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Soccer Report Extra Podcast: Episode 61a – Dressed For Success

Written by on February 21, 2012 | 1 Comment »
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After another turbulent round of the FA Cup, we’re left with more questions than answers for what’s going on at both Chelsea & Arsenal, especially regarding the managers.  Bobby & Eoin are both convinced that a thoughtful change of wardrobe, perhaps, might just do the trick for Mr. Villas-Boas.  Arsene Wenger may be feeling the heat from his detractors, but at least he has sidelined-Wolves-loanee ‘Manu’ Frimpong to fight his twitter battles for him (I mean what else has he got going on – DEEEENCH!)

BTW – This episode was epic (in duration) so it’s split into 2 parts… be sure to download & listen to part 2! 

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One response to “Soccer Report Extra Podcast: Episode 61a – Dressed For Success”

  1. J Rob says:

    Finally had a chance to listen to the first part of this week’s podcast.

    I will stick with my belief that Eoin is too optimistic about Chelsea being 4th this season. My guess is they will only do it through the incompetence of others.

    Also interesting to hear Bobby raise the spectre of Chelsea’s financial situation vis-a-vis Financial Fair Play constraining their ability to compete or rebuild longer term. This is something I’ve considered too.

    I think Abramovich is such a mixed blessing for Chelsea. As long as the managerial position is a revolving door how do you rebuild? And with the shadow of an interventionist owner hanging over you isn’t that task made even harder for any manager in any case?

    A great point by Bobby too about Arshavin being played in the middle. I keep thinking about the night that he put three or four past Liverpool at Anfield shortly after he arrived. There’s obviously a good reason he looks so turned off playing wide when it isn’t his best position.

    And as Bobby always says if their was a movie starring the Arsenal midfield it would have to be “Sideways” 🙂

    I don’t get the full-picture but behind the seasons Arsenal don’t seem as well-organised an organisation as they should be. In terms of the transfer market you’d have to think the likes of Tiote and Cabaye should be providing resilience and leadership to Arsenal not Newcastle.

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