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Soccer Report Extra Podcast: Episode 43 – Why Always Me? Why So Serious?

Written by on October 25, 2011 | 9 Comments »
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Mario Balotelli may be a bit of a joker, but there’s no denying his influence on the pitch for Manchester City in Sunday’s monumental triumph at Old Trafford.  This week Bobby McMahon & Eoin O’Callaghan pick apart every important aspect of the Manchester derby: the lineups, the tactics, the performances, the hot-button topics, and the fall out.  There’s even an opportunity to get in a few of your ‘tweets’.  Enjoy!

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9 responses to “Soccer Report Extra Podcast: Episode 43 – Why Always Me? Why So Serious?”

  1. Roberto Manita says:

    Well done Bobby, Eoin, and Luke,

    I’ve thought that both Rio and Evra have seen their best days for at least a year now. To me, both are long in the tooth, have been living off their names, and have been graced with the privilege/protection of playing for such a strong side during this period. I’ve thought that of Rio for even longer than that. Both were over-rated for quite some number of years now, in my humble opinion. Both have been exposed.

    Very surprised Fergie didn’t employ his classic 4-5-1 he likes to use for big matches. His player selections and formations have been very un-Fergie like for the past two league matches (@LFC and v ManC). He would have been better off with today’s lineup and formation @ LFC and last week’s lineup and formation v ManC. Was it just over-confidence/hubris that he went with a 4-4-1-1 v ManC? Did he feel compelled to go with a 4-4-1-1 at home against the Noisy Neighbours as a show of force? It’s just very curious from where I’m sitting as he didn’t have any misgivings going with that 4-5-1 of his last year at home to Arsenal. And I consider this ManC outfit to be far more lethal/dangerous/clinical than any Arsenal team since they last won a trophy. Fergie’s 4-5-1 sure wasn’t pretty but boy was it effective. He’s going to have to resort to it again against the best teams in Europe if he hopes to be successful again.

    Personally speaking, I hope he remains stubborn and sticks with a 4-4-2/4-4-1-1 against quality opposition like FCB & ManC because, to me, he’s going to come up short more often than not.

  2. LA says:

    The big news to me is that Ferguson got his selection wrong. He went with what has been hot, but United now will be tested. If they go down a goal, it will get interesting. Arsene has a chance to redeem himself by a performance against MC.

  3. LA says:

    Ballotelli is a good player, but he is not at Ronaldo, Messi. He takes risks.

  4. Gillian says:

    You guys are not like anyone else – and thank goodness for that!

  5. J Rob says:

    Great podcast. As Roberto correctly mentioned there was a touch of hubris about playing a 4-4-2 against a team who had scored 27 goals in their previous 8 league games. It reminded me a bit of the last two Champion’s League finals against Barcelona. Man Utd came storming out the gates and looked really good for the first ten minutes. Failing to score initially they fell away against more dynamic teams.

    Fergie is an amazing manager so I have no doubt that Man Utd will be there or thereabouts come May.

    City looked ominously good. They finally look like team upon whom hundred of millions have been lavished. It’s promising for England that both Richards and Milner look better players for being surrounded by such exulted company. David Silva is simply the best player in the EPL by a country-mile.

    Also noteworthy this weekend was Spurs win over Blackburn coinciding with Chelsea’s defeat to QPR. Win their game in hand and Spurs will have the same number of points as Chelsea and will be one behind Man Utd. Given they have played Liverpool, City, Arsenal and Man Utd there must be genuine optimism for Spurs fans.

  6. Roberto Manita says:

    Richards did have an outstanding performance.

    Given his age, pace, power, physicality, and the fact that he is a regular on Pacino’s teamsheet, I believe England have their RB position well covered for the better part of the next decade. Micah is a physical specimen. An absolute stud.

    And probably a favourite with the ladies 😉

  7. Ed Gomes says:

    Great podcast, as usual.

    I think that Young is a one trick pony. Speed up the flanks with a cut back to the middle followed with a curving shot attempt. He gets it wrong more often than not, and now I’m beginning to think that the worst thing that could have happened is him hitting those early goals.
    When he tracked back he also let the player release once he was beat and stopped playing.

    Nani is also very inconsistent. I wish the EPL press would stop mentioning him as anything near CR7. There only similarities is that they’re Portuguese. That’s it.
    Speed, step overs and petulance doesn’t make you CR7.

    I was actually happy to see Carrick out of the lineup. Problem is that Anderson always looks as if he’s trotting around and not running. Oh yeah, he isn’t running.

    I’m a bit shocked by Rio’s demise. I for one am a great believer in older center backs. They tend to be smarter and have the necessary experience to be successful.
    For me Terry is in the same boat as Rio.

    I read the article in which Sneijder mentions that he was going to be moved to Man United due to Inter’s money woes. Once Eto’o was sold, that wasn’t necessary.
    I don’t think that He’s coming since Inter needs to get back to the CL and have dug themselves a pretty big hole.

    The guy that goes unmentioned at City is Yaya. He was last seasons signing of the year, and he’s the one that enables everyone else’s freedom on the field.
    I have been a huge Silva fan for years, and I’m shocked he’s not at Barca, instead of Cesc. Barca will regret that for years to come.
    Kun will be feast or fathom.
    If Balotelli continues to play well, will that cause more mischief. It seems impossible, no.

    When the sheik bought City, do you think he thought he was buying Man United instead.
    I always thought that he’s first two sentences when he arrived at Manchester were;
    Why are they wearing powder blue?
    What do you mean there’s two teams in Manchester?

  8. Dave Martin says:

    I must admit to be very disappointed with this program What is it, a Manchester United supporters club forum. There were certainly other stories from the weekend to cover. Better still why don’t you do something on the Dundee championship team of 1962, Gilzean, Ure, Alex Hamilton etc. It would be a great deal more interesting than this.

  9. LA says:


    It needed to be said. David Silva is reaching the heights, with authority. The guy may redefine football in England if he has a long career in England at this level as far as attacking midfield play. He is extremely dynamic.

    Not an insult, but better than Cesc by a considerable margin. Cesc couldn’t have his way this way.

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