given but the replay also shows the ball was out of play before it was crossed. Do you really believe that the party that came out on the wrong end of decision would sit back and just accept it – not for one moment.

    The idea that coaches will not use the one challenge rule late in the game for tactical reasons does not fly with me. Just look at late subs.

  7. Doug says:

    Some would argue that the video replay would be a significant delay in the game. I used the example of a player exaggerating the severity of a tackle as a means of comparison. I can’t imagine the review of a challenged call taking significantly longer. (I could just as well have used a substitution as an example.)

    That being said, you make an insightful point about using a challenge late in the game for tactical reasons. Surely you would see the rule being abused as another way to run down the clock.

    So I propose one last amendment to my suggestion: challenges can only be made for disputed goals. Rather than allowing a coach to challenge any whistle (e.g. a foul, out-of-bounds, etc.), they may only challenge a dubious goal.

    In the interest of full disclosure, I am a Spurs supporter. Indeed, life isn’t always fair!

    Thank you for responding to my comment, and massive thanks to you and Eoin for the brilliant podcasts! Keep it up

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