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Bobby McMahon

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Raves and Rants – Where Does The Money Go – Rangers, USSF, Transfer Fees and Jack Warner

Written by on February 15, 2012 | 9 Comments »
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Some of the best of the soccer web with an atrocious piece thrown in now and again.

Nick Denys wonders how broadcasters will ever effectively deal with the illegal streaming of games.

Lasana Liburd follows up on the Sunday Times story that FIFA has suspended payments to the Trinidad and Tobago Football Federation. The suspension is based on the inability of the TTFF to account for money that was earmarked for relief in Haiti. No prizes for who is front and centre on this one but his initials are JW.

Steve Goff has a listing of US Soccer Federation salaries – players and administration.

Eric Cantona arrived in English football two decades ago. Mark Ogden looks at how his move impacted the English game.

Reza Daffi writes about the history of football in Indonesia for “In Bed With Maradona.”

William Turvill  offers up some reasons why Premier League clubs should give Jose Mourinho a wide berth.

Nick Miller can’t see why anyone in their right mind would want to be the England manager.

A letter penned by Fabio Capello and left for his successor as England boss has been discovered by Giancarlo Rinaldi.

Marc Hujer had a two-part article in Der Spiegel about Jurgen Klinsmann and his challenge with the US national team and the game in general in the US.

Here is one for the fans whose recipe for success and their answer to any level of frustration is to pull out a cheque and to insert multiple zeroes. Simon Kuper offers up some thoughts on transfer strategy and where it so often goes wrong.

The always insightful Matt Spiro looks at some of the Ligue Un players who came to the fore at the just ended African Cup of Nations.

The debate about the Hijab and Muslim women players will not go away. Al Jazeera has more.

An article by Neil Davidson on the decade or more battle against a crack cocaine addiction by former Canadian Olympian, World Cup Final player and Canada under-20 coach Paul James.

Brian Seal reminds us that in 1314 King Edward II banned football from London. As recounted in a past podcast things did not work out quite so well for Edward II. A hot poker was involved.

Phil Ball offers a considered opinion on managers.

Alex Anderson looks at how Rangers have been pushed close to the point of liquidation.

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9 responses to “Raves and Rants – Where Does The Money Go – Rangers, USSF, Transfer Fees and Jack Warner”

  1. rdm says:

    The recent Paul James’ revelations are so surreal. By doing the math and coming to the realization that while watching and listening to him present the Euro’s or World Cups while I was growing up, it would be exactly during those years that he was going through all of this is… haunting? I’m lost for words. Definitely will be picking up the book. Incredible.

  2. RDM – I am about a third of the way thru the book and I would recommend it wholeheartedly.

  3. Gillian says:

    Thanks, Bobby. That Phil Ball column was a really good read. And totally agree with Turvill’s assessment of Mourinhno. Reading it intrigued me enough to wonder why Mourihno is so commitment-phobic. That could be fodder for several columns.

  4. J Rob says:

    Arsenal were awful. Their next five domestic games are Sunderland in the Cup, followed by Spurs,Liverpool,Newcastle and Everton in the league. They play the two Merseyside teams away from home. Have a feeling the pundits and journalists are sharpening their knives as we speak and preparing headlines like ‘closing time for Wenger’.

    Counted about four forward passes beyond their half-way line all game. Comical defending at times. Lucky it wasn’t five or six. I still think it was their biggest defeat in Europe.

  5. John Bladen says:

    J Rob:

    They were not good. However, I don’t think any Arsenal fan really expected them to advance against ACM.

    They won their group and might have expected an easier R16 opponent. Unfortunately, they got the club that finished second to Barcelona in the group phase. Tough luck, but it happens.

  6. J Rob says:

    They will welcome Gervinho back no doubt but the pressure on Arsenal will get really severe if they don’t do well over the next month. I can’t remember a big game where I have seen Arsenal so unprepared and devoid of any ideas.

  7. Ed Gomes says:

    While I may agree that clubs should be very cautious ini hiring Mourinho, the good news is that you know exactly what you’re getting. Nothing should be a surprise, since his attributes have remained the same throughout.
    I am far from a Mourinho fan although I do feel that he gets a bad rap for being a defensive manager. It was Barca/Busquets that killed that match vs Inter. Sorry for digressing.
    I thought that to say Mourinho ruined Chelsea, its crazy. Who from their youth ranks has gone on to impress. Did he sell off or release current superstars. Maybe, but I haven’t heard anyone mention “former”Chelsea youth group player, lately.
    If wrong I apologize.
    Remember that it was the it was influential players that had ten owners ear that got him fired. Abram also forced at least one player on him.
    Incredibly the best thing Terry did for his career was getting rid of Mourinho. There is no way he would still be on the team nevermind the starting center back for Chelsea.

    Capellos letter was right on the money.

    Wenger, for the first time in MY eyes, looked completely out classed. Arsenal did not have a clue on how to defend or attack Milan.
    Arsenals defensive woes are once again exposed, when a team ignores that they are “Arsenal” and just plays.

  8. John Bladen says:

    J Rob:

    They looked worse in the 8-2 loss. I don’t want to minimize their performance issues yesterday, but it isn’t like they haven’t been bad before. They were also playing a very good team.

  9. J Rob says:


    Playing devil’s advocate any performance would have looked better than the 8-2 defeat.

    While their squad isn’t nearly as strong as it has been I keep waiting for two things to improve Arsenal.
    – their defensive organisation;
    – their leadership or lack of on the pitch;

    And I keep waiting…

    Funny season, while Spurs have improved – Arsenal and Chelsea look in partial disarray at times and my team Liverpool have also been abject for the most part.

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