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Bobby McMahon

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France Left Needing A Bigger Comeback Than Rob Ford To Make Brazil ’14

Written by on November 18, 2013 | 5 Comments »
Posted in France, World Cups

It is has been a horrendous week for the embattled Mayor of Toronto Rob Ford. Of course most, if not all, of Ford’s problems have been self inflicted and that is something that France’s national team can identify with after losing 2-0 to Ukraine in Kiev on Friday.

By finishing as runners up to Spain in Group I France fate was cast in with seven other European countries all hoping to qualify for next summer’s World Cup Finals by winning one of four home and home play-off matches.

Friday’s loss left France without an away goal…to read more please click on the link.

5 responses to “France Left Needing A Bigger Comeback Than Rob Ford To Make Brazil ’14”

  1. Ed Gomes says:

    Bobby, although I may agree that France shouldn’t be shocked if they don’t make it (put Portugal in that group), it’s hard to imagine that they won’t.
    Conspiracy theories are a plenty when it comes to France/Plattini. When Cristiano said Portugal had to avoid France in the draw, he made it clear it wasn’t due to the quality of squad. The two extra time yellows just adds fuel.

    I’ve always felt “big” teams and/or players will always get preferential treatment. Well known stars will sell much better on the world stage.
    That’s why I feel deep down Portugal has the upper hand, with the games being in Brazil.

    No matter how awful they look, they’ll look better at home and catch a few breaks. I’ll be shocked if France doesn’t get through.

  2. Ed Gomes says:

    Was there ever any doubt.
    Second yellow was…
    Oh never mind. It’s better for all, except Ukraine, that France will be in Brazil.

    How about Cristiano. Yes the passes were great and space given was dumbfounding, but the finishes were special.

  3. Rob says:

    France was the better team and made plays happen. Also, I think this is the only time where two wrongs make a right…

  4. John Bladen says:

    They did, Rob.

    While the majority of paying viewers of the world might prefer a world cup with France than Ukraine, I just want the best teams in regardless of location.

    I get that there has to be some concession to geography, but why must we be stuck so often with several teams ranked outside the top 50 in the final 32 (only 3 for 2014, happily)?

    Wouldn’t the tournament be better if the playoff qualifiers from all confederations were put into a short tournament to fill the last few spots?

  5. Ed Gomes says:

    Let’s hope FIFA didn’t read that JB. They’ll do anything for more tv revenue.

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