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Bobby McMahon

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Raves and Rants – Where Has The Money Gone?

Written by on May 25, 2011 | 3 Comments »
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A compilation of some of the best articles and blog postings from the last week with a rotten one tossed in from time to time.

Jonathan Wilson on the extraordinary story of two-time European Cup winner Miodrag Belodedici.

Rod Beilfuss with a preview of the upcoming Brasileiro.

Jonathan Wilson once again – this time on Wayne Rooney

The Daily Mirror lists the ten transfers that supposedly shook the 21st century. This article rates about 0.0001 on the Richter scale.

Martin Samuel writes about times with Gazza.

Matthew Scianitti of the National Post picks his European X1 for the 2010/11 season. Some may find the mention of Theofanis Gekas of Eintracht Frankfurt a bit strange.

Apparently Gekas is a rising star which is quite something for a 31-year-old player who has been well known for some time by most followers of European football.

Even in his prime Gekas would never have been considered by most neutral observers as a player who might be included in such exclusive company. Stranger when you consider that Eintracht Frankfurt were relegated from the Bundesliga and Gekas only scored in one of their last 17 league matches.

Rob Hughes on the rise of AFC Wimbledon.

Zonal Marking listed of 15 intriguing managerial appointments last summer and now revisits them.

Gabriele Marcotti looks at what has gone into allocating TV money to Serie A teams.

When Saturday Comes – Ian Plenderleith looks at the current rash of serious injuries in MLS and points an accusing finger.

Somebody should have taken an injunction out against this.

The Opta Stats wrap up for 2010/11.

David Conn writes about UEFA Financial Fair Play while using the Champions League Final as a backdrop.

It seems that Conn anticipates that the “law of unintended consequences” will quickly kick-in in respect to cementing the rich clubs in their present positions. There will be more of these….many more.

However, some are interpreting the regulations as failing in the objective of closing the wealth gap. The only way a wealth gap is reduced is by redistributing income and no one has the stomach to take that on.

What the regulations do is to force teams to exist within their financial means. By doing that you take away the temptation to “follow the inflater” ala Chelsea, Manchester City etc.

It acts as a soft cap and will allow teams to grow organically – it is not going to level the playing field because the playing field has never been and never will be level. It is a step not only in the right direction but one that was required to stop the financial implosion that was on the horizon.

And the final numbers are in – who pocketed what in the Barclay’s Premier League.

The Swiss Ramble takes a look at how the financial future of Liverpool FC might unfold. As usual it is a great article from TSR but it is a pity that the following quote is included.

“As Steve McMahon, the former Liverpool player turned executive at the Singapore-based Profitable Group, said, “It is a global game. The television figures when Liverpool or Manchester United play are 600 or 700 million.””

No Steve they are not. This weekend’s Champions League Final will almost certainly set a record for a club game televised world-wide.

The number of truly committed fans might hit 130m while the number of people who watch a bit of the match might reach as high as 250M. It is nonsensical to believe that Liverpool v Bolton regularly attracts more than twice as many viewers as a Champions League Final featuring two of the best known and best followed teams in the world.

Soccer By Numbers” turns their attention to free kicks.


A word of praise for GolTV Canada. More often than not GolTV Canada offers a late night Saturday game from the west coast. It is something to look forward. Thank you.

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3 responses to “Raves and Rants – Where Has The Money Gone?”

  1. Soccerlogical says:

    Ferguson moves to ban Giggs questioner:

    Fergie is trying to whisper with 300 mics pointed toward him?

    Was this staged or what?

  2. houyhnhnm says:

    mr mcmahon,
    I would like to see many different leagues, but FOX Sports only has seria a, premier league, champions league, and MLS. Why don’t they add the Braseliero, and Ligue 1, weekly. With all the soccer that is played year round, no soccer channel should repeat showing any match.
    Fox Deportes doesn’t show the Braseliero, they show La Liga and the Mexican league. Some from Germany.

    You speak about Fandom, the funniest thing is baseball was never more popular, when it was far less corporate or economically motivated, didn’t have players unions, didn’t always have legal teams.
    The funny thing about sports is how their most glorious years are the least economically motivated but are popularity motivated.

  3. houyhnhnm – I think you need to ask Fox Sports your questions.

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