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Saturday Open Thread

Written by on February 26, 2011 | 14 Comments »
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There is a more limited schedule in the Premier League this weekend. There are two games less on account of the Carling Cup Final on Sunday while Stoke and West Brom plays on Monday. There are also two games scheduled on Sunday.

That leaves us with Wolves against Blackpool; Aston Villa v Blackburn; Everton at home to Sunderland; Bolton are at Newcastle; Manchester United are away to Wigan.

The bookies were offering 6/1 on a Wigan win yesterday. The chances of an upset may largely depend on how lucky Sir Alex Ferguson feels and the strength of the team he sends out.

Wigan are in the midst of a tough run of fixtures and need to pull off a surprise or two. They came back to draw with Liverpool – can they pull off something similar again?

The biggest game in Europe today is 3rd place Bayern Munich taking on runaway Bundesliga leaders Borussia Dortmund. This game gets underway three hours later than the normal Saturday kick off in Germany.

Both Barcelona and Real Madrid play today and both are away from home. Barcelona are at Mallorca while Real Madrid visits Deportivo La Coruna – a fixture that has rarely gone their way over the last number of years.

There is also Atletico Madrid at home to Sevilla – two sides that have spent a lot of time in reverse gear this season.

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14 responses to “Saturday Open Thread”

  1. Theo van Nasarshavregas says:

    Wigan capitulates at home. Shrek gets away with a nasty elbow. The FA should give him a ban for that. But they won’t. Chel$ki are well rested and waiting for them at the Kremlin on Tuesday. Then a trip to Anfield and a bit of King Kenny’s magic. So, even though Wigan couldn’t get points off Old Red Nose, it’s gonna be a different story for them the next two matches me thinks.


    Good luck in the CC sorry you will be without your Captain and Theo.Gunners should finally get some silver.

    That was a nasty elbow from Shrek. Clattenberg did not have a good game.

    next Sunday will be a special day when YOU and GUS will be one with the world.will you be wearing your LFC scarf for 2 hrs?

    another dark day in the Forest best we can hope for is the playoff.we all know how well that as worked in the past.

  3. Soccerlogical says:

    What a first touch by Chicharito for the 2nd goal, as if he had glue on his right cleat. A sign of true class and technique… this kid is the real McCoy!


    we might not agree on the top ten but we are on the same page about Chicharito.about the only thing i got right this season.i would like to see him more but i think the way SAF is using him is correct.look at Chamakh he is a shadow of himself he had to play a lot because of injuries.

    what side do you pull for?

  5. Soccerlogical says:

    I pull for whichever teams I am betting on that week, less confusion that way. 🙂

    *In the EPL, Arsenal is my team though.

    As for Chamakh, I think anyone who makes an automatic impact in the EPL (which he did when called upon during RvP’s absence) will definitely come good and be an impact player the EPL (unlike cocky Bendtner).

  6. Theo van Nasarshavregas says:


    Thanks for the well wishes tomorrow. If AFC wins then the media will say something to the effect, “…haven’t won anything except the Beer Cup since 2005”. Or, they can get on LFC for lack of recent silverware and they will become their next whipping boys in that respect.

    I don’t have an LFC scarf but I’ll be the biggest Scouser fan come next Sunday. I hope ESPN gets the game. I’d love to see Macca smiling like a Cheshire cat that day.

    This is one day I wished the Canadian GolTV would show a Bundesliga match ( BM v BD) instead of a La Liga match. That looks like a cracker. That being said, the one they are showing (Atletico v Sevilla) is quite a cracker itself. Serie A … please. Like watching paint dry compared to this. That being said, I will be watching Milan v Napoli on Monday. At least I’ve got one new (& old) favourite Serie A team to root for (Napoli). Caught Napoli playing Yellow Submarine and I gotta say I rather like Diego’s old team. Two reasons to cheer for the sky blues.

    I didn’t catch the Forest score. Sorry for the result though.

  7. Theo van Nasarshavregas says:


    I dare say that the little Mexican would have been more useful to Old Red Nose midweek at Marseille alone upfront if he is going to play a 4-5-1 in Europe than Berbatov (assuming he has to play Rooney out wide due to team injuries). But I can’t see Old Red Nose being so bold and thinking outside the box. Berbatov is a pedestrian when he doesn’t have a fellow striker to play with.

  8. Theo van Nasarshavregas says:

    Messi with a subtle header to himself and another one over the goaler for good measure. Very nice. Good technique.

    Dortmund beating Bayern 1-3 in Munich. Wow! That league is done and dusted. Fine young Bundesliga team in Dortmund. Their mananger could use a shave and haircut though … seems to be working however.

  9. Theo van Nasarshavregas says:

    Villa’s league goal tally this campaign has already surpassed that of Zlatan’s last season. And this is what, round 25? Thank you for your contribution last season Ibra. Best of luck in Milan.

  10. Theo van Nasarshavregas says:

    Time to take out one of your holding mids Jose. Lass is not going to score you a goal.

  11. GO FOREST YOU REDS says:

    Congrates on another La Liga tittle for your Barca.i think i heard a stat on Pep last week was his 100th league game and he had won 79 WOW!is the problem with Real the loss of Higuain or is it more then that?

    Serie A sort of tripped on their you know what.what a CL disaster.lets hope Napoli can do in the black and red on monday.

    any prediction for the CC?

    is there more to the signing of that 16 yr old by AFC or is it the media playing up the story?i keep seeing stories popping up about it.

  12. Theo van Nasarshavregas says:


    There really isn’t a problem with RM. They’re really fantastic at home but are dropping points away. I think Jose lines up too conservatively to keep up with FCB in the table. He plays 2 holding mids and FCB only play with one. If you want to keep pace with Barça draws just will simply not do. And if you continue to play two holding mids when you don’t have to, like today, then draws like this will happen a few times over the course of a season.

    I hope Napoli end up at the top of Serie Zzzzzz but I doubt it. Would be nice and they can focus on it now since they are out of Europe. But both Milan clubs will be focusing on it almost exclusively soon enough also. I’m surprised an anti Diego man such as yourself likes Napoli. That’s one of the reasons I like them (along with their current brand of offensive minded footy).

    Beer Cup prediction: The Arsenal 2 BC 0 (RvP, Nasri). Fingers crossed.

    We spoke about Toral before. He’s half English. He’s free to make his own decisions. He’s probably doing what Cesc did before him (go where he can play sooner). I hope he does well there.

  13. refan says:

    No football today so I took in the England v France game and what a scrap. Brilliant win and hopefully one step nearer a grandslam!

    Up early tomorrow and hopefully a win to keep up with Spurs and the Chav………well one can hope eh?

    I am afraid we in our house will all be supporting the Brum blues tomorrow.
    Shame about Wigan today and hopefully the elbow gets reviewed. Much as I do not want the Mancs winning 19 ahead of us I would love a good scrap for 4th so I am kind of split over the Tues game. Perhaps a draw is the right result with SAF whinging about this and that afterwards…….sounds about right.

  14. refan says:

    We lost miserably today and suspect Kenny will go to work Tues with a hatchet or chain saw, to deal with some dead wood. Summer will be welcome when I hope reinforcements of an higher calibre than was on show today, are recruited. Adam, A CB, a couple of wingers and a backup striker better than Ngog.

    Brum won! What a result and a very entertaining game to watch. Sorry TVN…….three to go mind.

    Now to see if Luke Donald can overcome Kaymer in the Arizona desert.

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