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Bobby McMahon

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Two Rounds Of The FA Cup; La Liga; Serie A and Others – Saturday Open Thread

Written by on February 19, 2011 | 15 Comments »
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Feel free to comment of all of today’s matches. Can Crawley Town get a result against Manchester United reserves?

15 responses to “Two Rounds Of The FA Cup; La Liga; Serie A and Others – Saturday Open Thread”


    Forest1/Cardiff0 first half good open game booth teams had 3 great chances.45 mins of pain fingers crossed GO FOREST!

    Great free kick from Baines and how about Anelka and cole’s penalties Awful!

    The talk of the Quad came from Le Professor

    I think Inter will be the team to beat for Napoli

  2. I think the talk was more a case of a newspaper taking a few things and creating the headline that they wanted.

    The Professor is normally used by the English media to describe anyone involved in football that managed to get more than one “O” Level. The bar is very low.


    Is that not how Fleet Street makes money.

  4. Rossoneri Red Devil says:

    Copenhagen’s manager needs to call up David Moyes and ask, “what’s your secret?”

    I love watching Everton play Chelsea. No fear in the eyes of the Toffees.

  5. GFYR – That is what they think anyway.
    RRD – Secret? Have Anelka take a penalty?


    Forest2/Cardiff1 great game Cardiff tied with a penalty less then 5 mins later Earnshaw gets the winner from Anderson very exciting game if you have worth watching the highlights.Great comeback from the failure at Sthorpe.2nd place with game in hand still long way to go.

    I used Professor because that is how TVN addressed him in prior posts.

  7. Rossoneri Red Devil says:

    Bobby, not a fan of the two-step run-up? or walk-up, rather.

    I’m glad the commentators called Bebe out for a horrendous performance. I was really hoping for a good game from him, so that his signing actually started to make a bit of sense.

  8. Theo van Nasarshavregas says:

    I’m sure Le Boss did not go about boasting anything like, ‘We will win all four competitions’. Something more like, ‘We are in all four competitions … we have belief … we have a good chance in all four competitions … belief, belief, belief, belief’. What does the media expect him to say when it is addressed to him? And there’s no need of any team or supporters to speak of trebles and quads until the calendar hits May.

    Anelka showed how not to take a penalty. Very short run up, easy to read, full of chocolate, and misplaced.

    How about the Dutch psychology of Heitenga’s shoulder hello to Cole before his spotkick. Chelsea are fragile and vulnerable. Things will be difficult in Copenhagen and don’t be surprised if the Danes get a result in the first leg. The Eyebrow is on the rack. Too bad too. He’s one Italian manager I actually like.

    ManU looked anything but a juggernaut at home to a Conference side that hit the crossbar late. How such a squad sits atop the league shows just how weak the EPL is this year which is rampant with parity.

    Phil Dowd does not give a pretty clear penalty to Ramires (instead books him) but does give two weaker penalties to Newcastle against Arsenal? Talk about a consistent referee.

    Ronaldo does not score but does display continued displeasure over his misfortunes … nothing new. Eczema scores courtesy of all the work being done by Di Maria. TSO rests Adebayor who is likely to start at Lyon.

    Cagliari just down 1-0 at Inter @ 70′.

    And Forest gets three points today. Congrats GFYR.

  9. Soccerlogical says:

    I haven’t seen such an onslaught for a while. Cagliari kept peppering Cruz for 3 minutes straight… amazing!

    re: Cardiff

    Jones doesn’t seem to have the tactical nous as he keeps struggling even though he has Ramsey, Bothoryd, Chopra and Bellamy. The only team I am sure to see in the Prem are Sven’s men.

  10. Theo van Nasarshavregas says:

    And the one bright spot so far this weekend is that Lucas cannot win the Lucas Award due to LFC being idle. But, there is always next weekend …

  11. I don’t think there is anything systemically wrong with a short run up – in fact there are some positives. With a longer run you increase the chances of telegraphing the shot. The problem with a short run up comes when you don’t hit just under the crossbar or low and close to the ground.

    Anything in between tends to lack power and can be easy pickings. Phil Neville took a short run up and buried his penalty kick nicely.

  12. GO FOREST YOU REDS says:

    what is your opinion of Lee Camp?i know i have a bias but i think he has a huge upside.young quick and good you think he had no chance of ever playing for England that’s why he went the N Ireland route?if Forest is to make the jump i think he is the biggest asset.

  13. Theo van Nasarshavregas says:

    I’m of the opinion that a short run up telegraphs the shooter’s intentions more so than the longer run up. With the longer run up, the shooter is coming at the ball with greater pace and therefore makes it more difficult for the goaler to read the placement foot, body movement, etc.

    With Anelka’s pedestrian two step approach you could read his placement intentions like a book.

    I believe the shorter run up should give you greater accuracy. There’s a trade off to be sure but have always been of the opinion that a shorter run up causes more problems than it is trying to solve. And that Anelka penalty is the poster child of how not to take a penalty on many levels other than length of run up (placement, power, transparency, etc).

  14. GFYR – sorry but I have never seem him play.
    TVNA – when you go the “wrong” way on a long run up you are more likely to open your body up early and telegraph your shot. Short run up – two steps a lot less time to read intentions.

  15. Theo van Nasarshavregas says:

    Agree to disagree. From the GK’s perspective it is much harder to read Lampard’s intentions (long run up and at pace) wrt placement than it is to read Anelka’s (short & slow). Neville’s went in, despite a short run up, because of his placement. Also, with short run ups you take away the power option and any chance to hit the ball the opposite direction of a GK’s preemptive guess. Maradona used to take a four step approach and waited for the GK to commit. Anelka’s approach makes this next to impossible.

    Anelka’s penalty was one of the worst penalties I’ve ever seen taken on many levels for the reasons I cited before.

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