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Bobby McMahon

Bobby McMahon

You can see me on Soccer Central most Mondays and Thursdays on Rogers Sportsnet in Canada. I write a regular column for and and frequently guest on various podcasts and radio shows.


The Sun Sets On Fox Soccer – 1997 to 2013

Written by on August 16, 2013 | 10 Comments »
Posted in Money Game

Over the next few weeks Fox Soccer will start to disappear from TV guides right across the United States. The station evolved from the launch of Fox Sports World in 1997 that focused on “foreign” sports to soccer exclusive Fox Soccer Channel in 2006 and then Fox Soccer in 2011.

The advent of the station was a product of any ever growing broadcast universe and the realization that being across the ocean did not have to mean that ex-pats had to be cut off from their football. Joining the core viewership were….to read more please click on the link.

10 responses to “The Sun Sets On Fox Soccer – 1997 to 2013”

  1. napier says:

    Hey Bobby, Fox Soccer Report was required viewing for me on Mondays and Fridays for your previews and reviews for me and my pals. The program has gone downhill from those days, in my opinion.
    Keep up the good work, it’s looking like a great season ahead!

  2. John Bladen says:

    Along with the inherent limitations of focused channels comes devoted followings, as noted. It isn’t only FSC that is “going”, of course. Motor racing fans have watched the steady erosion of Speed channel/vision from a one stop source for all forms of motor racing around the world to, essentially, an infomercial and nascar network with a few cheap to produce reality type shows thrown in.

    Do not hang your heads, fans. While rights fees have exploded and the likelihood of another “startup” network appearing that could give us back what we have lost appears remote, the fact is that “superchannels” can never do proper justice to each of the properties they hold.

    It might take a year or three, but it would not surprise me if Fox Sports One (or whatever it is called) eventually splits into several different channels each with a focus on one of the mothership’s “core” properties. Each one only available to subscribers of all the others, of course.

    As the Buddha advised,

    “riches revolve like the wheels of a cart. They come now to one, now to another”.

  3. Smiley says:

    Leave it to Corporate USA broadcasting to ruin a special niche like FSC and integrate soccer with Nascar on Fox 1. Either way, dimwit blowhards like Wynalda, Barton and Stone are a perfect for for the new superficial corporate channel.

    Do they expect viewers to constantly change their cable/satellite packages to get these unavailable channels? Thank goodness for live internet streams!

    “… or the price of any “gem” programming is bid up to the point where the niche channel cannot or will not match the market rate.”

    So is the channel owned by Kroenke and run by Wenger? 🙂

    PS Bobby’s insight is the one constant throughout all these years of channel merry-go-round!

  4. Al Harris says:

    Look on the bright side though, lads! We may never have to listen to Danny Diccio again. Now if somebody could just shut up Barton. Why is we get the ex-jocks and the rational commentators are driven into the news media or on-line?

  5. Astronomer says:

    “So is the channel owned by Kroenke and run by Wenger?”

    Hey, maybe Usmanov is patiently waiting in the wings to step in, should the opportunity crop up?

    Hope springs eternal, eh?

    Anyway, levity aside, I wonder how Fox (the network and its cable channels) will handle the big dance of 2018?

    Maybe by then we will all be nostalgic for whatever ABC/ESPN offered us for all these years (i.e. since 1994).


  6. Doug says:

    Like Napier I loved your Monday and Friday appearances on FSR. Your analysis and sense of humor entertained me for years and I wish you all the best.

  7. Alberta Gooner says:

    Will you continue with Sportsnet in Canada, Bobby?

  8. Yes, Monday nights on Soccer Central. Weekly or so with Forbes.

  9. Ed Gomes says:

    Bobby, I find it shortsighted in Fox1 not inviting on as an analyst for the soccer show. Or NBCSN not come calling.
    Everything is going the ESPN route, due to how much money they generate. I understand FOX and NBC going that route. What I find incredible is FOX letting the BPL get away when it could have been their anchor sport for the network, while it grew.
    NBCSN already had Formula 1 which is definitely a niche, but loyal market. Soccer will now allow them to double up on the European market.
    I do miss not having matches replayed throughout the day.

    Will FOX go after La Liga or Serie A or even Bundes. I know that they still have the Champions League and World Cup.

    Let me add for the all the niche channels, I haven’t renewed GolTV or picked up BeinTV. Missed it a bit now, but for how long.

    On a side note, my club (you like that “my”) Benfica have purchased the BPL rights in Portugal for BenficaTV. They now have BPL, MLS, Brasileirao (Brazil), Greek Super League, and all of Benfica’s home matches, Benfica B (2nd Div) home games and Farense (2nd Div) home games. Viewership/subscribers has skyrocketed.
    Obviously, not everyone is happy, especially if they star airing other clubs home matches. Corruption is always a hot topic in Portugal, so the possibility has just increased.

  10. Charles de Freitas says:

    Farewell and so long to you, a fixture in my evening entertainment since arriving in the USA.
    Apart from your wonderful contributions we have apparently lost most forms of general football news. I cannot begin to express my dismay at what suddenly happened to football reporting here with the demise of FoxSoccerNews. From what I can glean, apart from the live matches, the only programs available are in the 4 – 5pm time slots which is ridiculous. And even worse, every national league seems to have been snaffled up by a different channel, so there’s nowhere for a fan to go when he just wants one program which discusses a variety of such leagues or even the national teams.
    Online — and probably illegal — streaming, here I come.

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