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Soccer Report Extra Podcast Special: Underrated XI

Written by on May 31, 2012 | 8 Comments »
Posted in General, Soccer Report Extra Podcast

In a special SREP, Bobby & Eoin reveal their picks for the ‘Underrated XI’ of the 2011-12 PL Season.  It goes without saying that both have differing views on what constitutes underrated (or even under-appreciated), and the fur really starts to fly when Bobby tries to include Stephane Sessegnon in his side… oops… spoiler alert!  Just give it a listen, and if it inspires you to come up with your own ‘Underrated XI’, be sure to drop it in the comments below.  

Don’t forget we’ve also posted our usual weekly podcast (Ep. 75), so be sure to give both of this week’s offerings a listen, Cheers!

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8 responses to “Soccer Report Extra Podcast Special: Underrated XI”

  1. Mark says:

    This podcast should carry a warning sticker – NSFW. I laughed out loud throughout and my co-workers looked at me like I was daft (I listened through my headphones). Great podcast!
    Perhaps you could do an “Over-rated 11” next? Players who get by on their reputations but don’t deliver the goods consistently.
    Thanks again guys.
    BTW, what did you think of the U.S.’s match versus Scotland? And versus Brazil?

  2. stennieville says:

    I have not yet finished listening (I’ll catch the rest on my commute home), but I wanted to put in a word for Leon Britton (not as underappreciated, but as a possible England candidate). I’ve seen Bobby say on Twitter, and he repeated it in today’s podcast, that Britton wouldn’t be a good choice for England because he doesn’t score. But he’s a defensive midfielder, isn’t he? It’s not really a scoring position, his job is to win back the ball and maintain possession. Scott Parker didn’t have any goals this year either, and he’s going to the Euros.

    I’m just glad I’m not English (or rooting for England particularly), because the headlines of “LAMPARD OUT, HENDERSON CALLED UP” would not fill me with confidence.

  3. Stennieville – Leon Britton to winning the ball back as a defensive midfield player is about what Richard Simmons is to linebacking in the NFL.

  4. J says:

    Absolutely, Dempsey is under-appreciated. Half the press out there thinks he won’t transfer above 10m…or go to a big club. Although, some guy did write about him in Forbes. Can you be under-appreciated and be featured in Forbes?

  5. J – yes you can when it is based on a season not on prospects for the future.

  6. Stennieville – 11/12 BPL season Britton tackles won – 62; Parker 107; Song 100; Lucas 68 (only played 12 games). Not a ball winning midfielder by any stretch.

  7. John Bladen says:

    BBC is reporting Hazard off to Chelsea… and in other shocking news, Joey Barton arrested again…

  8. stennieville says:

    Song and Lucas can hardly play for the England team, though, can they? (Lucas, incidentally, still led the entire Liverpool squad in tackles won at the end of the season, even though he went out injured in November — he was a big loss.) Aside from Parker, where does Britton rate compared to the rest of England’s midfield?

    Anyway, I am new to all this stuff (only been watching the EPL for two seasons), and will bow to your superior knowledge. What kind of role would you say Britton has, then? If he’s not a ball-winner, and he’s not really a creative player either… Box to box? I just know he’s got a good pass completion rate (best in the EPL if I’m not mistaken), he’s good in possession, and England don’t seem to have anyone in their midfield who can keep the ball. Seemed like a decent fit to me, with Lampard and Barry both out — or at least a better fit than Henderson.

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