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Soccer Report Extra Podcast: Euro 2012 Special – 2

Written by on June 19, 2012 | 8 Comments »
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Bobby & Eoin return with another special look at Euro 2012 action. Groups A & B are all wrapped up, and SRE’s ‘Dynamic Duo’ give us their take on who the real winners & losers are at this stage of the tournament. As always, chime in with your comments below. For those keeping score at home, Bobby’s butchered name of the week this week is “Ray Haggle”. Enjoy!

8 responses to “Soccer Report Extra Podcast: Euro 2012 Special – 2”

  1. CH says:

    I agree with you guys about the dutch. It really is Wes Sneijders team, hes the best player, and during Euro 2008 & WC 2010 he was superman, scoiring goals and creating chances. However he had a terrible season at Inter. Really Van Persie was the only player who was in form and he has always been below average with the Neatherlands, so we shouldnt be surprised.

  2. CH – few acknowledged it but RVP tailed off at the end of the season. Likely heresy for Arsenal fans but I would sell him if they got a bid of 30m pounds. Discuss!

  3. CH says:

    Well im not an Arsenal fan but my ex roommate is and he was hoping that RVP’s recent performances would help drive down his transfer price, which would in turn entice the Arsenal board to not sell him.

  4. Alberta Gooner says:


    Arsenal would absolutely sell him for that price, particularly if he chooses to play hardball about signing an extension. He’ll turn 29 before the start of the season and his issues with injuries are well known.

    The bigger issue is who could stump up the cash to sign him. There’s a very small number of clubs who could afford the fee demanded by Arsenal as well as the wages he’d command. especially as his father has already ruled out a move to City. There’s also the matter of FFP to consider and how many clubs could absorb spending 30m and adding another 200k/week in wages to their payroll.

    Neither Barca nor Madrid seem particularly keen and there’s no way Wenger would sell to United or Chelsea. I’ve only heard Juventus making enquiries about him but they also appear to be negotiating with Cavani so he might be a plan B there. The Swiss Ramble suggests Inter and Milan are both skint. That leaves Bayern Munich and PSG, who just purchased Lavezzi, who could probably realistically afford him this summer.

  5. Seattle Loon says:


    Who could you replace him with for the same money whom you could rely on to score so many goals?

    As a Liverpool fan I am hoping that Steven Gerrard’s performances in the Euro’s might entice a silly bid for his services from someone. I am not greedy – 15 Millions pounds would be enough for me to see him leave Anfield.

    England are poor and would have been shown up today if Ukraine had the benefit of a competent goalie, official or striker.
    What gives them a chance is that the level of defending amongst most teams at the Euro’s isn’t the highest.

    Is it a co-incidence that Steven Gerrard has had assists in three consecutive games for the first time in eons?

    Would Lescott have gotten a free header playing for Man City in the Champion’s League and would Carroll have been unmarked for his goal against Sweden in the EPL? Gerrard’s assist today came off the first defender’s groin, was not cleared by another defender who got a partial touch and then fumbled by the goalie.

    Please oh please somebody bump their head coming out of bed after the Euro’s and give Liverpool an offer for 32 year old Captain Fantastic.

  6. Roberto Senyera says:

    The England v Ukraine match today definitively proved that UEFA’s goal line officials are about as useful as a tit on a basketball 😉

  7. Andre says:

    Sweden lead all three of their games and went out in the group stage. Has this ever happened before? It probs has but seems like a quirky stat.

  8. Andre – have not come across others.

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