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Soccer Report Extra Podcast: Episode 44 – Jack-Ass-O-Lantern!

Written by on November 1, 2011 | 18 Comments »
Posted in General, Soccer Report Extra Podcast

On a special Halloween edition of the podcast, Bobby & Eoin review all four of the MLS Conference Semifinal – 1st leg matches, and really get to the bottom of Rafa’s Marquez’ theatrics at the end of the lacklustre NY/LA ‘dream’ showdown.  The guys then pick through, in no particular order, Arsenal’s big win over Chelsea at Stamford Bridge.  We wrap it up with a quick tour through the Serie A, and Juve’s emphatic win over Inter.  There’s also some live ‘rimshots’ punctuating to some pretty hefty jokes; hope it cracks a smile.  Also, be sure to contact us with your youtube/mp3 submissions for our search for an official SREP Band/Orchestra… Orchestras preferred, bands welcome. (If you’ve got the time, we’d love to hear it!)

Also, as referred to in the pod, Bobby has found this confirmation of the best MLS game ever: “2003 MLS Cup playoffs – Los Angeles won the first game at home 2-0 in the two-game aggregate-goal series. In the second game in San Jose, the Galaxy scored two early goals to widen its aggregate lead to four goals, only to have San Jose score five unanswered goals to win the series 5-4. Many neutral MLS pundits at the time viewed that game as the best in league history. After eliminating the Galaxy, San Jose went on to defeat the Kansas City Wizards en route to winning its second MLS Cup title (over the Chicago Fire) in three years.”  And HERE is a link to some highlights of the comeback. (There’s also a great doc regarding the 2003 SJ triumph called “We Believe”, all on youtube, worth a look.)

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18 responses to “Soccer Report Extra Podcast: Episode 44 – Jack-Ass-O-Lantern!”

  1. Gillian says:

    I missed the LA-NY game, so thanks for the recap of that awesome end-of-game melee! Great pod, as always!

  2. Erik says:

    As an LA Galaxy fan I sliiiiiiightly disagree as to how great the LA/SJ game was. I recall watching and when it was 4-0 for LA I thought it was over – as did everyone else. The game then looked like the movie “Groundhog Day” (GREAT movie by the way for those who haven’t seen it) in that everything just seemed to go wrong after that. From an OBjective P.O.V. it was great. From a Galaxy P.O.V. – not quite.

    The most interesting thing about the game is which side Landon Donovan was on…………..or rather WASN’T on 🙂

  3. LA says:

    Got a chance to hear the first 25 minutes ( MLS playoffs). Judicious, fair and hilarious.

    Glad you slagged of Thierry this time (no longer terrific).

    I wonder what you made of Adu and Agudelo barely, if at all, featuring. Adu appeared to turn the Union on. I bet he starts on return leg.

  4. J Rob says:

    Shame for the Sounders or should that be Sounders fans like me. Saturday’s game was like a pre-Halloween “Invasion of the Body Snatchers”. Apart from Keller you wouldn’t recognise any of the Sounders players as turning up. Hate to say it but Salt Lake played some lovely football at times.

  5. Soccerlogical says:

    Am I the only one who thinks that Seattle play the most attractive free flowing soccer. Even in their loss to RSL, it was a pleasure watching them move the ball around with rhythm and in such an intelligent and dare I say “Arsenal-esque” fashion.

    Finally an MLS team which understands that neat short passes and incisive through balls are more beneficial than speculative shots from 40 yards out.

  6. fssharp says:

    If you could tag the mp3 of the podcast with a genre of “Podcast”, that would really help. Keep up the good work, very entertaining and educational.

  7. Was Sigi the LA coach in 2003 when they lost to San Jose?

  8. Blake says:

    “I am…I am a forward.” Had me rolling!

    Seemed like a noticeable amount of keepers cheated their near post this weekend.

    I disagree with Torres. It seems like Torres doesn’t do well with Lampard. In the games he’s scored this season, in the EPL atleast, Lampard hasn’t been on the field when Torres has scored. Lampard was taken off for Anelka vs United and not played vs Swansea. It doesn’t seem that they quite line up, for the moment at least. Liverpool had their team built around Torres while he was there and at Chelsea, it isn’t quite that way.

    He plays against Blackburn this weekend so i’m sure Blackburn will make him look plenty special.

  9. LA says:

    Did anyone Kreiss’ game face after the win. I actually think he may scare his players into performing against Seattle 2nd leg.

  10. J Rob says:

    SOCCERLOGICAL – I agree the Sounders play some nice football. Just a shame that short of a miracle they will have choked in the playoffs again. Overall, I think MLS has gotten a lot better to watch.Chivas games excluded of course.

  11. Which players will Montreal Impact get in the expansion draft?
    If Chelsea don’t win the UEFA CL, which I think they will get to the final of for the Premier LEague, will the owner let go of alot of the older players and bring in a lot of new players, or did he wait to late with the FFP around the corner?
    Is this totti’s last season? Has the offensive bug gotten into Serie A like it has with the PRemier League?

  12. get google+ in the share list guys

    Blake, Torres’s problem is the space and speed of Chelsea. Chelsea’s 433 is tight of space and slow going forward. Remember, Drogba was the main offensive threat previously. With him, Chelsea didnt need a fast passing offense. And, they could rely on Drogba’s ability to control lobs. Notice, Chelsea have lost the offensive aerial dominance of years past. Look at the Genk game, Bosingwa functionally makes chelsea a 343 and thus the hole. And Torres needs more changes. Sadfully, while I think chelsea can do great, I am a fan of the club. Strategically, chelsea will probably have to let Terry, Drogba, Lampard and etc. go like Ballack and really bring in a side for Torres. Malouda, Ramires, Sturridge may have to go too. you notice that Torres seems to be more of an assist man with Chelsea if you look at his successful weeks. We note his passing to others, but that is what drogba did, but he could also dominate the aerial possession and strike from distance and HELP DEFENSIVELY, the most underrated part of drogba’s game with chelsea. Lukaku is the drogba second coming but it will take time:)

  13. Roberto Manita says:


    Incisive passing from Arsenal, you say? When was the last time you saw that? Day/month/year.

    Are you drunk? Again? 🙄

    And can you refrain from using the term “soccer”? It’s football the world over. Or futbol, or footy, or some other derivation thereof. The game is played with the feet, hence, football. Using the term “soccer” is reprehensible, it gives me a rash, and a nose bleed.

    You should henceforth be known as Footylogical (FL). No matter how illogical your arguments.


  14. rdm says:

    Far be it from me to defend SL with regards to anything but as Simon Kuper rightly mentions in his book “Soccer Men” the word football is a chiefly British invention and the game itself was and is consistently called soccer all over the world. Suggesting that simply by calling it soccer he in some way diminishes his point is both ridiculous and in fact undermines your own arguments.

  15. Blake says:


    Deff agree about space. He needs space to operate and I feel players like Lampard and Malouda crowds some of the space Torres would usually thrive in. AVB seems to want to play Sturridge into a Hulk like position with his own skill set but I’m not sure where I’d play him to be honest. Ramires I think could adapt to a couple of different roles, so idk about him needing to go. Another thing you can’t help but notice is that Ashley Cole, although he was never the best defender, has been horrid defensively last season and so far this. I can’t remember the last time he even stood a chance at stopping a half decent winger. Terry surely would have begun his inevitable phase out of the team if Luiz didn’t give away so many clumsy needless fouls.


    Come on, we are all here to express our own opinions, agree, and disagree with different view points. There is no need to attack others because they prefer to call football soccer or soccer football. It doesn’t matter, it’s the same sport, and has nothing to do with intellect. The name of the website you are on is called SOCCERreportextra………

  16. Blake,
    sturridge 🙂 i think he tries to play like HULK in some ways, doesnt he. That is of course quick glancing.

    For me in the 433, Sturridge(drogba, lukaku) would be better in the middle with malouda and kanou(anelka) on his wings. Have Mata(romeu) Mikel(lampard) and Ramires(Miereles) behind them. And for the back line Cole Terry Alex(Luiz) Ivanovic(Bosingwa). I think the fast team that the owner wants may not include Torres or Drogba, but I think Drogba still works in this team. AVB has fast pieces and Sturridge has proven to be strong, not in the air but strong regardless and lukaku, given time will control the air, he is a kid on this team, a la a very big kid.

    Torres is playing like a man looking for a solo up top. And that is why I say Ramires might have to go, torres is playing like a man stingy for the space up top. Malouda, Sturridge, Ramires all run in and he seems deflated when they do. Mata and Miereles to me, plays more like the midfielders/forwards he wants. THey play behind him. I think Torres need another off season of trades to make this team his own, yet I think it is also a mistake. Maybe torres should go to Malaga where they are building. Or Roma and become the replacement for totti much to the chagrin of boriello. If chelsea mold to fit torres it will be a mistake. Look at Barca, Real, Milan. Lyon and Bayern have the “sole striker” up top but gomis and Gomez fit the teams. And, Bayern really play their form with tight space.

    I like Ashley cole, he has been solid to me. the last few weeks most of the problems have been on bosingwa’s side, not ashleys. And, to be honest, all the older players of chelsea are having to deal with the speed requirement so, part of chelsea’s woes is the changes the players have to make.

    being progressive with torres, maybe he needs to change his game more. He might have to play closer to the midfield and get into a switching habit, maybe with lampard in the run of play or mikel , who then play close but ahead of him and use his skills to posess in the midfield get free of players and pass , because he always has runners around him and he tends to give himself space, maybe if he learns to roam between the mid and forward areas more and do that, maybe that is the way to get the 433 with him to work, with lampard doing that switch which is good because lampard can get the pass out and knows his spacing well to support his roams. Ah Torres, ..:)

  17. Roberto Manita says:

    RDM & Blake,

    Can you name me this ‘majority’ of nations which predominately call football “soccer”? I’d be very interested in that list of yours. Outside of the USA and Canada I cannot think of any. And you rightly cite England as inventing the game and if they call the sport football then wouldn’t it make sense that the rest of the world would follow suit in that respect? Also, I don’t believe the acronyms FIFA, UEFA, and other football associations the world over contain an S for soccer.

    Rather, I believe the USA co-opted the word football after American football was invented and started calling the earlier invented sport football, “soccer”. It would have made much more sense for the Americans to have called American football “soccer” in the first place, logically speaking. And how much (percentage wise) playing time is spent playing the ball with the feet in American football v football (futbol). Therefore, logically speaking, it would make much more sense to call futbol “football” and American football “soccer”.

    I think FSR and Bobby should also have a re-think on their respective program/website names. But I know it isn’t going to happen, sadly 🙁

  18. Roberto Manita says:

    And wrt to slighty SL, I never said his arguments are illogical because he is using “soccer” within the body of his arguments or within his moniker. The quality of his arguments, or lack thereof, completely stand on their own.

    I simply requested than he refrain from using the term for the reasons I cited above. Let’s not read between the lines people. Let’s read the written words 😉

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