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Soccer Report Extra Podcast: Episode 21 – Finally, Some Love For MLS!

Written by on June 21, 2011 | 7 Comments »
Posted in Soccer Report Extra Podcast

After weeks of hollow promises, Eoin & Bobby finally deliver and chat about Major League Soccer.  This week your two favourite football podcast prognosticators offer up their All-Star picks ahead of the July 27th showdown with Manchester United.  And if you think that you can come up with a better starting XI – well – shoot us your picks in the comments section below.  Oh, and Eoin also points out that, Portland Timber, Jack Jewsbury’s attractive brand of football is as refreshing as it is effective.  But the whole thing kicks off with a round-up of CONCACAF Gold Cup Quarterfinal results, with special attention paid to some Jermaine Jones’ theatrics & a dubious Panamanian equalizer.

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7 responses to “Soccer Report Extra Podcast: Episode 21 – Finally, Some Love For MLS!”

  1. Boris says:

    It’s official. Chelsea have paid the 15 mil release clause for Villas-Boas.

  2. Soccerlogical says:

    Anyone else think Andre Villas-Boas should have remained with Porto for at least another season to get experience in fighting on both domestic league and CL fronts?

  3. Boris says:

    I second that.

  4. fizzle says:

    Without Jewsbury Portland would be horrendous, it seems like whenever anything good happens he’s been involved (less a missed penalty…).

    I’d be interested to see the statistic on the percentage of goals Portland has scored off of set plays, it seems like its got to be over 50%.

  5. Gillian says:

    Why do I think Villas-Boas is going to be very sorry he left Porto for Chelsea?

    On the subject of MLS, I don’t remember all the players I chose for my all-star ballot, but I do remember that I chose Nick Rimando for GK. I didn’t hear anything in Eoin & Bobby’s selection that was ZOMG!Outrageous.

  6. Gillian – sorry to disappoint. Unfortunately we tend to be a bit sensible, it is the up bringing I think.

  7. Tim says:

    jewsbury should start…and juninho

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