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Raves and Rants – The Tevez Files, The Best Article You Will Read And Are There Any Women Here?

Written by on September 29, 2011 | 5 Comments »
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Some of the best of the soccer web with an atrocious piece thrown in now and again.

David Lacey had a piece on why strikers like Michael Owen are heading for extinction. It was amazing the number of what you were consider sensible-thinking people who believe that a couple of goals against Leeds in the Carling Cup means (a) Owen is somehow going to recapture his form of a decade ago and/or (b) is worthy of recall to the England squad.

Paddy Agnew writes about the investigation focused on the Mafia, gambling and match-fixing. We mentioned this on the podcast earlier this week. This story has the potential to become another big and far-reaching one.

Jonathan Wilson with a heart-felt piece on what it means to be a fan. A really great article. I don’t know if there is an award for the best single article but if there was or is this should win hands-down.

Michael Lewis on the dozen crises of the New York Red Bulls – and they is still a couple of months left in the season. At this rate another crisis might be unlucky!

There are four candidates for the vacant position of President of the Caribbean Football Union – election on November 20. The first objective for whoever wins will be to try and maintain a united front and therefore be in a position to continue to hold power in CONCACAF. Come to think of it CONCACAF has had a sort of “Survivor” feel to it over the last year.

Alliances built and broken, double-crossing and favours offered.

Going into this weekend’s match against Milan a revitalized Juventus under new boss Antonio Conte.

J Hutcherson starts off by looking at the Facebook/Google+ battle and places it in the context of the massive volume of soccer that is made available to North American soccer fans each week.

This is not a football article but the implications for other sports could be far-reaching if the International Cycling Union is able to strip national federations of the power to investigate and rule on doping cases.

Ben Lyttleton on Arsene Wenger – the manager’s vision and the debate on the need for a specialist defensive coach at Arsenal.

Spiegel on the day that men were banned from watching a game in Turkey.

And of course that brings to mind the stoning scene from the “Life of Brian.”

Mental Illness a football taboo by Simon McPolin.

Jonathan Wilson contributes to the debate of the emergence  of a new-look Chelsea

Keir Radnedge on how to define greatness and Lionel Messi.

Seb White gives us the story of the football fanzine.

A great story from Paolo Bandini on the Canadian who has helped in the resurrection of Napoli.

Rob Hughes describes Barcelona’s jersey swap.

The Carlos Tevez File

Daniel Geey had a piece sometime ago on the legal basis for Chelsea terminating the contract of Adrian Mutu.

I hope the Guardian did not pay for this opinion. Far too simplistic and it reads as if it had to meet a very tough deadline.

I think is a more comprehensive review of the Tevez situation and takes time to describe the possible nuances and subtleties of the issue.Finally we have  David Conn who nails what has to considered before determining the punishment.

The Mutu case and Chelsea’s decision to terminate his contract was based on the results of a drug test. Mutu’s defence against termination was limited to claiming the test was faulty or illegal and that the punishment was too severe given the offense.

The Tevez case is far more complex because it not involves not only who said what but what was understood and whether or not there was clear communication given the languages that might have been used.

Any fairly competent lawyer for Tevez should be able to cast doubt based on the above.

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5 responses to “Raves and Rants – The Tevez Files, The Best Article You Will Read And Are There Any Women Here?”

  1. The media of human society today is so vast and economically potent, clicks means points means advertising dollars. So, when the media says Barca’s style and teams are playing Barca’s style and clubs are looking at their bottom line with older players in their roster, or slower players, or more defensively minded players.
    they are saying lets, grab some more points playing Barca’s style and so it is done. Drogba’s defensive skills are not noted heading balls away and keeping posession,gardless of his age, in analysis with torres’s lack of them. The whipping of ManC by Bayern isnt put in context of Boateng going to Bayern from ManC and CLichy coming from Arsenal to ManC, but torres bench struggles.
    No one mentions Eto’o in front of Dani Alves defensively was a key to the great part of that treble with Messi and Henry up top, that made that magical season for Barca, but we speak of Villa’s long shots and Pedro’s at times sinful pantomimes. Eto’o proved it again in Inter’s success over Barca yet that remained unmentioned.
    It was the defensively minded Inter, that won the treble. lucio, samuel, zanetti with eto’o up top. Inter have zarate and forlan and pazzini so that is all done with and 3-2 against CSKA. ACMilan proved it recently with the tie. Prince- Boateng was out earlier in the game with his injury made obvious by his absences after, but with him out ACMilan lost that defensive grit.
    Defense is the missing thing. The media treats defense like an after thought yet time and again, defense proves to be the true decider. No one is mentioning puyol, terry, rio, nesta. So many players are great defenders who are older. but, most clubs havent retooled defensively which includes barca and that to me, is going to be the unmentioned in the media, as always.

  2. Andre says:

    I understand that anger and emotion are at a high right now in the Tevez debacle but wouldn’t it make sense for everyone to just cool off and wait until the January window and sell him off?

    City won’t get what they paid for him and they probably won’t get what he is worth but something is better than nothing. For now they are doing just fine on the field without Tevez and if they suspend/isolate him he won’t be a disruption to the dressing room.

    On the flipside if you are a club looking to make a splash and/or need one player to put you over the top in the short term this could be a very good buy. Tevez is the Premiership’s reigning top scorer, in the prime of his career, and has experience playing and winning big games. Players of that calibre are seldom available at a discount price. It is true that Tevez’s time has ended poorly at 4 of the 5 clubs he’s played for but in the immediate future it might be worth it. I think a club like PSG might be a good destination.

  3. Soccerlogical says:

    Ex-Manchester United midfielder Scholes was unwilling to play in a League Cup tie in 2001, having been dropped for the previous game against Liverpool.

    If Fergie can forgive…. anyone can!

  4. CDNGooner14 says:

    I find it shocking that Arsenal don’t have a defensive coach. Is this routine with all other clubs?
    I think it would be difficult for the Gunners to simulate, say a Stoke attacking set-play, in training. They don’t have the players capable of doing it. It shows, too.

  5. John Bladen says:


    Thanks for the link to the Wilson piece. I generally enjoy his writing but this one (first) was truly special.

    re: Owen, as I’ve said before, for a brief period he was close to unstoppable (in the EPL at least). But his game was based almost entirely on the kind of chances his shocking pace could produce. When that went away (as it was always going to do), he was never likely to recapture that form.

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