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Soccer Report Extra Podcast: Episode 20 – Performance Enhanced, And It’s No Accident!

Written by on June 13, 2011 | 10 Comments »
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This week on the podcast that never rests Eoin and Bobby take stock (tainted and otherwise) of the Gold Cup, including Mexico’s adventures in trafficking unlikely scenarios, and discuss an interesting brush with a cocaine-taking world high-jump champion. Then they consider Aston Villa’s hunt for a new manager and ask whether or not Villa would have to be under the influence of a strong hallucinogenic to hire Alex McLeish.  Then it’s time to sample UEFA’s pot(s) (six different varieties) as they announce the qualifying structure for World Cup 2014.  After that, a speedy review of the opening games at the UEFA Under 21s – which are not actually Under 21s at all (beware: this portion laced with angst).   Finally, they attempt to get to the matter of Week 13 MLS action, but after a 49 minute football contact high, they burn-out and crash hard.  It’s all this week on the podcast that would fail the double-dope test.

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10 responses to “Soccer Report Extra Podcast: Episode 20 – Performance Enhanced, And It’s No Accident!”

  1. Erik says:

    Thank You to Bobby and Eion for thinking the same way I am about McLeish. I know I must be missing something for Villa to be considereing hiring someone whose style of play leaves then fighting for relegation most years. If Villa really wants to make this move – makes you wonder why they just don’t “F*** IT UP” all the way and hire Avram Grant, instead. Let’s see – Alex McLeish, Mark Hughes or Martin O’Neill………..which one should I choose? Randy Lerner is showing he is clueless in his ownership of an NFL team (Browns) so why not go all the way and “Mess” this one up, too

  2. Boris says:


    With the signing of Jones (16.5 mil), and Ashley Young (16) almost being a done deal, do you think Manchester United will attempt to sign a top notch creative midfielder? They still have to sign a keeper who will cost them anywhere between 15-20 mil. pounds which would rake up their total to 50 mil plus. Man U have been rumored to be interested in the likes of Modric, Sneider (one could add Hamsik and Pastore into the mix), but any one of those players would cost anywhere between 30-40 mil pounds. I just do not believe that Man U. are willing to spend or have the 90 mil pounds needed to address all of their needs this year.
    Bobby what is your take?


  3. Ashley Young is their creative midfielder

  4. Soccerlogical says:

    Seems like Manyoo and Liverpool are spending money on English talent with an eye on England’s WC performance…. FA must be happy.

    I for one think McLeish will do well at Villa (if appointed) and the fans will appreciate his managerial talent…. a much better overall manager than Schteeve. Give McLeish a deep squad with owner backing and Villa can easily finish top 7.

  5. Roberto Manita says:

    Thought that the Welbeck goal was clearly offside.

    TSN has had poor footy coverage for years. They’ve pre-empted UCL for curling many times. Do us a favour love, just don’t buy the rights. And with commentators like Vic Rauter and Rohan Ricketts you know you’re behind the 8ball to begin with (for completely different reasons) Also, give us a knowledgeable European play by play man too. Nigel Reed thinks De Gea plays for Barcelona. ‘Nuff said.

  6. Intend to have comments on the two Gold Cup games up later tonight and early tomorrow.

  7. Roberto Manita says:

    No sense of urgency for Canada whatsoever. Not much hope of them scoring a goal. Likely not to score a single goal from open play through three group matches. That’s pretty hopeless. Having to play Julian de Guzman as an attacking midfielder says it all (he’s about as creative as a frozen TV dinner).

  8. Roberto Manita says:

    And he scores about as much as a monk in a whorehouse 😉

    I don’t think Canada had the horses for this tourny and even if they had I’m not sure Stephen Hart would know how to deploy them. This group and this coach will not qualify for the World Cup, again.

  9. Boris says:


    I was more referring to a central creative midfielder as opposed to a left midfielder per say. I forgot to write it. As you yourself have mentioned recently, Man U are in need of one. I know that rumors are barely ever true but to me it also seems unlikely that United are willing to spend top dollar for an elite central midfielder nor do I believe they have the proper funds for one.
    What is your take on this?


  10. Fabio Capello sees him as a central midfielder and I have a feeling that Ferguson does as well.

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