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Bobby McMahon

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Raves and Rants – New Managers, New Players, Old Videos With Spice

Written by on September 15, 2011 | 3 Comments »
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Some of the best of the soccer web with an atrocious piece thrown in now and again.

Samir Nasri has made an immediate impact with Manchester City but Tom Williams notes that his performances for France are being criticized.

The Swiss Ramble” focuses his forensic-like skills to the financial accounts of Manchester United.

James Horncastle looks at what might be in store for Juventus under their former captain and now manager, Antonio Conte.

A list of the deals done in Spain during the recent transfer window.

It may be the “Voice of Russia” but is far from being the voice of informed reporting. According to this piece Inter Milan has already been relegated to Serie B. Or some cynics might just say that they are just ahead of their time.

Celtic have protested their way into this season’s Europa League and on Thursday they played Atletico Madrid. In 1974 Celtic and Atletico Madrid faced each other in the semi-final of the European Cup. The first leg was one of the most physically brutal matches ever “played” in the competition.

Tommy Callaghan played in that match and there is also some video that highlights Atletico’s approach. A young Kenny Dalglish scored a goal that was disallowed and he also was one of the players who came in for some “special” treatment.

Gabriele Marcotti takes a look at Mario Gomez – the Bayern striker is off to a terrific start this season. But will it, or can it last?

The latest pronouncements from the “resigned” but not “suspended” Jack Warner.

A welcome back to Serie A from Giancarlo Rinaldi.

Some interesting statistics from this season’s Champions League.

 Michael Lahoud of Chivas USA will be participating in the first annual “Date-A-Chiva” fundraising auction. The auction benefits Schools for Salone and will help build a school in Sierra Leone.

The event will take place at Drai’s Hollywood on October 3, 2011 at 7:00pm.

To promote the event Michael Lahoud has recently released a parody of an Old Spice commercial.

Gordon Farquhar on the Football Association’s stand on outing (or not outing) players using recreational drugs.

The prize money and appearance money for this season’s Champions League.

Iain Macintosh offers up some perspective on Liverpool’s first loss of the season last week at Stoke.

Miguel Delaney takes a look at the competitive balance of this season’s Champions League competition.

MLS players’ salaries for this season.

Ben Lyttleton describes the phoenix-like rise of Viktoria Plzen.

While we sit in awe of the goals Barcelona and Real Madrid scores “Soccer by the Numbers” suggests that if Real is to knock Barcelona off their perch then the focus needs to be on the other end of the field.

Jonathan Wilson on coaches tied to formations and what happens when they inherit a group of players that just don’t fit their mental maps – as in Inter and Gasperini.

On Thursday Birmingham City became the sixth English club from outside of the top-tier to compete in European competition. Here is how the other five got on.

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3 responses to “Raves and Rants – New Managers, New Players, Old Videos With Spice”

  1. J says:

    Despite all his superpowers, a 23 year-old player is still just a 23 year-old. Nasri’s decision to take the money was understandable, but his unwillingness to bite his tongue is foolish. He was the media golden boy in the November friendly win over England, but those same reporters are just as happy to display him as a brat.

    It’s a very small world out there. Any change in the financial winds or FFFP enforcement could turn City into a less attractive club. Nasri only needs to look down the bench – to Tevez and Balotelli – for examples of how you can close doors with your mouth.

    Interesting to hear about the national team competition with Marvin Martin. Rumor has it that Wenger is ogling him. Martin just signed an extension with Sochaux, but so did Nasri with Marseille, just two months before leaving for Arsenal.

    It’s not hard to imagine Arsene Wenger having an appreciation of poetic justice.

  2. J Rob says:

    Great footage of the Athletic Madrid vs Celtic game. Is there a dirtier football performance on youtube anywhere than these Spaniards (or should I say Argentinians)?

  3. Gus Keri says:

    J Rob:

    You should see what the Portugeuse did to Pele in WC 1966

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