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Bobby McMahon

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United and Liverpool Strike Early And City Respond

Written by on December 19, 2011 | 5 Comments »
Posted in Arsenal, Aston Villa, General, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United, QPR

Wings to victory for Manchester United as they got off to a terrific start against QPR. In the first minute pressure on the QPR defense led them to giving the ball away. A pass was played out to Valencia and Rooney was on the spot to accept the return and power and header into the turf and then into the QPR net.

It was an advantage that United never looked like giving up.
Nani played with some spark once again and set up seven chances although none were capitalized upon.

Michael Carrick breezed past Joey Barton on route to a Messi-type second goal which sealed the win. Carrick owned Barton all match.

Liverpool took advantage of lax marking corners by Aston Villa and led 2-0 early in the match. There was no more scoring at Liverpool cruised to a very comfortable three points. Liverpool only out-shot Villa 17 to 16 but there was a marked difference in the quality of the attempts.

Manchester City beat Arsenal 1-0 although they could have rued not taking advantage of their chances as Arsenal pushed forward late in the game looking for an equalizer.

Both team had six shots on target but City created better quality opportunities to score.

Mickel Arteta’s ability to retain possession was a feature of the game and although he was more involved than City’s David Silva, Silva was able to operate further forward and offered a more dangerous attacking threat.

City opted to play Samir Nasri against his old club to offer some width to their attack. Theo Walcott was one of Arsenal’s options wide as well although Walcott never made an impact in the game. He was starved of service compared to Nasri and when he did receive the ball it was usually in very tight quarters and Zabaleta was quick to close him down.

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5 responses to “United and Liverpool Strike Early And City Respond”

  1. Mr Moore says:

    A draw would have been the result that reflected both sides contributiond in the citeh match. Hart was arguably man of the mstch

  2. Soccerlogical says:

    Aston Villa vs Arsenal should be interesting as Charles Insomnia and Agbonlahor will cause problems for Arsenal’s novice rightback and with no Alex Song.

    PS What would you guys rather avoid, Scot Dann’s ruptured testicle or David Villa’s broken leg… just curious.

  3. Do you really have to ask?

  4. […] Bobby McMahon sums up Sunday’s action while Paul Doyle lifts the curtain behind the Scottish-born pundit and the rest of the Fox Soccer crew in exotic Winnipeg. […]

  5. Mikroba says:

    Hi Bobby,
    Is it me, or is it real? Ever since Valencia started playing wide right up front, like at the beginning of the year and last year, and Rooney up forward, they started scoring? Their dismal performance in the BPL and Champions League was due to Rooney playing more midfield, with no support from Valencia on the side.

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