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Bobby McMahon

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Raves and Rants – Peter Crouch Not All That Good In The Air? Who Would Have Thought

Written by on September 9, 2011 | 4 Comments »
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Some of the best of the soccer web with an atrocious piece thrown in now and again.

A couple of pieces on Premier League spending in transfer window.

Glenn Moore’s winners and losers and some in between from the transfer window.

Brian Moore provides a considered view of Stoke for WSC.

An interesting take on Arsenal’s transfer moves – a sort of who is highest on the food-chain idea.

Barney Roney on Peter Crouch. It is interesting that so many people have come round to the view that Peter Crouch is actually not very good in the air. Anyone suggesting such a thing four or five years ago while Crouch was with Liverpool risked being eviscerated for expressing such an opinion.

John Chapman on what ails the current Belgian national team.

The diary of Joe Fagan is to be published soon. If this is not a must read I don’t know what is.

Simon Kuper on Manchester United’s IPO and it includes this delicious quote –
“A football club turned out to be simply a vessel for transporting money to footballers. If a club ever made any money, fans demanded that it be spent immediately on players. Football clubs seldom waste money paying dividends.”

Gordon Smith is a name that will mean very little too many but a lot to those who saw him play. Suffice to say that any player held in such high regard by the likes of Sir Alex Ferguson, Sir Matt Busby and Jimmy Greaves could play a bit.

Taller, leaner – a Prof. thinks that there is a trend and something to be learned.

Park Chu-young and his military service dilemma.

Tim Vickery sets up South American World Cup qualifying that gets underway next month.

This is the final column from LA Times writer Grahame L. Jones. A wonderful farewell column as Jones moves into retirement.

Can you find a threat from Barcelona and/or Real Madrid to leave La Liga? Neither can I but it doesn’t stop this blogger from making it up though.

This is a broader perspective of the decision by Samuel Eto’o to move to Anzhi Makhachkala in Dagestan by Ishaan Tharoor.

A night out with England fans.

If the clubs have their way there will be a few less international nights anyway. Can’t help but think that if this is what the clubs want then they should start by discussing it with their respective national associations who are the bodies that benefit from the international calendar.

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4 responses to “Raves and Rants – Peter Crouch Not All That Good In The Air? Who Would Have Thought”

  1. Soccerlogical says:

    Cook resigns from Manchester City over offensive email
    – Was there ever any doubt over this? One mean SOB.

    Everton vs Aston Villa should be interesting. As usual, The Tofees somehow managed to get another very good player in Drenthe (on loan) who I am sure Moyes will “control”. I think with Drenthe in the lineup, Fellaini may be used further up the pitch and add more to the attack.

  2. Boris says:

    I am finally recovered from my jetlag and one month’s vacation in Europe and I am ready for the new season.
    Bobby, thank you for taking the time to research and respond to my question in regards to Modric.
    The only matches I had a chance to watch while in Europe were my childhood team Dinamo Zagreb’s qualification to the Champions League. They really have to thank Uefa by giving a chance to teams that otherwise would not have qualified. My hat off to them. While I think that Dinamo will probably finish bottom of their group, I am very excited to watch them play in the Champions League. They have some players who have star potential, Mateo Kovacic in particular. The youngster played really well during the time allotted to him and I think some day he will be a top top player.
    In regards to Tottenham’s acquisitions, Friedel is ok but I do not feel that Parker would have been necessary considering how well Sandro has played last year.
    I applaud the acquisition of Adebayor. I always thought he was a very good player. I do however think that this is too little to late and they should have gotten someone like this last year. Prior to their two defeats, I was already resigned that Tottenham would probably be a top 8 team this year.
    Then there is the Modric situation. If Chelsea had truly offered 40 mil pounds for Luka, Tottenham were stupid not to sell a player who was clearly unhappy. They will never get this kind of money for him again. I was very excited to see him score a world class goal against Israel on Tuesday. For those who think he cannot shoot from distance, just watch his 30 yard scoarcher that no keeper in the world could parry.
    Hopefully that motivated him to have another great season with Tottenham.

  3. J says:

    Thank you, Bobby, for sorting through the garbage out there to deliver entertaining reads.

    Boris mentioned the Modric non-sale and I wondered if it was possible that, as it relates to FFFP, taking in 40m for him was irrelevant if they couldn’t secure the proper replacement buys within a certain window…If I turn the 40m profit from the sale this year, how long is that viewed as credit from which I can make purchases? If Modric is under contract though 2016, wouldn’t it make sense to sell when you can have the incoming transfers secured, first? It sounds like they couldn’t attract what they wanted. I’m also wondering if they would use the sale to offset a stadium upgrade when the time is right.

    I’m having a hard time with the logic that FFFP institutes a freeze at the top 4. First, that assumes your buys actually pay-off; avoid injury and perform. Second, it seems like big spenders will eventually jettison some talented players. Adam Johnson and James Milner (with the added “English” value) come to mind. Wouldn’t we see a trickle-down improvement (I know that sounds awful) by virtue of smaller clubs snapping up these bargains?

    A lot of this depends on faith that FIFA will actually enforce this stuff…

  4. Erik says:

    As someone who has lived in the Los Angeles area I have grown up reading Grahame Jones’ work. Sorry to see him leave – be it forced or on his own. He is the print version of Bobby

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