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Bobby McMahon

Bobby McMahon

You can see me on Soccer Central most Mondays and Thursdays on Rogers Sportsnet in Canada. I write a regular column for Forbes.com and Soccerly.com and frequently guest on various podcasts and radio shows.


Why Is Soccer Part Of The London 2012 Olympics?

Written by on July 23, 2012 | 6 Comments »
Posted in Other Competitions

The last few weeks leading to a major sporting event is one of the worst times for organizers. Competition is not yet underway but the media still need stories and rarely are they positive.

It may not be the equivalent of the “Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse” but last week London 2012 ran smack into some pre-event issues that hogged…..

For more please click on the link to Forbes.com .

6 responses to “Why Is Soccer Part Of The London 2012 Olympics?”

  1. Alberta Gooner says:

    A very enjoyable read, Bobby.

  2. Rubicon says:

    Bobby – What do you make of the 22 yr old Connor Lade of NYRB, a Stephen Hunt or Steve Stone (Portsmouth) in the making?

  3. Alberta Gooner – on the money?

  4. Rubicon – looks to me that Lade might come with a bit more skill. I understand he was originally a full back which may account for his passing.

  5. Alberta Gooner says:


    hahaha — very much so!

  6. Isaac says:

    Did you see D’Beck’s rolling in on the bo-at?

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