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Soccer Report Extra Podcast: Episode 82 – Suffering From ‘Pompey-Fatigue’?

Written by on July 25, 2012 | 20 Comments »
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Portsmouth FC Administrator, Trevor Birch, has admitted that his south coast side have been clinging to life for so long, that everyone involved is suffering from ‘Pompey-fatigue’… and there’s no relief in sight.  So, on that note, here’s over an hour of hilarious and insightful commentary from Bobby & Eoin. Surprising, I know, considering the mere trickle of footie news lately. Seems all our favourite hacks are on Olympic duty these days… so consider this a much needed dose. Enjoy!

20 responses to “Soccer Report Extra Podcast: Episode 82 – Suffering From ‘Pompey-Fatigue’?”

  1. Ed Gomes says:

    I’m going to try to hear the podcast later, but I do have some thoughts on Pompey which I wonder if anyone else agrees.
    Many say, shout, scream that the futebol giants are killing the game. They overspend on transfer and wages, bla, bla, bla. I beg to differ. It’s teams like Pompey that are killing the game. Last time I checked “giants” of the game have the revenue and backing to meet those costs. It’s teams like Pompey who overspend and have unrealistic goals, which cause their own and the games demise. There’s plenty of clubs like Pompey throughout Europe, that have overspent or in which Presidents have fattened their own pockets and watched the club wither away.
    Last time I checked, it’s good to have League Titles and Champions League aspirations. But mid and lower table clubs, are just that. Europa League and Carling Cups, should be the aspirations. Instead unattainable goals are set, and fans suffer. Let me once again state how Club Presidents, never seem to suffer when clubs are going down the drain. Players, that are owed substantial money, are always the ones that get blamed and suffer. Yes, no matter how much they’ve made missing out on possibly millions, is suffering. The players are in a lose, lose situation. If they demanded to leave as soon as any wages went missing, they would be vilified by the club president and fans. If he stays, he’s still blamed due to him wanting his back pay.
    Call me crazy, but Pompey closing its doors, might be the best thing for the game. Instead of seeing the daily struggles of such a club, we would just move on. Please don’t tell me about the cautionary tale. Pompey closing its doors should be cautionary enough, but unfortunately there’s still plenty of Club Presidents fattening there own pockets while acting more like carnival barkers to the fan base.

    On a side note, I read that Rosisky had Achiles surgery. What I found odd is that it stated that he was only going to miss six to eight weeks. As I understand it, any surgery to do with the Achiles, means no activity for three months and then rehab.

  2. Gillian says:

    Eoin – is Daniel Levy really your favorite person in the world? Hilarious. Enjoyed the transfer talk in general.

    Are we going to get another MLS-focused pod soon?

  3. Ed Gomes – but are you not glossing over the fact that it is the big spending clubs that are the inflaters of the market. Everyone to some extent or another chases the lead dog.

    Gillian – I am sure we will have a MLS pod before we wrap things up.

  4. Ed Gomes says:

    Bobby, just because over clubs might inflate the market, it doesn’t mean you are able to follow. Most clubs don’t have enough in attendance revenue or sponsorship in order to do so. Actually even if they were somehow be able to win the league title, I doubt they would be able to continue to support a squad to maintain stature for the following years.
    If Blackburn were to finish 1st or in the top 3, would their revenue increase to the point where they would be able to maintain the spot? I say no. They would most likely lose players and drop back down. If they had overspent to get there, they would drop like a stone. It’s knowing your limitations. Celebrate the great run and win, which would forever remain etched in history. Fans are crazy, but most are smart. They realize their clubs limitations, but they also know when a manager or players aren’t doing enough. Because replacements are called for, it doesn’t mean they expect first place.

    People say parody is great for the sport. All statistics prove otherwise. All leagues, even the NFL who trumpts parody, have greater revenue when there’s dominant teams.
    It’s good to have Man United to root for or hate. I’m of the believe that the EPL would have taken a bigger hit with Liverpools struggles, if not having City becoming who they have. It’s good for the game when the historic teams remain historic.
    Go ask Serie A how it all worked out when Juve and Milan were relegated. Juve has money now due to the stadium they built, and they were always the biggest squad.
    The SPL becomes irrelevant with the Rangers demise. Sponsorship money will disappear. So much so, that they might just go to the MLS model in order to get them back.

    All I’m saying is that there’s nothing wrong getting into Europa and actually trying to win it. Fulham went for it, and it might have cost them in the EPL, but they were never going to threaten there anyways. Cups are for Cinderellas, but even there you need the giant to have the giant killer. What would the ratings be for the FA Cup Final if Derby played Stoke in the final? Now match either team with a big club and you have something.

    Sorry for the rant, but if you look at overall revenue it’s because of Man United, Arsenal, Liverpool, etc that it’s up for everyone. You could say the same for all the other leagues and their top clubs.

  5. rdm says:

    Ed, don’t take this as an insult, that’s not my intention at all. But I like reading your post and thinking that you actually meant to use parody and not parity. It lends a whole different look to the point you’re making.

  6. RUBICON says:

    So Cahill to NYRB.

    Has there ever been another coach other than Backe who has been given this many chances to “cherry pick” (from around a league and abroad) a title winning squad from?

    Le Toux
    Dane Richards
    and the list goes on…

    And still a defense which can’t hold water!

  7. Ed Gomes says:

    RDM, either term would serve its purpose.

  8. Al Harris says:


    Can’t believe the decision Fox Soccer has made to dump you, Eoin, and Michelle. Unfortunately, our loss as well as yours. Question is how does this effect the Soccer Report Extra which now becomes even more important for those of us who expect sanity and and insight in our footy commentary. Please tell us you’re not going away. And if you do, tell us where you’re going so we can follow. 🙂

  9. Erik says:


    Where/When did this news hit! This is awful if true – and knowing FSC – wouldn’t doubt it if it is true. I know what the FSR budget is (was?) and I found it hard to believe they could put together a show for that figure. I will wait until I see printed confirmation somewhere and hope………hope……..

  10. Al and Erik – Soccer Report Extra will be sticking around although probably with a reduction in articles from me to one a week. I am trying to add some other features that will help offset.
    Last night for FSR v1.0 will be August 31 I believe.

  11. Erik says:

    Stinks that just as the EPL is under way FSR v1.0 will go adios. I have some thoughts on that but probably best to wait and see what happens before I do. I just hope things don’t turn into the last episode of the Mary Tyler Moore Show where everyone gets fired except Ted Baxter – in this case the FSR’s “Ted Baxter” (and there is one – is there ever) is kept and everyone else goes.

  12. Al Harris says:

    As I understand it, Erick, everybody goes including Asa. Might as well identify the elephant in the room,,,lol. I saw an article although I can’t remember where which indicates the new FSR will be moved to Toronto. the Goal blog in the sports section of the NY Times site seems to be more proactive in their coverage than most…although like most blogs, wrong as often as right. Yesterday they had bios on the new guys and today they had an “oops” and said the new producers had said everything yesterday was wrong. I believe that is called “in flux”. Whatever, it seems like Bobby, Eoin, and Michelle will not be on the new show. Sad treatment for 3 excellent journalists.

  13. RUBICON says:

    It seemed as if Sportsnet had originally intended local Canadian talent/former players (Craig Forest, Kara Lang, Lee Godfrey) to anchor Version 2.0

    *Hope it’s not gonna be hokey and bland!

    PS As for that Asa guy, last night he asked Bobby whether Nesta was brought to Montreal to help Di Vaio score goals…. NUFF SAID.

    PPS Seems like the lovely Michele has been “dressing to the nines” and d teasing her hair….WORK IT GIRL! 🙂

  14. Erik says:

    Al/Rubicon – no comment other than glad to see others feel the same way I do.

    Kinda shocked it hasn’t happened sooner because the people who put on the FSR “only” get paid $400k to do so (Or did as of a few years ago – maybe a tad more now) which is chump change and makes putting on a show very hard to do which is why there is a muscial chairs of on air talent – people “cut their teeth” on the FSR then go elsewhere to find a higher paying job (See Derrick and Jeremy) with more job security.

    I’d like to think someone of Bobby’s knowledge could hook up somewhere but who knows? ESPN (TSN in Canada) could use someone of Bobby’s expertise but knowing how ESPN works from having worked there before – not so sure it happens or if Bobby would/could move elsewhere.

    I wonder what other changes are in store for FSC – will be very interesting. Maybe not?

  15. RUBICON says:

    ERIK – As you were not specific, I will say that a 400K/year production budget is obviously “low end” BUT a 400K/year salary is probably nowhere near what ANYONE at FSR earns (including the exec producer).

    And we all know there is a clear difference between anchors/reporters who are barely able to read a teleprompter and analysts such as Bobby and Eoin.

  16. Boris says:

    The Sun claim that the Spurs have accepted a 36 mil pound offer for Luka. Whether or not that is true, Luka Modric is worth it. In my opinion, he can start for any club in the world. People asked how many goals he’d scored or assists he’d made but don’t notice that he was the overall leader in pass completions in the fours years played in the Premier League. He was also among the leaders in chances created but unfortunately his teammates were not on the same wavelength as he had been.
    I get annoyed when people say he’s not worth the money but don’t mention some of the players that were purchased for higher transfer fees that were a complete failure.
    Eoin, you should not be surprised that several great teams want him. He is that good.
    Bobby, it is ultimately up to Mourinho how often he uses Modric if he joins, but to me, he is not just someone who adds to the depth. He is better than that.
    Also Eoin, the 100k pound offer that the Spurs offered to Modric was made towards the end of the season, not at the beginning.
    I am no fan of Levy by the way. He might make money for the club in the short run, but talented players might think twice before joining the Spurs due to their transfer policy.
    I do have to agree with you guys that Modric should have fired his agent. There is a thing called a “release clause”. Seriously, what were they thinking when they signed that contract?

  17. Ed Gomes says:

    I’ve been very critical of FSC and FSR. I still find it amazing at how awful their production is. Mistake after mistake is made in broadcasting. I guess people did the best they could with the tools available.
    FSC puts all this money into obtaining the Champions League, Premiership, Ligue 1 and others, but unbelievably put no money into producing shows/broadcasts.
    FSR is the only show that had in depth MLS coverage and discussion, no?

    I would like to think that Bobby would be able to stick around just for the sole purpose of a knowledgable pundit on board.

    How about a round table of pundits to discuss multitude of futebol weekly topics. Goals on Sunday was a highlights review show. That could stay, but an in depth discussion on players play, club play and other weekly topics throughout Europe would be great. I might even tolerate Barton, if we have Bobby and a few more knowledgeable people.

    I’ll reserve judgement until I see what’s coming.

  18. Al Harris says:

    Ed, this is an election year. How can you reserve judgment until you know the facts? 🙂

  19. Ed Gomes says:

    I thought they had already shut the doors, but no.
    Now it’s Haim’s fault for wanting the money owed to him. Boo hoo hoo.
    You mean the new buyer/owner won’t commit until it makes sense for him? Ok, guess he isn’t the right investor, no?
    I love the, Haim is going to find out he’ll get nothing because doors will close. Really? Blah, blah, blah. Pompey fatigue indeed.

    Don’t get me wrong this is horrific for the fans. The mismanagement of the club is ridiculous. They got relegated and still screw it all up. It’s no fair, but close the doors and once again become an armature club trying to grow.
    By the way, everything should be sold and the players that are owed money, should get the proceeds. If this new investor wants to do the right thing, let him start from the ground up.

  20. Ed Gomes says:

    Maybe not as fatigued as I thought, because I actually had to come back to this one. Just read that investor has completely pulled out of purchasing club, even though the remaining senior players have left the club. So players lose out on millions due to administration incompetence yet club goes down the drain. I wonder if Mr Birch or previous Presidents/administrators have taken a financial hit? Trust me, if they have, I’m all for it.
    Now the Supporters Trust, fans, are ready to take over the squad. I’m all for it and so what if the club gets relegated once again. The main task is to keep the name/history alive, no matter at what level. Let them once again rise through the ranks.

    Again, I know laying blame doesn’t do any good, but shame on the club presidents and administrators that ran this club into the ground.
    I feel sorry for the fans and players that have had to suffer emotionally and financially.

    This one might just turn out right after all. Let it stand, no matter at what level.

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