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Soccer Report Extra Podcast: Episode 84 – Sensible, Or What?

Written by on August 7, 2012 | 25 Comments »
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Before EA Sports’ FIFA, before PES, there was Sensi.  Eoin let slip his fondness for Sensible Soccer (I think I found Eoin’s old avatar – pictured above), and that turns out to be the theme of this weeks pod. With so little going on in the transfer market at the moment, Bobby & Eoin ponder whether or not european clubs are finally acting sensibly. Financial Fair Play, and the economy in general, seems to have many clubs a bit freaked out at the moment, and the big summer trend may be for ‘loans & make-weights’ rather than ‘blockbusters’ – at least that’s Bobby’s hunch. 

The next instalment of the podcast will be a Premier League season preview special, so get your questions in NOW! 

25 responses to “Soccer Report Extra Podcast: Episode 84 – Sensible, Or What?”

  1. jtm371 says:

    I saw a promo of changes and i just want to thank you for all your work insight and wit.I will miss your previews and reviews of the matches i will continue to follow on the website hope you will continue the preview and rear view mirror.All the best in the future and look forward to your articles on the site.Thank You!

    I will miss your SA remarks don’t change a thing and all the best to you and what the future has in store for you.One door does not close and another or two opens.Thanks!

  2. JTM371 – thank you.

  3. Alberta Gooner says:

    “Sometimes it’s the oldest heads that need the biggest taps.”


  4. jtm371 says:

    I thought the golf rankings were not worth the paper they were printed on but now England ranked 3rd WOW.that ranking must come with a shot of lsd or meth what a joke.

  5. RUBICON says:

    The only thing more ridiculous than England’s 3rd ranking is having Men’s Field Hockey in the Olympics. Talk about an unnatural sport for men!

    Bobby – Which under 23 players/s impressed you most this Olympics?

    AG – If I gave ya 2:1 ODDS that RvP joins Manyoo, would ya take it… cause I sure would. 🙂

  6. Astronomer says:

    If you have the time or inclination, please elaborate on why you think men’s field hockey should not be an Olympic sport (and also why it is such an unnatural one for men).


  7. Rubicon – My Olympic watching has been sporadic at best – it would not be informed opinion.

  8. Erik says:

    EPL Thoughts:

    It is far easier to be the Hunter – than the Hunted. City was (just about) perfect last season at home getting 55 of 57 points. Don’t see that happening again. As most know here I have been a LA Kings’ fan for about 40 years and FINALLLLLLLLY I got to see my team with The Stanley Cup. Now when (IF……..the CBA runs out in September so we could get a repeat of the 2004 Debacle) the season begins every time the Kings play it is “The Defending SC Champion Los Angeles Kings” meaning each night they will get the other team’s best effort when before they did not. City will be facing the same situation. For bottom dwelling teams they know a win over the Defending PL Champs will make their season and these bottom feeders will go all out knowing it might be one of the few sellouts they have this season. Man U will have big crowds but is no longer “The Hunted” and that has to help. Last season saw City/United finished tied meaning every point made a difference and this season United gets a massive sked break over City. United opens the season @ Everton while City goes to Goodison on March 16. When playing @ Everton you want to go there early – not late int he season. Everton opens the season looking like relegation material and ends the season looking like they could actually win the EPL. United WILL get 3 points to start the season – City will be lucky to get 1 point @ Goodison and this diffference could be huge. City is the betting fave @ +100 but gimme SAF +250 to win the EPL

    On the bottom of the table…….a friend knows someone who closely follows the LC and the friend said this might be the 3 worst teams to ever be promoted and he won’t be shocked to see all 3 promoted sides go right back down. Gotta think Southhampton is Dead Meat. Swansea losing Rogers and several players puts them at risk. EVERY YEAR Wigan is picked to be relegated and they look the part until the end when they somehow survive. They are “Rasputin” – no other way to put it. Should they be headed down…..YES! But we have been saying that for how many years now and somehow they survive every season. Once again I think they stay UP. Hammers will find a way to survive. Think Reading joins Swansea and Southhampton going back down.

    Coming up: Leicester is the betting fave to come up followed by Bolton and Wolves, Nottingham Forest then Leeds, Brighton/Cardiff both at 12-1 and at 14-1 is Blackpool and The Chicken Farmers meaning the Chicken Farmers are the 8 choice to come up. As long as Venky’s owns the team I know I speak for many in saying I hope they stay down. Steve Kean must have pix of someone to keep his job. Think Bolton comes back up as well as Leeds and no idea who is #3 but think Cardiff might FINALLLLLLLY make their way up after being close so many years in a row.

    Look forward to the next Podcast and seeing what Bobby/Eion think.

    First EPL Manager sacked – seems to easy: Nigel Adkins of Southhampton

  9. RUBICON says:

    Astronomer – High Schools in USA only offer girls field hockey (as was the case in my HS). So for me, watching 6ft/200lb men run around the field hunched over carrying a 3 foot mallet and wearing knee high socks as they chase a bouncing SuperBall seems odd.

  10. Alberta Gooner says:


    What’s the timeframe for that wager? I don’t think Arsenal lets him go to Old Trafford this summer unless Beetface substantially bumps his initial bid, reported by various sources at between 10m and 12m pounds. Arsenal want at least 20m and may tack on a five-million pound “tax” just because it’s a title rival. Unless Juve comes back in for him with an improved bid, I can’t see him leaving this summer. Next summer is obviously a different story.

  11. RUBICON says:


    By end of this transfer window.

    I know a player’s wishes are secondary to club’s financial aims but something tells me the kid prefers to stay in England where he is settled with his family and is willing to take the heat from Arsenal fans. As opposed to joining the Serie A, which is currently run by Giuseppe Sculli’s grandfather Giuseppe Morabito (a notorious boss of the ‘Ndrangheta, the Calabrian mafia organization).

  12. Carmelo Gabriele says:

    to JTM371 what changes ? Bobby I hope your not leaving FSC… that would be really sad, the only reason to watch FS report is Bobby’s analysis …

  13. Carmelo Gabriele says:

    Rubicon really really?? you think you know who runs Serie A based on what information exactly ?? the “Ndrangheta Im impressed you could spell it right… what kind on statement is that? I’m tired of baseless opinions that insult one’ s culture. I was born in Palermo, Sicilia. 2 city blocks away from the bomb that killed the late judge Paolo Borsellino July 19th 1992. I remember it like it was yesterday. My step-dad is a commissario in the Anti-Mafia of the Polizia di Stato of Palermo & his brother inspector in Reggio Calabria (the region that gave us ‘Ndrangheta) I beg you not to make vague accusations about league’s or cultures because your offending people. Your saying Sculli’s grandfather is Morabito, so??? what the hell do you wanna imply? how many footballers related to gangsters from East London played for West Ham? Your comment was annoyingly stereotypical & it smears in mud all the good people that hard to bring us the Serie A & all the Italians that care about it.

  14. CG – FSR will have its final airing August 16 – next Thursday night.

  15. Al Harris says:

    We’re resigned to your leaving FSR, but I have a question. Is Soccer Report Extra also shuffling off this mortal coil, or will we still have you and Eoin and your band of helpers to give us our all too rare fix of intelligent analysis? I thought I heard you remark in the podcast that you only had a couple left. I hope I misheard that because my wife will miss your Scots burr as much as I will miss your incisive wit. Oh yeah, and Eoin’s too. LOL

  16. RUBICON says:

    Carmelo – First I would like to state that I always enjoy reading your posts and acknowledge your insight of the game.

    Of course there is corruption on ALL leagues but few top leagues have had an unscrupulous prime minister as owner of a top team or so many match fixing scandals (not to mention how players like Lavezzi had to leave Napoli partly because they couldn’t walk the streets without getting jumped on and having their shirt torn or girlfriend’s jewelry stolen).

    My point is that family RvP has settled nicely in England.

    BUT, if it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, looks like a duck, it must be a F-in’ duck!!!!!!


  17. Erik says:

    Bobby McMahon says:
    August 9, 2012 at 5:14 am
    CG – FSR will have its final airing August 16 – next Thursday night.

    To say this SUCKS would be an understatement. Having worked in the TV Industry before I know about the innerworkings and behind the scenes stuff that goes on is often head scratching at best – this is one of them. I guess I understand the move somewhat but it also makes no sense. For the amount of money being paid to those who put out the FSR it was a quality show (As of a year or so ago FSR got $400,000 to put on the show – chickenfeed really…..I know this number because of friends in the industry and KNOW I am right). No idea what the new show will look like – but I also know the EPL season begins Aug 19 and to not have a FSR leading up to it isn’t good unless the new show starts right away.

    The one thing about the TV Industry is…….IF you are GOOD – you will always have a job. I hope this means someone gets Bobby involved in their production soon after Aug 16. To quote Bobby Knight: Bobby has forgotten more about the game than most people will ever know.

    All good things must come to an end but when it does it doesn’t mean we have to like it. For 75% of the on-air FSR crew it will be sad to see you all go.

  18. Alberta Gooner says:


    RvP will leave this summer if Beetface meets Arsenal’s asking price. As Bobby and Eoin pointed out on the podcast, there’s value in keeping him around unless clubs stump up and pay Arsenal’s valuation. So as the ball is in Fergie’s court and I really have no idea what he’ll do, I’m not inclined to make a wager about it. A 25m fee and a three-year 220k/weekly deal for a 29-year-old striker with RvP’s injury history is one hell of a risk.

  19. Carmelo Gabriele says:

    Bobby, thank you for your work on FSC will miss your insight… gave me something to watch after work at midnight… I’m sad, I must admit.

  20. Carmelo Gabriele says:

    btw Rubicon Naples is not easy for the locals or the mega-rich footballers, trust me as a Sicilian when I went on vacations to Ischia near Naples we didn’t even stop in Naples. Its rough to say the least. But there are a lot of peaceful, wonderful places to apply your trade in Italyas a footballer: Bologna, Parma, Verona, Catania, Palermo, Milano, Atalanta, etc. please respect my culture & my country like I respect your opinion. Thanks!

  21. Astronomer says:

    That’s a very “culture-centric” (i.e. YOUR culture) opinion you proffered.

    I can guarantee you that outside of North America and parts of Europe (including Russia), ice hockey also seems like a mighty “odd” sport (hence, its remarkable popularity all over the planet — yeah, right).

    Ice hockey is a sport where you have tremendous difficulty seeing and following the puck and where big, beefy men start punching one another quite often for seemingly no good reason (and which, for the most part, is tolerated as a normal part of the game).

    I guess the above features make it acceptable and normal (i.e. not “odd”) in some cultures.

    By the way, in case you are wondering …… I am a red-blooded Yank.


  22. RUBICON says:

    @ Carmelo – I love every aspect of Italian culture but kept both hands on wallet once I started my travels south of Roma onto the Amalfi coast. Clearly the North and South are as different in Italy as in the US, not to mention the tension felt between the likes of a Milanese and a Sicilian.

    @ Astronomer – I stated it was “odd for me” and suggested it was a feminine sport from my experience. I have NO IDEA what your point, humor or logic is to be honest.

  23. Astronomer says:

    Rubicon Rubicon,
    My point, humor, and logic are all encapsulated in the first sentence of my previous post.


  24. dan says:

    I have an idea for mls suspensions

    2 games for delaying the game
    4 games for diving
    8 games for embellishment of calls
    16 games for faking injuries

    suspensions can be stacked upon each other

    the league office will have instant replay(frame by frame

    do you think that soccer will have a lebron decision type scenario and how would the soccer world react?

    I believe non-usa/non-former commonwealth/non-northern european(slavic, scandinavian)/non-british-irish soccer academies teach their players how to delay the game/dive/embellish calls/fake injuries.

    americans are the toughest soccer players in the world, american players that grew up in america tend to play through the contact more often then players from other countries that’s why american players never get as many calls as the others.

  25. Paulo Kazim says:

    At Dan- You mean USA or whole Americans, ? Africans footballer are pretty tough

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