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Soccer Report Extra Podcast: Episode 38 – Sympathy For ‘El Nino’

Written by on September 20, 2011 | 10 Comments »
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 One minute he’s scoring an amazing comeback goal, and the next, he’s breaking hearts with an embarrassing miss.  He’s ‘El Nino’ and he needs a little sympathy… and according to Bobby’s better half, he can find it in a dictionary.  Eoin is away this week, so Bobby & Asa take us through a weekend of stunning goals, shocking misses, and surprising results.  All the best action from England, Italy & Spain is reviewed, plus, we wrap-up this weeks pod with a little fantasy football chat.  Be sure to hit the comments section if you want to chime in with your fantasy football picks, tips & tricks.  Don’t forget, the best way to catch the pod is to subscribe through iTunes… enjoy this week’s episode!

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10 responses to “Soccer Report Extra Podcast: Episode 38 – Sympathy For ‘El Nino’”

  1. Blake says:

    How long till El Matador to Real Madrid rumors start?

  2. Blake says:

    Danny Simpson, cheap defender and Alan Pardew’s Newcastle defense is looking good, he frees up some money to go towards other positions. I’ve got faith in Begovic this year for a FF keeper, despite last week and his upcoming match (he’ll be sitting this week out). Cheaper than Hart, pretty fantastic goalkeeper as well. Picked up SWP last week before this past weekend and he delivered well. Chris Smalling is an excellent choice as well, always has that passion to score when he has the chance. I’ve completely lost faith in Stewart Downing FF wise, just isn’t delivering. I’ve had Royston Drenthe on my mind ever since I heard the loan deal announced, he might be my next pick.

    Comfortably sitting at 331 overall points so far….

  3. Blake – I think you just did.

  4. At the start of FF my goal was 45-50 points per week. Sitting just below 45 at the moment so improvement is needed.

  5. Blake says:

    Rooney, Silva, and Aguero are too hot to leave out at the moment. On a related podcast subject, Inter is getting tough to watch. Agree 100% with you after watching their first couple of games. Pretty fortunate to get their goal today as well.

  6. J Rob says:

    Great podcast. Sometimes listen to the one on the Guardian which is pretty lightweight in comparison.

    Think you need Nani too for fantasy.

  7. “SOmetimes when you turn a corner their is a brick wall there” 🙂 The media is not stating Ramirez’s miss, this has been one of the few places that admit that.
    Your wife is very wise mr mcmahon:)
    That is a great story about hungarian teams, didnt know that:) And, they are not manufacturing in the london area:)

    Where should Lampard go? Should he retire? I like Frank but you do make a good point, he doesnt seem needed as much. But, he doesnt seem like he wants to leave and he should be treated, with respect. PErhaps Italy, Van Bommel left Bayern for italy. You are right, Chelsea fans will have to accept new faces.
    Smalling was offsides, not a little , just offsides, why cant people just say it. And, smalling pushed off of Lampard.
    Rooney did fix the divet:)

    Nani’s goal is the key, in the “drogba era” chelsea was a tough club designed around Drogba whom the media doesnt focus on for his defensive abilities. Drogba takes a lot of opposing teams corners out. This is why Drogba is not replaceable by a player like Torres. the media loves torres, but Drogba is a rarity you cant replace. A true point man, which torres isnt , a guy who plays defense, which torres isnt, a guy who is a great free kick taker, which torres isnt. People keep saying chelsea is torres team, but drogba really is the centerpiece and when they had ballack, that made them strong in the air, with ballack, drogba and terry in the box.

    So, chelsea has made a decision to be smaller, and faster, although, lukaku is definitely the new Drogba, size wise, did you see him next to evra.

    Great point about Mertesacker and Arsenal. One defensive player is not enough though to undo arsenal’s woes especially on free kicks, i refer to my comment about chelsea above.

    That is what seperates Messi and Eto’o and Rooney from the other great players, they play better with the teams they are on. Torres is learning, Bale has to learn, CR7 is learning.

    Roma and Inter were both structured poorly. Both coaches tried forms which seems to have no neck and spine. Hmm, the problem with Pato is that he is looking for that one pass near his run and then pivot and score. Van Bommel is getting older. to be fair, Lavezzi, hamzid and cavanni have the work rate and team rate that bale and pato miss sometimes. All three are willing to go back and work in the midfield and all push forward well.

    Barca is not killing the game the team that got tied with them in the CL got beat by Napoli.

    Is Totti in the problem spot lampard is in for Chelsea, but already in italy? A beloved player a championship and great player but maybe the time has come.

    The genius of UEFA is that top clubs have such a loaded schedule that they will be weaker for league matches and thus the weaker teams in any league will upset the better teams.

    I have a fantasy question, if makoun is listed for aston villa, but states he plays for olympiakos, what does that mean? he will never score points for villa in greece, but will they track his efforts there:) if they play him

  8. Blake says:

    Makoun is on loan, they will not track his stats. Offside goals slip through the cracks often enough, I don’t think their was a big referee problem in that game honestly, I remember the games where fouls given or not given changed the course of a Chelsea united game, it’s just “natural” for lack of a better term. Smalling was close, maybe leaning over the line with his body but if you watch closely there is a Chelsea defender sort of hidden in the mess that was very close to smalling and from the linesmans view, possibly kept him onsides. Idk, we never got that view, atleast I didn’t.

  9. Max says:

    I’ve got Rooney up front. He’s grabbed me more points than anyone. I’m at 278 points. Matt Jarvis was a good buy as well. He’s a steady provider of 8 points per week and got me 20+ points in the opening week (maybe second).

  10. Gary Johnson says:

    I have picked up Di Santo form Wigan and just picked up Dyer from Swansea. I got both as make weights for my team, but so far they have been good value.

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