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Bobby McMahon

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Why The IOC Should Be Very Worried About FIFA & Brazil 2014

Written by on March 30, 2012 | 3 Comments »
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Chuck Blazer, the former General Secretary of CONCACAF the regional governing body for soccer, had an interesting observation after FIFA decided to award the 2022 World Cup Finals to Qatar.

In an interview with Soccer America published in December 2010 Blazer said that despite reservations about South Africa, FIFA left with a feeling that if a great World Cup could be pulled off there, it could be done anywhere.

With around four years to go at that point, it is doubtful that red warning signals were flashing over the …..

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3 responses to “Why The IOC Should Be Very Worried About FIFA & Brazil 2014”

  1. Ed Gomes says:

    I really enjoyed this piece.
    There’s a famous saying in Brazil; “why do it today, when you can pay someone to do it tomorrow”. The problem is that tomorrow is right around the corner. In following futebol and being able to speak with some people, there’s Brazilans that feel that seeding of the fields will be going on as the first ball is being kicked in the WC.
    The one thing that Brazil does have is a booming economy / money which will help solve many issues, as long as people stop looking out for their own coffers.
    Since I believe that it will get done, the one thing I’m sure of is that it will be worlds biggest party. The country will shut down and be welcoming to everyone. Whether the games are good or not, this will be the one location where more than just games will be remembered. And I mean that in a good way.

    Funny since I feel the exact opposite will be in the case with Qatar. I think they will build everything to perfection, yet something will be lacking from the experience.

    I know it’s off topic, but Barca has filed a complaint in regards to the pitch at AC Milan. It’s very funny, since they obviously didn’t watch what Benfica had to play on verse Zenit.

  2. John Bladen says:


    I hope that Brazil will succeed at running both the WC and Olympics. However, in the event that they are not ready when FIFA makes it’s “last” call, I’d have to think that the USA would be able to organize and host the event on very short notice (if I remember rightly, they were nearly picked to replace Colombia as host in the 80’s… but that one went to Mexico instead? Many NASL owners and players were counting on that one… and it didn’t happen)

    I’m not as offended by FIFA’s wish to move the finals around as many “westerners” appear to be. It is part of their mandate, even if we sometimes don’t like where the tournament goes. In Brazil’s case, it’s hard to argue that they aren’t a major footballing nation…

    Do you think the USA’s generally accepted ability to be the permanent “fall back” candidate for any failed effort elsewhere actually hurts their chances of being awarded the tournament themselves?

    If Brazil were to fail (or have the competition stripped from them, resign as Colombia did etc), which I don’t see happening in all honesty, would you foresee any problem with the US taking over? It seems unlikely to me that the USSF would choose not to accept the opportunity to host, for example, just to register their displeasure with not being chosen in the first place.

  3. Ed Gomes says:

    I believe that the fallback nation has always been Germany.

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