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Bobby McMahon

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Thoughts On Manchester United, Manchester City, Chelsea And Arsenal As 2014 Champions League Group Stage Kicks-Off

Written by on September 16, 2013 | 1 Comment »
Posted in UEFA Champions League

Up until this past weekend it has been a start-stop to the new season in Europe. The domestic leagues got underway in the likes of England, Germany, Spain, France and Italy before the transfer window closed. Then there was a break for World Cup qualifiers last weekend. This week the UEFA Champions League group stage kicks off (games scheduled on Tuesday and Wednesday) and the Europa League has a plethora of games scheduled on Thursday. 

The Champions League is the competition that every team and every player in read more please click on the link.

One response to “Thoughts On Manchester United, Manchester City, Chelsea And Arsenal As 2014 Champions League Group Stage Kicks-Off”

  1. Ed Gomes says:

    It’s early, but…

    Wenger and Arsenal are going to be disappointed they were unable to strengthen further. Ozil will make everyone better, and highlight others deficiencies.

    Fellaini will prove not to be good enough. Instead of better players making him better, they will expose him to be just ok. Young already proved to not be the answer.
    Moyes was on the hot seat from the point he took the job. After today’s drubbing, the heat has been turned up. The game falls to pieces and no Plan B.
    I’m not in training, but Kagawa was highly sought after. I can only assume Kagawa doesn’t want to play out wide, period.
    Not a Nani fan, but not even a sniff when offense was sorely needed?
    Please don’t tell me how the third goal destroyed everything. I may agree, but that;s when something should have been done. No?

    Mourinho, is sending his message to the club. They will follow or leave. Whether it will lead to title, we’ll see.
    I still think that Mourinho was hoping Mata would have asked out, but didn’t.

    City looked very impressive today verse Man United. With the new acquisitions, they should gel with time and just get better.

    Spurs are squeaking by right now, but should Soldado get going, look out. I read in a Brazilian paper that AVB tried to get Pato at the end of the transfer window. Interesting?

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