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Soccer Report Extra Podcast: Euro 2012 Special – 1

Written by on June 13, 2012 | 4 Comments »
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This week, Bobby & Eoin get you caught up on all the Euro 2012 action after the first round of group stage games.  Plenty of opinions about England, not so much chat about Ireland… All the highs & lows from the first leg of a tournament thats shaping-up to be a ‘Euro Cup’ for the ages. (inside joke)

4 responses to “Soccer Report Extra Podcast: Euro 2012 Special – 1”

  1. Seattle Loon says:

    With all due respect I think it’s slightly unfair to lament Hodgson’s conservative approach whilst also recognising the poverty of the players at his disposal.

    It’s maybe a necessary adjustment for English fans, pundits and journalists to view them (rightly in my opinion finally) at a lower level of ability. (Who apart from Rooney is even close to World Class?)

    England may finally have a manager that perfectly suits and understands the limitations of English players. Defending with two banks of four allied to a pacy and mobile two man strike force makes sense. England are never going to excel playing possession football with their current players. (The rule rather than the exception for an eternity.)

    But under Hodgson they will be very hard to break down and may always have goals in them through a counter-attack or set-piece.

    Yes they may have only had five attempts on goal against France but they executed an almost flawless game plan designed to ensure a draw at worst. Most of France’s shots were outside the box and their one goal came from the only shot England allowed them in the box. Benzema was forced to repeatedly come out of the box to try and make something happen.

    Rumour has it that if they make the latter stages the whole team will be prescribed Viagra so they can make it past a semi.

  2. Seattle Loon says:

    Also thanks for keeping the podcast going amongst a hectic schedule.

    Spurs fans must surely hope that the increasingly credible stories that Levy is going to sack Redknapp are wrong. How prophetic Bobby’s prediction on how costly Chelsea’s victory in the Champion’s League might be to Spurs.

    It might not be all bad news for Harry Redknapp. Coaching somewhere like the Middle-East might allow him tax-free income without the pesky problems of things like court-cases and HMRC investigations!

  3. Sarati says:

    Hey guys,

    I hope you do mini-Euro updates over the course of Euros – maybe at the end of each round of matches. I want to hear your reactions to the games and, since we don’t get FSR in Canada anymore, this is the way to do it.

    One point for Eoin from the previous podcast: Not all Canadians pronounce it “aboot”. That’s just the Ottawa valley area that does it and maybe a bit in Manitoba. The rest of Canada does not say it that way.

  4. Andre says:

    France were probably the hardest game of the group and England got a point so in a way Hodgson was vindicated. The most important thing as a fan (not to mention player/coach) is moving through, how you get there is secondary.

    BUT… as a neutral fan/observer that was awful. At the half I found myself pulling for France for no other reason than I don’t want this kind of play to be rewarded.

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