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Soccer Report Extra Podcast: Episode 76 – Mary, Kate, Mike & Ashley

Written by on June 6, 2012 | 10 Comments »
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After months of hype and hyperbole, the 2012 Euro tournament is finally just a matter of hours from kick-off… and that’s why this week’s pod is devoted to a whole bunch of other really interesting topics.  Don’t worry, SREP will be covering the Euros in-depth; just not this week.  Bobby & Eoin talk Brendan Rodgers’ appointment at Anfield, Rio’s inexplicable snub from the FA, summer dealings for Hazard, Hulk & Kagawa, CONCACAF WCQ, the fads & fallacies surrounding formations… and Bobby’s assertion that the Olson twins are in fact triplets… and they even have a brother named Mike.  Enjoy!  

10 responses to “Soccer Report Extra Podcast: Episode 76 – Mary, Kate, Mike & Ashley”

  1. Seattle_Loon says:

    Great podcast. The only pundits who have made the legitimate case that the owners of Liverpool’s are (relatively) clueless. Most pundits have been seduced by the perceived intelligence and experience of John Henry and co. They have been given an almost complete pass for mis-step after mis-step. Love Brendan Rodgers but wonder how comfortable will Martin Skertel or god-forbid Jamey Carragher be in passing the ball in their own half under pressure.

    Spot on re: Ferdinand. England are massively tempting fate – what odds they are knocked out of the Euro’s following an error by Lescott,Jones or Kelly?

    Talking of odds? At good odds are France worth a punt for Euro’s success?

  2. France – maybe a decent each way bet.

  3. Mark says:

    Regarding Kagawa and United’s formation/starting 11. Perhaps a 4-3-3. Starters will be one of two, depending on current form, with the other able to come off bench.
    LW- Kagawa/Young. Striker- Welbeck/Hernandez RW – Nani/Valencia. Central Attacking Midfielder – Rooney.
    Two deep lying midfielders – Carrick and *player to be bought. Martinez or Strootman as examples. More defensive/Ball Winners yet able to do more than square passing.
    Back four not directly an issue with Kagawa’s signing.
    Cleverly/Anderson, if not injured, can be used in FA Cup/Carling Cup matches centrally.
    United rotate their squads very often, so above not out of the realm of possibility. Obviously, Kagawa and Rooney could be switched. Valencia can be played ar RB, etc.

  4. Is motivation really a problem for a country playing at the European Finals?

  5. Astronomer says:

    Seattle loon,
    France, from a purely offensive perspective, are definite good bets to reach the semifinal or final — and maybe even win it.

    But their biggest problem is their defense. It has big holes (literally speaking) in it. I watched both of their recent friendlies against Iceland and Serbia. The Iceland game was a real eye-opener — I lost count of the number of times Iceland looked menacing with their fast counterattacks.

    Laurent Blanc started Patrice Evra at left back in that game and, not surprisingly, Evra played a major part in both of Iceland’s goals. Why Blanc continues to select Evra as the starting left back puzzles me. He is no longer the dependable Evra of old; his form has dipped significantly over the last two seasons.

    Against Serbia, Blanc decided to try Gael Clichy at left back — and there was a definite improvement in the defense overall. Both Evra and Clichy are currently good at playing the attacking wing-back role; the difference is that Clichy is at present better at purely defensive duties than Evra is. That alone makes me prefer Clichy at the left back position.

    Additionally, from an off-the-field non-footballing perspective, I would prefer to see Evra dropped from the national team, given his disgraceful behavior in South Africa. He was one of the two principal instigators of the revolt against Raymond Domenech (Nicolas Anelka being the other).

    Anelka was banned for 10-15 (or more) games by the FFF, but Evra was given a much lighter sentence. He got off too lightly, in my opinion. I would prefer to see Evra dropped from the national team (both for his loss of defensive form and for his outrageous act of rebellion in South Africa), but obviously Blanc still trusts him.

    Other than Evra, I also feel queasy about Philippe Mexes at center-back. Why not try Laurent Koscielny more often — against Serbia, Koscielny looked pretty decent.

    So, anyway, I agree that France are decent bets (albeit, one of 4 or 5 such teams) to pull it off, given their offensive talent. But the defense is veritably a major concern. So overall I am not that optimistic about their prospects (quarters or semis, at the most). I hope I am proved wrong.


  6. Gillian says:

    I SO agree w/you on not taking friendly results too seriously. Can someone PLEASE pass this on to the English media?

  7. Astronomer says:

    Yes, perhaps results in friendly matches should not be taken too seriously.

    However, Patrice Evra’s questionable form for Alejandro’s team over the last two seasons coupled with Gael Clichy’s fairly impressive performance for Man City this season still makes it a strong case for having Clichy as the starting left back.


  8. Andre says:

    I think I would still pick Spain to win but one thing that gives me a bit of doubt is the incredible amount of mileage on some of their key players.

    The Barcelona players have fought to the end on three fronts since 2008 and during those summers have had a Euro, a Confed Cup, and a World Cup. Only one summer “off”.

    I know this is an incredibly deep team but I believe they are their best when the Xavi-Iniesta partnership is in full form.

  9. John Bladen says:

    So pleased to see Mike Ashley’s youth academy/outreach programme is working… of course I’m going by the picture mainly…

    Ferdinand is perhaps justified in feeling “aggrieved”. It matters not, however. England have never been good enough with the alleged golden generation (for whom there is a notable absence of actual gold, unless you count their wage packets) to win anything. Their disgraceful showing at WC 2010 seems to have been put down as an aberration, a poor effort by a side that was clearly off form. In fact, it was no such thing. England (and it’s fans) always believe they are better than they are. Even when they fail spectacularly, somehow the fans always manage to blame the coach rather than the lacklustre, slow footed 11 that actually lose the games.

    The fact that a handful of England’s players can shine when carefully placed into a supporting cast of (mainly non-English) star players in their EPL clubs is no indication that they themselves are world beaters. As stated elsewhere, exactly two of England’s players at WC 2010 looked like they belonged at the sharp end of an elite competition like WC or the Euros. Gerrard and Cole.

    It could be that they will all be embarrassed by that showing and work harder than ever in Euro 2012. But if they do that, it’s still no guarantee of even modest success. The veterans time has passed.

    But rather than look at the side realistically, I suspect most English fans will demand Hodgson’s head at the end of the tournament. What else can they do? Admit that the country is no longer producing many (or any) of the games very best players?

  10. Mike Ruecker says:

    I guess you guys aren’t film buffs. No one mentioned Elizabeth Olsen, younger sister of the Olsen twins, who had a breakout performance last year in Martha Marcy May Marlene. The film made a big splash at Sundance, and Olsen got nominated for an Independent Spirit Award, among others.

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