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Bobby McMahon

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For USA & Canada The Gold Cup Really Kicks Off Tonight

Written by on June 7, 2011 | 27 Comments »
Posted in CONCACAF Gold Cup

As well as the US playing Canada we have Panama against Guadeloupe. Consider this an open thread for all things Gold Cup tonight.

27 responses to “For USA & Canada The Gold Cup Really Kicks Off Tonight”

  1. Should be a cracking night of soccer

  2. Gus Keri says:

    For few minutes I thought Guadeloupe will be different from other CONCACAF minnows and provide some resistanse. I guess all these European based players didn’t help much

  3. Roberto Manita says:


    Open thread! Dynamite!

    Now it’s time to get some wobbly pops, sit back in the Barça lounger, and hope to settle a score with those noisy neighbours to the south. I just have to be certain to purchase enough said pops that if the score goes unfavourably south I’ll be able to forget about it in the morning.

    Prediction (wishful perhaps) 2-1 Canada. C’mon you reds!!!

  4. Roberto Manita says:

    No Julian de Guzman in the starting lineup. Not far removed from his La Liga and Depor’s POY days to not even getting into Canada’s starting XI. My my. Grossly overpaid at TFC. Thank you Mo.

  5. soccerlogical says:

    Analogy time





  6. Roberto Manita says:

    Great GKing. And I’m not too excited about our CBs. I bet the Arsenal scouts are in the house …

  7. Roberto Manita says:

    Even on the Yanks best day they cannot toy with Kanada the way the Señor Amigos did with the USA. Poor analogy 😉

  8. Roberto Manita says:

    H is for howler and for Hirschfeld. I thought our GKing was supposed to improve post Onstad?

  9. Roberto Manita says:

    And H is for Henault. What an utterly mindless CB he is. Not the best position on a pitch to be sans grey matter. Gave up a needless deep FK and almost yielded a PK for being sztupid. Could be a long 2nd half.

  10. soccerlogical says:

    RM – The first 30 mins, the only ball the Canucks touched was their own.

    Pre-game of the first match for USA against our neighbors and the first words outta Wynalda’s mouth are “… we are all waiting for the USA-MEX final!”… what a jackass.

    Interesting to see if Costa Rico can knock out either of the favs.

  11. Roberto Manita says:

    At 1-0 anything can happen. And it’s not like the Yanks have put on a clinic. Hell, Henault just had a better chance for you’all than any of your strikers have had on our net. Other than the howler, our keeper was not bothered. Do you Yanks have compasses down there? Your strikers sure could use them … to find the net.

  12. Roberto Manita says:

    What was our RB doing? Other than ball watching?

  13. soccerlogical says:

    No cohesion for Canada whatsoever. Without DeRo they would be as toothless as a redneck family from the trailer park.

  14. Roberto Manita says:

    At least the Yanks got a solid keeper. One would think, with a population of some 33 M, you could find one decent keeper and two good CBs. Is that asking too much?

    This game could have easily been 0-0. The Chicanos have little to fear.

  15. Roberto Manita says:

    Ali freakin’ Gerba was giving the US backline fits. He doesn’t even play MLS. How are the Yanks going to cope with Cheeeeeee-chaaaaaaaa-reeeeeeeeee-tooooooooo and GdS? Good luck with that one Wynalda.

    Well, hopefully the Canucks can advance on goal difference as they kept the score down.

    Time to catch the roundball finals in Big D.

  16. soccerlogical says:

    It could have easily been 0-0… are u high? You underestimte USA’s attacking options/formations amigo.

    We will see a diff Canada when Friend and De Guzman start, there may be hope.

  17. Roberto Manita says:

    Other than the GK howler on Altidore’s goal and Ledgerwood’s braincramp on not marking Dempsey for his goal, the US didn’t really threaten the Canadian goal. Oh, there was the FK you had on the edge of our box but that was self inflicted too (by that Henault fella needlessly fouling Altidore when he wasn’t even a threat in the circumstances). The US didn’t really produce many quality scoring chances. Ergo, very well could have been 0-0. Again, late substitute Ali freakin’ Gerba (Montreal Impact, the last I heard, non MLS side) had more quality chances than your entire front line. That’s a sobering thought and one I wouldn’t be waving pomp pomps about if I were a southerner 😉

  18. soccerlogical says:

    Wait till Bradley deploys a Barca-like 4-3-3 with Edu & Jones holding and Kid Bradley supplying Lando-Altidore-Dempsey up front!

  19. Roberto Manita says:

    That sounds a better starting lineup than the one you had today. I’m not sure what that Agedulo lad really did or offers. I’d much rather Edu (that old TFC fella and now Strangers’ product) start than he.

    Btw, Barça 4-3-3 deploys but one holding mid in a point backwards formation.

    Even with your enhanced lineup I do not see El Tri sweatin’ it. They look a threating and sophisticated side for a CACACACACA-CONCACAF side. That being said, I will be cheering for the Yanks v those southerners if that match comes to fruition, as I always do. It just doesn’t look like this version of USA will beat this version of El Tri, so don’t be bettin’ your lunch money on it (or as the Scots say, “Don’t be spending all your money in one shop.”). The principle being: diversify.

    Hernandez and GdS will yield more fits than Ali freakin’ Gerba did. To be sure.

  20. soccerlogical says:

    Three dynamic mids and Bocanegro at CB should be enuff to contain a Guardado-GdS-Chich attack and then put a few in on the counter as we have players who can finish.

    PS even though busquets is the only DMC its still a 4-3-3 and both jones and edu can make a defense splitting pass.

    PPS As soon as C Davies has fully recovered, this will be the best USA squad ever assembled… at least on paper.

  21. Roberto Manita says:

    Not sure that this US squad is as strong as South Africa’s. So far, I think not. Time will be the ultimate arbiter.

    Not many teams play a 4-3-3 with just one holding mid like FCB does these days, unfortunately. Ajax as well perhaps. At least not at the very top level anyway. To do so, a team needs real quality ball retention mids, therefore, most 4-3-3 opt for two holding mids (that, and the unsavoury fact that most footy managers are becoming increasingly conservative in recent times).

  22. Roberto Manita says:

    That big Ibra bagged a hat-trick today. It’s true that wherever he goes his team wins its domestic league. But, has anyone noticed that for the past two seasons the team that he has left went on to win the BIG ONE (the trophy with the big ears —UCL)?

    Just sayin’.

  23. PAQuaker says:

    I’m glad for the US win, but to me it was less than convincing. Here’s why: Switch goalkeepers and Canada wins 2-1. How many tough saves did the Canadian GK have to make? Howard had a few.

  24. alex in houston says:

    As far as the game tonite I think that the U.S. still hasn’t showed that its better than everyone in CONCACAF. The few positives to take away from this game v. Canada are that they’re not afraid to attack, the vets like Demps have put the young guys on notice that they need to produce, & that Howard will be the key as to how far they will go. This version of U.S. maybe can compete against Mexico. That’s a big maybe. I noticed at times the def line trying to cheat and I can see a direct route to goal through both of the u.s. inexperienced CB’s. What i still do not get, maybe one of you can answer, is why have both fullbacks dart forward, one holding mid dart forward, & then also cram the wingers & both ST’s fight to score. What happened to decoy runs? Who’s at the back guardin against the counter. Ay ya yay. We will go as far as Howard will take us. Period.

  25. Thoughts on the game will be up this afternoon.

  26. John Bladen says:

    Bobby: Can you give us your thoughts on Canada’s switch to a 4-5-1 (in as much as they have a single formation…)

    Many things go in to tactical decisions (particularly for a single game that you aren’t expected to win anyway), and I hate to criticize a Manager for making such decisions when, as a spectator, you can’t know what all his considerations are.

    That said, it seems odd to me that we had just one legitimate Striker for many years and were welded to a straight up 4-4-2… now we have the option of (pardon the expression) a “thunder and lightning” partnership (albeit a quite modest storm…) of Jackson and a bigger aerial threat (Friend or Gerba) to work together… and we plump for the presently popular 4-5-1/4-3-3 variant.

    Simpson and Johnson are good wingers (by our standards, though Johnson has struggled with ball handling quite a bit of late), but surely they could still be used effectively from a wide midfield position?

  27. John Bladen says:


    Thanks for the implied vote of confidence in Canada’s performance, but I think if the goal keepers were switched, the US would simply have played harder in attack for the last 30 minutes and won 3 or 4 to 2.

    With Gerba/Jackson playing together, we were able to muster a few chances, but it looked to these eyes like the US was in protect mode for the final 30 minutes. Howard was certainly the star for you, though, despite not having much work for the first hour. US full value for the win in my view.

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