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Bobby McMahon

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European Cup Quiz – Part 5

Written by on May 27, 2011 | 2 Comments »
Posted in UEFA Champions League

In honour of this Saturday’s Champions League Final Soccer Report brings you a bumper quiz.

Sixty questions that cover the premier European club competition from its inception in the 50s right up to today.

The quiz started on Monday and runs till Saturday with answers to each section posted later the same day.

If you are competitive you can track your success rate, others may just want to treat it as a “did you know?” feature.

When the term “European Cup” is used it includes all aspects of the competition from 1955 to today. The term “Champions League” covers the specifics of the competition from 1992 and on.

Oh and by the way there are very few softballs so don’t feel bad.

Questions 41-50

41.    How many of the 55 finals played since 1956 have gone into extra time?

42.    Which was the first final to go to extra time and what was the score?

43.    True or false? No European Cup Final has ever required a replay.

44.    Which final generated the most goals?

45.    What is the longest period of time between a team’s first European Cup win and the present? Name the team and the number of years.

46.    How many people have won the European Cup both as players and coaches?

47.    Has a first year coach ever won the European Cup in his first full season?

48.    Which country has the highest number of unique winners?

49.    How many times has a finalist played on their home field?

50.    How many clubs have completed the treble – winning the Champions League/European Cup, their domestic championship, and their primary domestic cup competition in the same season?

Answers posted later today.

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2 responses to “European Cup Quiz – Part 5”

  1. CACuzcatlan says:

    Last one:

    41. 9
    42. ?
    43. False
    44. ?
    45. Inter 1965 – 2010
    46. 2
    47. Yes, Pep Guardiola
    48. England
    49. None
    50. 5 (PSV, Celtic, Man Utd, Barcelona, Inter)

  2. Ah not so quick young man – there is the last one tomorrow.

    Today you got 3 right.

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