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Bobby McMahon

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Raves and Rants – Sir Alex Ferguson’s Tricks Of The Trade In The Scottish Edition

Written by on March 28, 2012 | 5 Comments »
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Some of the best of the soccer web with an atrocious piece thrown in now and again.

There was no edition of Raves and Rants last week so there is some catch up to be done. Maybe it was the Old Firm game last Sunday but there is definite Scottish flavour to this week’s version.

Jim White considers how important David Moyes has been to Everton over his decade in charge.

From George Quraishi at Forbes – the USA men’s team is ranked fourth in the world…..but in what?

The old League Cup format in Scotland made for a wonderful tournament and something a bit unique. I often wondered why other countries never took it on. Now there is a proposal to bring it back.

It is well-known that former British Prime Minister Gordon Brown is a Raith Rovers fan (by the way there is no place called Raith). In this interview Brown waxes about Raith’s greatest player Jim Baxter.

It seems that when Barcelona sold Ya Ya Toure to Manchester City because he was not in their plans, they did not realize that they would have been better to sell Lionel Messi. I have to admit when I saw the headline on this one I thought it was a joke. As it turned out it was a joke.

Shame the writer doesn’t realize it.

Then I see that 35% of the readers agreed with him. The world has too many people with unsupervised access to the internet.

Sir Alex Ferguson’s mind-games are legendary – even though often exaggerated and over emphasized. Nevertheless SAF is very much the pupil who learned from the master. Here are some quotes from Jock Stein.

Graham Hunter on how Lionel Messi is a throw-back to a past less-commercial time.

This is a long article but well worth taking the time to read. The subject is former Israeli referee Abraham Klein whose very first World Cup match was England vs Brazil in 1970. A fantastic piece of work from Rob Smyth. A few years ago Pantaleo Corvino was regarded as having an eye for talent that few could match. But after a 5-0 loss to Juventus Fiorentina announced that his time with the club would come to an end this summer. Adam Digby looks at some of Corvino’s finer moments. 

We laughed at his antics during his playing career but life for Paul Gascoigne is a daily battle that comes with no guarantee of success.

In two years time Spain will defend their World Championship. But in trying to qualify for the 1954 Finals Spain found that they did not enjoy the luck of the draw – or flip of the coin. Brian Seal has the story.


How fickle are fans? ‘It took one clever assist for City fans to chuck their morals in the dustbin and hail Tevez’

Tom English writing in the “Scotsman on Sunday.”

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5 responses to “Raves and Rants – Sir Alex Ferguson’s Tricks Of The Trade In The Scottish Edition”

  1. Soccerlogical says:

    re: “..Ya Ya Toure to Manchester City because he was not in their plans, they did not realize that they would have been better to sell Lionel Messi.”

    For all of Canada’s problems in qualifying for tournaments, USA still holds the crown for idiotic “pundits” like Louis Hamwey and Wynalda who kept insisting that Benefica’s Cardoza is an undiscovered gem and world class talent looking to show off his “technical” skills against Chelsea in order to get picked up by a top CL club next season…. at the ripe age of 29!

  2. Rob says:

    Ya Ya Toure isn’t even the most influential player on his team. Is that an April Fools joke come early?

  3. wengler says:

    Lionel Messi>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>next best striker in the world(probably C. Ronaldo).

    These articles are written because people think they are being clever. There is no exposure stating the obvious. Take the idiotic road and suddenly you have a viewpoint that is different and worthy of fake debate. This is the only thing that can explain the careers of Skip Bayless and Jay Mariotti here in the states.

  4. Erik says:

    For my money – David Moyes is the BEST Manager in the EPL and has been for years! There is a saying, “You can’t get Chicken Salad out of Chicken ‘Feather'” but if anyone could do it – Moyes would be the guy. Year after year he does more with less than anyone and IF the EPL ever split the season into 19 games “half seasons” Everton would be serious contenders to win the 2nd Half of the season.

    If I am Man United when SAF hangs it up my ONLY call is to Goodison and my only question is: How MUCH! As long as my answer is 20M Pounds or less I tell them the money will be there in less than 30 minutes before they change their mind. Then again could Moyes be like “Woy” in that they can succeed at small market clubs with lower expectations but move them to a big club with lots of money to spend and high expectations – only to see them fail? I doubt Moyes would fail and I am more than willing to find out but maybe something to think about (And maybe why Clint Dempsey is staying with Fulham and not looking for a CL side squad to move to).

  5. Ed Gomes says:

    As a Benfica fan, I know how under appreciated Cardozo has been by even our fans. He’s a scorer, pure and simple. He isn’t fast, or look that coordinated, yet he is. Has a deadly left foot and uses his right and heads effectively.
    The idiocy of the statement is that he’s trying to hook up with a club that plays in the CL. Benfica is almost always in the CL.
    By the way, Sevilla has been after Cardozo for years, but has always balked at the last minute due to the cost. Unlike others, Falcao from Porto comes to mind, has never forced Benfica to move him due to money. He’s been loyal, unlike Falcao who demanded and moved to a lesser squad, Atletico.
    Should Cardozo leave, Benfica finally has more than capable strikers ready to step in. Nelson Oliveira and Rodrigo have looked impressive.

    I have a question in regards something’s that’s being ranted about in Portugal.
    Apparently the English commentator was Gary Neville, and the rants are too how bad he was. First he mentioned how Benfica should be playing in the Copa de Liberatadores, due to how many South Americans started (not one Portuguese started). It’s a a funny comment but is Chelsea a British team just because Terry and Cole started. Hell even their owner is Russian. Comments could and should have been made about both squads.
    Apparently they also completely ignored the possible handball by Terry. For me the problem isn’t them thinking or saying it wasn’t a penalty, it was the fact that they completely ignored it. When replays were shown, no mention of it and continued discussing something completely different.
    Lastly, I can only assume that in the EPL crowds don’t rip or mock their own. When Emerson (much maligned at Benfica) finally made a good pass, the crowd cheered in mocking fashion. Neville actually says that he doesn’t get it why crowd was cheering. Guess he forgets all the action that has taken place during the game.

    Being Portuguese and knowing the rants coming from Portuguese I try to be careful with my analysis of the commentators and match. But in this case, he has to be better, no?
    As for the game itself, I thought that Benfica was very flat. No explanation, but we’ve played so much better than that. And no, I don’t think Chelsea’s play was what caused it. It’s going to be difficult, but I still feel we can win and advance.

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