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Soccer Report Extra Podcast: Episode 33 – Can’t We All Just Get Along!

Written by on August 16, 2011 | 16 Comments »
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If you thought there were fireworks when Joey Barton took exception to Gervinho doing his best Greg Louganis, just wait ’til you hear Eoin & Bobby scrap it out discussing the fact that Joey Barton took exception to Gervinho doing his best Greg Louganis.  Attentions then turn to David De Gea’s supposed ‘shaky’ debut for Manchester United, and Eoin & Bobby both agree that the mainstream footballing press have got this one all wrong.  We also shoe-horned in a couple other gems from the weekend: Barcelona & Real Madrid hit the ground running in the Spanish Super Cup 1st Leg, and pk’s-a-plenty at the U20 World Cup Quarterfinals.

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16 responses to “Soccer Report Extra Podcast: Episode 33 – Can’t We All Just Get Along!”

  1. Mark says:

    Gentlemen, as I said on Twitter, great podcast! As a Manchester United fan, I’m rather worried about our chances in this season’s Champions League. As you say, the odds are that in order to win, a team will most likely have to beat Real Madrid and/or Barcelona. I am not sure that United’s midfield are currently equipped to do that. I think Barca were very smart in bringing Fabregas back for a couple of reasons: he makes their squad deeper, can play in a couple of related positions, AND they bring him back while Xavi is still there. This is something SAF should have done: brought in a CM who he thought would command the midfield in the way that Paul Scholes did, WHILE Scholes was still there. Not try to scrounge for one over this summer. Bobby, I know we’ve discussed this a bit, but we never got to the crux of my point: Whom (or at least what type-if you’re not willing to name names) should SAF bring in to command United’s midfield? Clearly, our midfield was not enough to handle Barca last season. Can either of you give me your opinion(s)/insight on what United should/can do, to better equip themselves to handle Madrid and/or Barca in the C.L. this season? Yes, they were both beaten by La Liga teams last season, and Inter beat Barca under Mourinho, but United is not that type of team. What can/should we do? SAF has said that he really wants to win it, but has he really improved United to a degree that they can beat these two? Barca and Madrid certainly have improved over the summer.

  2. LA says:


    Not clear how you arrive at blatant dive for Gervinho.  When you run at a defender and cut to the right, you are throwing your body in a direction where if your right foot does not arrive in time because it is clipped, you are going down.  MOTD reviewed the play and found he was clipped, Joey Barton on 606 called in and apologized to Gervinho for calling him a diver having seen MOTD (if he hadn’t been clipped it would have been a dive), so it appears to be a penalty to me, bbc606, Barton, and MOTD in hindsight. Are you in a position for this same hindsight when you make your call, or is this still based on viewing at the time?

    I think Gervinho is guilty for an apalling sense of integrity. As Barton ably demonstrated, when Barton grabbed him, he should have grabbed his neck and started writhing on the ground. Instead he continued his annoying streak of integrity, after being clipped down on a cutback, by defending his honor. Thankfully Barton showed him subsequently how it is done.

    More seriously, one question that you left out of the review of this episode is why Song stamped on Barton. It is not justified, but Barton had come in clattering into his Achilles minutes earlier which could have hurt Song. For all of the effort being made by Eoin to prop up Barton’s reputation, I think a little work on Song’s behalf would not hurt. 🙂

    I am also for judicial review as these errors are costly to teams. I hope Gervinho does not get anther match ban. You two would have plenty to talk about like all of the players that did or did not perform for both teams. One thing I want to posit is that Barton as a footballer looks slower and out of shape than he did last year. His speed of play and thought looked like they declined in my eyes. I actually rated him as a footballer last year and even called for him to join the gooners, but do you think he is in pre-season form, or is he on the declining side of a career? You could even wonder if he resorts to the weekends tactics to mask that. His football yesterday was below my expectations. Agree?

    I have actually only made it through the Gervinho discussion. Look forward to the rest.

  3. LA says:

    I mean video review above, not judicial.

  4. Eoin O'Callaghan says:

    Just because there’s contact doesn’t mean it’s a foul. Gervinho is blatantly looking for the penalty. And it is a dive, whether Tiote touches him or not. Also, taking cues from Match Of The Day is getting into dangerous territory. Using their logic, if there’s contact in the area, it’s an automatic penalty. We’ve discussed this issue before. Gervinho is cutting back into trouble and the chance has gone. He falls to the ground and instantly looks to the ref. Desperation from him. Contact, perhaps. But not a foul and exaggerated by Gervinho.

    Also, Barton tackles Song earlier in the game. Therefore, it’s okay for Song to stamp on Barton’s leg? That’s a dangerous precedent.

    To clarify, I’m not a Barton flag-waver. In this case, I feel he’s been sinned against.

  5. LA says:

    He was definitely clipped on the replays that I saw. But I am fine with the no call. I don’t have time to watch it in detail, but I would not call it a dive. I also don’t recall it the way you describe it.

    It would be great if a referee panel would acknowledge or not these things to clarify afterward.

    Not justifying Song, but if you are going to defend Barton’s infractions, it would be fair to give the whole picture for Song IMO.

    End of day, none of this is about football which is why video review would take these infractions out of the game.

  6. John Bladen says:


    I take your point. I think Gervinho at very least embellished (heavily) in an attempt to get a penalty. Lots of attackers do that, of course, and some even get penalties awarded as a result.

    Given the fracas afterward, we’ll never know if the ref would have given him a yellow for diving/embellishing.

    I can’t share your view that Barton has been sinned against (except in respect to the Song stamp). Quite how the three officials missed Barton’s red card offense on Gervinho I don’t know. Quite how the FA has managed to issue punishment to Song and review Gervinho’s red (both correctly), but have yet to speak on the matter of Barton I don’t know either.

    I suppose a NU fan could argue that if all had been done ‘properly’, Arsenal would still be down a man. That is true, but Barton should never have stayed on the pitch given what transpired.

    If he doesn’t receive significant subsequent discipline (like Song) there is something seriously wrong at the FA.

  7. LA says:


    Eoin and Bobby mentioned the FA will only look at instances where bookings not made, or appeals for bookings.

    So with a calamitous group of referees who apparently had dead radios as well, Barton has done very well with two Arsenal players out for 3 games.


  8. LA says:

    Okay Eoin (and Bobby)

    As I get to the end if the podcast, I realize I have prematurely commented. You do go on to present a more rounded view of Barton, even possibly pointing sympathetic side. To your point as well, his tweets hurt him such as the one where he says he hopes this shows his commitment to Newcastle which makes the whole incident sound contrived.

    The rest of the podcast was very good as well. Eoin, I thought I heard you start to voice reservations about Alexis Sanchez. I also was a little underwhelmed as he looked like he couldn’t cope at times with the game at this speed. First time seeing him.

    Great segment on De Gea. Will hold judgement.

    Best footy podcast.

  9. Quote of the audio
    joey barton the footballer instead of joey barton the vigilante:)
    Who made joey barton the referee, self appointed referee?

    Barton to the Galaxy, you guys are funny

    you are right about De Gea, ManU has won its games. I think the only issue is that you guys arent emphasizing how great der sar was for ManU last season.
    And, ManU has such a big fanbase, they want victory and when you look at ManC, Chelsea still hanging around,the slightly rejuvenated , ManU may lose the season on De Gea’s mistakes if anything.
    De Gea is not written off but in an instant media, with a big club like ManU , and the tight top 6 of the premier league, it may be problematic.
    But we shall see, it is not set in stone.

    Madrid are terrific, but like ManU, they are such a big club and because they have such a competitive history with BArca, they are judged hardly, especially with the instant media today.
    Ozil was fast, remember that lob and how he caught Barca’s line totally.
    Someone once wrote that Kaka was the last of the true midfielders, but Ozil is that player.

    I agree, Alexis will fit in BArca on the side.
    Cesc is for depth, i have said that from the beginning. From Barca’s perspective they lost the copa del rey and have to win it back.
    I thought Iniesta would be the new Xavi. But, I I agree, Cesc is needed to stretch out Xavi.
    Cesc is willing to lose the captaincy and his central role for being part of that great system at Barca.
    But Barca needed to get deeper because Real is always there. That is the reality of spanish football, Real and Barca are always on each others heels.
    Great point on Ferguson, Chelsea let go of Mourinho and they havent had a coach yet to continue improving the club. Wenger’s system is failing on Arsenal.

    winning the CL is always key. ManU’s success has triumphed the arsenal squads and chelsea squads. Barca’s success has triumphed Real’s. Inter triumphed Milan not with the 5 straight serie a wins but that CL win.

    low blow Mr McMahaon, La gazette:)

    good report, enjoyed the beginning especially

  10. Gillian says:

    After last week, I think I always want you to do a “If Club X were a celebrity, it would be…” At least one per show! Think of the fun you could have with, say, West Ham!

  11. soccerlogical says:

    I don’t know which is worse, Alan Hansen’s article claiming that Manyoo defenders have lost faith in de Gea after just one match or Eoin getting lucky with Kun Aguero coming off the bench and getting him enough points to beat me for the first EPL fantasy gameweek!

  12. RDM says:

    Would that be Wenger’s failed system that despite some flaws was one shanked Bendtner shot away from eliminating Barcelona from last year’s Champions League?

  13. John Bladen says:


    Not sure what you mean by your comment about “only bookings not made or appeals”? Can you expand on that?

    There is no practical difference between Song’s stamp (which was not called and presumably not seen by any of the officials) and Barton’s actions toward Gervinho (in the penalty area, no less) from an FA review perspective.

    Either both plays/fouls are reviewable, or neither is.

  14. LA says:


    What I understand is that

    A) The FA will review any actions that the referee did not see and decide on.

    B). A player can appeal a decision made by the ref for lighter penalties.

    I see the grey area, but Barton has a yellow and so the matter has been addressed in their eyes.

  15. John Bladen says:

    LA: That assumes that the yellow card was for the “cumulative” offenses Barton committed during that melee.

    I’m not saying that that is untrue, just that I don’t know if anyone knows that for a fact.

    The yellow could have been administered for (in no particular order), yapping, diving, fouling (unlikely, given that it occurred in the penalty area and thus should have resulted in a penalty), or one of the “persistent infringement” or unsporting behaviour categories.


    If ever an action warranted subsequent discipline, I’d suggest Barton’s display in the game in question does. When reading through the list of actions that will incur a yellow (or red, given the location and/or severity of the melee), Barton’s conduct fits more categories than not.

    You simply can’t charge an opponent the way he did, nor grab him the way he did, without incurring a red in my book. I’m not defending Gervinho (who deserved his red also). It’s just that Gervinho’s behaviour doesn’t give Barton a get out of jail free card.

  16. LA says:


    Good point.

    Barton should have a red for that action. The only problem is Gervinho did not complain. If he had argued his case, Barton would have been sent off as well.

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