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Russell Berrisford

Russell Berrisford

Russell’s support of Derby County eventually led him to leave the country. He has lived in Canada since 2007 and currently writes about soccer for The Vancouver Sun.


Sing When You’re Winning

Written by on November 18, 2011 | 3 Comments »
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Soccer and music have had a stormy relationship over the years (with music definitely coming out as the more abused of the two partners).

The dreadful songs that are wheeled out to commemorate a team reaching any kind of finals or final have scarred many of us for life, yet there is the occasional diamond in the dirt that prevents us from abandoning hope completely.

Here then are a few songs about soccer that actually pass muster (and more);

Strachan by The Hitchers  A song about a man trying to watch Leeds United while his girlfriend is simultaneously trying to start an argument. Needless to say the game takes the majority of his attention.

God’s Footballer by Billy Bragg Tells the story of Peter Knowles, a Wolves player who retired from the game age 25 to follow his faith.

The Ballad of Phil Jevons by Pete Green Is the lament of a lower league fan watching a “mercurial” player fail to make the effort every week “4 grand a week with bonuses, I would say the onus is on you to justify that salary”.

Kicker Conspiracy by The Fall  Safe to say that The Fall are an acquired taste but anybody who writes a protest song about the English FA can’t be all bad.

Friday Nights and the Gates Are Low by Half Man Half Biscuit  A song about Tranmere Rovers and the creeping gentrification of soccer “stick a burger in my mouth, shove a seat beneath my arse”. This band also deserve an honourable mention for their song “All I want for Christmas is a Dukla Prague Away Kit”.

Holte End Hotel by Stephen Duffy  Recorded with fellow Aston Villa  fan, violinist Nigel Kennedy, this is a love song to a pub that sits just outside Villa Park.

Six songs that hopefully show that music and soccer doesn’t begin and end with players trying to “rap” or celebrities desperately seeking a fleeting hit by latching on to their team’s success.

Other nominations welcome.

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3 responses to “Sing When You’re Winning”

  1. John Bladen says:

    Well, if you can get past the sheer jingoism (which is really the point of such fare), “Back Home”, the England WC song (can’t remember if it was ’66 or ’70) is one of my favourites.

    Curiously, I also favour the French 1998 WC song by Axelle Red & Youssou N’Dour… A Ton Tour de Gagne (or, if you are of that persuasion, “Gange” works too).

    Russell, I am happy to tell you that neither of these songs is indicative of my general musical sympathies… but there you are.

  2. Back Home set off an avalanche of Football club songs – each less memorable than the one that came before.

    And I won’t even mention Scotland world cup songs.

  3. Gus Keri says:

    I agree with John

    My all time favorite sport song:

    And here is the lyrics:

    Quatre années ont passé
    Mais dans les regards
    Je peux voir
    Cette soif de victoire
    Le stade est bondé
    Supporters surexcités
    Tous ces pays représentés
    C’est magique et pour nous
    C’est beau de voir tout ce monde qui joue allez allez…
    A toi de faire rêver
    A ton tour de jouer
    A ton tour de marquer
    A ton tour de gagner
    L’émotion et la passion
    Au service du ballon rond
    C’est la cour des grands
    C’est un rêve pour moi
    C’est beau de voir un monde qui joue allez allez…
    En un tour de main
    Du monde de demain
    Il t’appartient
    De faire un monde bien
    C’est beau de voir un monde qui joue allez allez…

    You can use Google or Bing translator

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