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Soccer Report Extra Podcast: Episode 73 – Tales Of Blue Moons & Short Pants

Written by on May 15, 2012 | 8 Comments »
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While Eoin O’Callaghan is away in Munich, hobnobbing with German sporting royalty, the SREP decided to bring in its own ringer; the Queen of NA soccer broadcasting (if you will), Michelle Lissel.  This week Bobby and Michelle discuss the extraordinary events of ‘Survival Sunday’ in the Premier League.  QPR stay up, Bolton go down, and City claim a first top-flight title since 1968.  Manchester United look set for an off-season re-tooling of the midfield, because surely they won’t be relying on the likes of Paul Scholes for… oh… I see… never mind.  There’s late breaking news concerning ‘Big Eck’, rumours of Drogba winding up at WHL come August (you heard it here first), and a pair of esteemed soccer experts owning up to some pretty dodgy pre-season predictions (ah, the benefit of hindsight).

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8 responses to “Soccer Report Extra Podcast: Episode 73 – Tales Of Blue Moons & Short Pants”

  1. Gilian says:

    Really cool having Michelle on the pod this week!

    Thoughts on the news that Paul Scholes will stay on at United?

    Also, news is breaking now that Kagwa is in Manchester for talks w/United. Assuming the deal actually goes through, how do you think he’ll fit into the team?

  2. Roberto Senyera says:

    Bobby —When I google your website I get a “this site may be compromised” message. I’m not sure if you’re aware of this and just thought you should know.

    Good podcast btw and a decent debut performance by your impact substitute.

  3. Gillian – Scholes – a way to handle the poorer sides and resting others. Not so sure that Kagawa is at the talks with United stage – rumours he was flying to Manchester on Sunday turned out to be incorrect. He plays Rooney’s position so Rooney either moves forward or deeper to Scholes position.

  4. Roberto- my tech specialist found that a pharmacy wholesaler had been dropping span into the administration area of the website. It has been cleaned and that message should not be showing any longer. AS far as I am aware it never affected any one who logged on – it just slowed loading of some features.

  5. mike scholz says:

    I find it hilarious and rather ironic that both times Chelsea have progressed to the champions league final was with an interim coach.

  6. From Gerald D

    Manchester City – are they really special?

    It seems hard to believe M.C. are so special when, having spent 900,000 GBP on players, struggled for 40 minutes to win against a side ( down to 10 ) whose stars and manager are City cast-offs.

    Manchester United lost the title because they conceded too many goals; not because they failed to score enough. Had Vidic been available during 2012 there would have been no final day play-off.

    Kudos to Roy Hodgson for his awareness of a weakness.

  7. Shawn Dasent says:

    Here were my season’s prediction’s back on the 13th of August:
    1.Manchester United
    2.Manchester City
    7.Aston Villa
    11.West Brom
    12.Swansea City
    15.Stoke City
    16.Newcastle United
    17.Blackburn Rovers

  8. everwonthetreble says:

    I believe United allowed more goals last year with Vidic at the back but scored far fewer. I think he’s fantastic but he is losing a bit more pace and placed with Rio who also lacks pace you’ve got players dropping back en masse which makes it harder to score.

    His presence was missed but Evans offered United the ability to stay a little further up the pitch. Vidic coming back as healthy as he was at the beginning of the season will make the choice for CB an intriguing one for Fergie given Evans’ displays in the latter part of the year.

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