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Soccer Report Extra Podcast: Episode 47 – Tales From “La La Land”

Written by on November 22, 2011 | 14 Comments »
Posted in Soccer Report Extra Podcast

This week on the SREP, Bobby & Eoin offer up their opinions on MLS’ annual showpiece.  Eoin is critical of Houston’s lack of cutting edge, while Bobby distances himself from the mainstream footballing press’ praise for David Beckham’s performance on Sunday.  There’s also a look back at Premier League action from the weekend, and a look ahead to some critical midweek Champions League matchups.

P.S. LA was fun, but it’s great to be back home – Poducer

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14 responses to “Soccer Report Extra Podcast: Episode 47 – Tales From “La La Land””

  1. Gillian says:

    YAY! The return of Eoin’s Impressions. You really do need to copyright these!

  2. KarryFCB says:

    I concur. Your impressions are spot on and hilarious. Keep them coming!

  3. His Irish one is very good.

  4. Blake says:

    Agree with the David Beckham praise during the game. It was a little overboard.

  5. Two great matches today – City not so hot in Europe.

  6. J Rob says:

    Remember picking up Beckham’s autobiography in a book-store when he first came to prominence with Man Utd in the nineties. The chapters felt a lot like the essays I wrote in primary school describing what I had done on my summer holiday 🙂

    Is it correct that every MLS franchise in affect bankrolled his salary to increase the profile of soccer in the States?

    He’s been blessed to have played at the same time as the rise of the vacuous celebrity culture. His looks, clothes and wife have made him a fortune well in excess of what his talents might have dictated. To think that someone like Denis Law was selling carpets a year after his testimonial (and before he become a commentator and after-dinner speaker).

    Good luck to him. Seems like a nice bloke.

    As good as Napoli’s counter-attacking is – shocking defending from City for both Napoli goals. First one conceded almost directly from a corner at the near post with two City players sleeping (Toure and ?). While Cavani took his chance brilliantly for the 2nd – what was Toure doing? He wondered up-field at exactly the same moment Napoli attacked down the right leaving Cavani completely unchallenged and in acres of space coming into the box.

    I smell a fish. If anyone knows how to orchestrate an away draw in Italy it’s Mancini. Is cautious Mancini convinced that City can’t win the EPL while playing in the Champion’s League simultaneously? It’s almost as if he was saving Clichy and Richards for Anfield on Sunday rather than playing them in this crucial match that City really couldn’t afford to lose.

    Any talk of lack of experience is a red-herring – look at all the players in the City squad with experience in European club competitions.

  7. Roberto Manita says:

    Fair play to Napoli for the victory.

    But …

    Al Pacino (Mancini) not so hot in Europe. He really cocked up his player selections, yet again, in the most important game of the year to date. The man has the keys to both a Ferrari and a Lada to go to the Prom with. He chooses the Lada. Totally inexplicable player selections on three fronts today (Kun should have started for Dzeko, Nasri for Milner, and Richards for Zabaleta). Well done. Way to put your club in the best position to advance.

    Enjoy the Europa League Pacino. Live and learn … hopefully.

  8. J Rob says:

    Roberto – glad someone else thought the same as me. Really think he decided to make the EPL his priority.

  9. Steve says:

    You need to talk about Spurs more so Eoin can do his ‘Arry impression. It’s his best one, t’riffic and top-drawer.

  10. Roberto Manita says:


    Has anyone tried to “text, flirt and hook up” or “chat” with any of these fine little hotties at the top right hand corner of this web page? And why do I get the distinct impression that if I do just that, that I will end up chatting with a toothless German lady named Helga with more hair on her chest than me?

  11. Max says:

    Beckham is god! LOL

    BTW…. Man City must be destroyed. DX

  12. J Rob – other MLS teams contributing to Beckham’s salary. The only place I have read than was the Economist and it was still quoting the mythical $250M contract.

    Mancini deciding that he cannot fight on two fronts – amazing how little you get for a billion pounds nowadays. I do not buy that one at all. If that was the case why bother to beat Villarreal twice.
    Could have rolled over and missed Europe altogether.

    I am often told that City’s losses will disappear based on more revenue coming from on field success. That success means Europe as well.

  13. J Rob says:


    You and I read the same Economist article this week. Had never seen it quoted anywhere else so was curious.

    Fair points on City but I still find Mancini’s approach to yesterday’s game odd to say the least. As for Ya-Ya Toure – I can’t get over how incredibly sloppy he was for Napoli’s 2nd goal.

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