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Soccer Report Extra Podcast


Soccer Report Extra Podcast: Episode 48

Written by on November 29, 2011 | 4 Comments »
Posted in Soccer Report Extra Podcast

This week on the podcast, Bobby & Eoin pause to discuss the news of, and reaction to, the untimely death of Wales manager, and former Premier League great, Gary Speed.  

The guys also take a quick tour of the Carling Cup quarterfinals, examine Montreal Impact’s pursuit of Brian Ching, chat draws, dubious calls & goalline technology from the Premier League, and cap it all off with a fascinating story about an American Samoan centre-back.  There’s also a bit of hidden audio at the end (I recorded it on my gramophone – Poducer).  

PS – There was a problem with the original podcast file failing to load, so I’ve uploaded a new version, should be working fine now!

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4 responses to “Soccer Report Extra Podcast: Episode 48”

  1. Blake says:

    The cards carrying over between league and cup ties seems to really only benefit the larger teams. Most of the smaller squads will put out their best 11 or close to it to keep the cup run going and a suspension in the league to one of their better players can really damper their chances. The larger clubs can typically put a quality replacement in.

    Luke – great bonus clip at the end.

    Being from Houston I am a little disappointed to see the news about Brian Ching. Ideally a lot of Houstonians would like to see him make his last season the first with the new stadium. The Dynamo may not have been around long, but we do love Brian Ching.

  2. john in burke says:

    “cross-cultural” = me choking on my morning coffee

  3. J Rob says:

    Vintage season for goalies. Love it. Would add Vorm, Ruddy, Al-Habsi and Krul of Swansea,Norwich, Wigan and Newcastle to that list.

    Also, has there ever been a season with so many penalties saved season-to-date?

    Wonder if any of the keepers on the aforementioned list might interest Chelsea? Czech doesn’t seem at the tope of his game any longer.

    And what list would be complete without Szczesny of Arsenal who may turn out to be the steadiest set of hands since Seaman hung up his gloves for the Gunners.

  4. J Rob says:

    “OptaJoe 65% – Only 65% of penalties have been scored in the Premier League this season. Germany (84%) Italy (81%) Spain (77%) France (81%)”

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