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Bobby McMahon

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The Top Stories of 2011; 71 to 80

Written by on December 30, 2011 | 5 Comments »
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On the December 27 and January 3 podcasts Eoin and I offer up out biggest twenty soccer stories of 2011. Over the few days the blog will bring you another eighty stories that just failed to make it into the top twenty.

71.    The draw for the Euro 2012 finals gives us a mouth-watering group B containing the Netherlands, Portugal, Denmark and Germany

72.    Just when qualifying for the Euro 2012 finals look as predictable as transfer rumours in January Estonia and Montenegro make it to the Euro 2012 play offs.

73.    The goal seen around the world – a truly spectacular effort from Eric Hassli for the Whitecaps against the Seattle Sounders.

74.     After looking down and out Toronto FC make a remarkable recovery in group play and qualify for CONCACAF Champions League knock out stage

75.     As the Good Shepherd Jurgen Klinsmann encourages his flock to look overseas a number of MLS players head to Europe in the off-season for training and in some cases trials.

76.    Shocks of the 2006 Italian match influencing scandal are still felt when the man at the epicenter Luciano Moggi is banned from involvement in the game for life.

77.     In March Ruud Gullit surprises the soccer world by accepting a job as coach of Terek Grozny (July) – the soccer world is underwhelmed when he is fired four months later.

78.     Jose Mourinho wins his power struggle with Jorge Valdano and the former Argentina World Cup winner leaves Real Madrid. 

79.    The year of Javier Zanetti – he breaks Giuseppe Bergomi’s record of 756 appearances for Inter and makes his 1,000th competitive appearance in a game against Roma in the Coppa Italia.

80.    Real Madrid’s Ronaldo wins Europe’s Golden Boot as the continent’s top scorer for 2010/11.

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5 responses to “The Top Stories of 2011; 71 to 80”

  1. Soccerlogical says:

    So now that Cahill is going to Chelsea for 7M and Ebenezer Wenger has brought in Henry for HT entertainment and more croc tears by his bronze statue, the only thing left for us Arsenal fans to do is wait for Wenger to cater to a tired RVP’s request of playing against QPR in order to break Shearer’s goal scoring record, only to get burnt out and break a bone instead. Get the placenta cure!!!!!

  2. Gus Keri says:


    The more I read these top 100 moments, the more I become amazed how you put the UCL final at #97.

    “97. In a repeat of the 2009 Champions League Final Barcelona again lift Europe’s premier club trophy beating Manchester United 3-1 at Wembley at the end of May”

    A third UCL title in 6 years for Barca, and a dominating performance against a superb side which was given 50/50 chance at winning, surely should be much higher than that.

    I wonder how to explain it.
    Could it be that these are “in no particular order” and this should be sounded in Welsh accent to emulate Steve Jones? Or is this selection influenced by certain fans, especially those with an Irish accent?

    The second explanantion is more likely because later you classified the exit of the two Manchester club from the UCL in what was considered by many to be the most dramatic day in the history of the UCL at # 83.

    “83. UEFA Champions League had become a tad predictable but not on match day 6 in 2011. Both Manchester clubs were eliminated and Lyon qualified at the expense of Ajax after a flurry of second half goals.”

    I am looking forward to reading the rest of the top 100, but I am afraid that the Man Utd snatching a point from the jaws of LFC at the anfield making it to the top of the list. LOL

  3. The top 20 are in order but there was no way I had the time nor the inclination to order the other 80. It takes long enough to write them.

  4. Gus Keri says:

    That makes sense, Bobby
    The use of numbers threw me off

    Thank you for this excellent review of the year’s events.

  5. Ed Gomes says:

    I’ll try to comment on the posted list.

    The “group of death” in Euro ’12 is truly great. Every match should mean something, which is rare.

    What I find most amazing is how Zanetti is still playing at a high level and is effective. A true professional that will never get his deserved due.

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