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Raves and Rants – Nasty Nazis; Andy Cole and Mark Lawrenson Spread Their Own Type Of Wisdom

Written by on December 1, 2011 | 4 Comments »
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Some of the best of the soccer web with an atrocious piece thrown in now and again.

SportsPro has an interview with the man in charge of the Manchester City brand. City’s chief brand and commercial officer tell us that at the heart of it “City are a community club” and adding that the club sees itself as “a media entertainment company, not just a football club.”

Ondrej Bednar has an article for Slavic Football Union on the lows of the Czech Republic national team and their performances off the field.

Paul Doyle produces a great read as he recounts football at the 1936 Berlin Olympics.

Talent vs Training debate.

David Butler & Robbie Butler have an interesting take on Ireland ’88 and this edition.

Former Premier League striker Andy Cole explains why …….well I’m not actually sure he really explains anything.

Synergy dusted off this article on stadium naming-rights from over seven years ago off but it is well worth a read.

Lasana Liburd has written an excellent article describing the current turmoil within the Caribbean Football Union.

Here is an interview with Tom Maxwell author of “The Lone Rangers.” It is not, as most would expect the story of Glasgow Rangers or even Queens Park Rangers but of Berwick Rangers, a small but unique English club that plays in Scotland.

Roberto Mancini puts City’s odds of qualifying for the last 16 of the Champions League at 30% – Decision Technology goes a step further and calculates City’s odds of winning the Champions League this season.

So if I understand the thoughts of Mark Lawrenson correctly Luis Suarez has been as good as David Silva and Robin Van Persie this season, the Uruguayan is the closest Liverpool has come to finding a player with similar qualities to Kenny Dalglish and he is also “a bit like Ian Rush.”

I will have what he’s been drinking. 

And talking of Mark Lawrenson My Football Facts is tracking his predictions and running a comparison of the actual league table and the table according to the BBC analyst.

When you start to read this article from the Scotsman the most likely reaction is yet another moneyball and statistics article. But you hang in you will reach a section on Bill Gerrard. Gerrard believes that the strength of statistics can only be properly measured in the context of the team’s strategy. The next frontier?

Michael Walker on the untimely death of Wales international manager and former captain Gary Speed.

The Montreal Impactget kudos from an unlikely source – skaters.


“Klinsmann is suppose (sic) to be the man to lead the national team to the holy land and erase any memories of previous suffering.”

The Bleacher Report November 24, 2011

Did I miss the announcement of an away game for the USA with Israel?

Curmudgeon Corner

Why do some people think that there is value in stating the bloody obvious?

“Lionel Messi showing he is only human,” and “Barcelona are not unbeatable,” are two that readily come to mind.

Another particular galling habit is the headline that goes something like, “Giuseppe Rapa admits he has not been approached by Real Madrid.”

Any that drives you up the wall?

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4 responses to “Raves and Rants – Nasty Nazis; Andy Cole and Mark Lawrenson Spread Their Own Type Of Wisdom”

  1. Ed Gomes says:

    A few thoughts.

    I find it funny that City is still meing thought of or managed as a “community” club. If it all goes to plan, that “community” should be the world, no.
    As for their spending and the “Fair Play Rules’ they will be able to circumvent them. They and all rich owned clubs should be able to.
    Can’t these owners just continue pumping their own money to the club through new licensing agreements/contracts with their own companies?

    Bobby was it Andy Cole explaining or Andy Mitten?

    I enjoyed the Synergy article in regards to naming rights.
    But if I remember correctly Arsenal’s stadium naming rights fee also included their jersey fee. I checked and I was right.
    What might have looked like a great deal back then, it isn’t now. I believe that there’s plenty of teams with much better deals where they split those two “sponsors” up.
    Could that long term deal actually hurt them in the long run? Even in today’s economy?
    I had to go look it up further.
    I believe that Arsenal currently sits 6th in jersey naming rights at 6.666 million. Same as Villa.
    Let me add, for all their incompetence, Hicks and Gillett set up Liverpool with a sweetheart of a deal with Standard Chartered. Liverpool is getting 20 mil annually, same as Man United is getting from Aon.
    Chelsea, Spurs and City follow them with 12, 10 and 9.5 respectively.

    In getting back to Arsenal’s deal, it runs through 2021. It was a 100 million pound 15 year deal to run from 06/07 through 20/21. Like I said, this also includes the stadium naming rights. If let’s say, Man United were to sell the stadium naming rights, it would make Arsenal’s deal look even worse.
    As per example Man United as a 4 year 80 mil deal with Aon that runs through 13/14, for jersey’s alone. Same as Liverpool’s deal.
    We’ll see which will prove more effective, as the world’s economy keeps changing.

    On a side note the Spurs amount only reflects their deal with Autonomy. Since they are the sponsors for EPL matches. They have a seperate deal with Investec for UEFA and Cup matches. That deal is a 5 mil over two years.

    All figures in pounds not dollars.

    Who knew the Carribean was such a hot bed for football. Money just kept getting pumped into it with great results. Like the New Jersey school system.
    Anyone from Jersey that reads this will get a chuckle and shed a tear.

    I am a big believer and follower of stats. I just don’t believe that you can translate the way Baseball uses stats into football/soccer.
    I enjoy playing NFL Fantasy Football and have been successful at it. But when it comes to football/soccer, nothing affects a player more than a manager. Yes your super stars will thrive, because managers know they’re super stars and put them in a position to be successful. These are players in their prime mind you. There have been plenty of managers that have buried older super stars.
    It might be easier to follow and plug in stats for NFL players, but it’s clear that much like football/soccer, systems due affect players stats/value.

    I’ll give you one, since it just happened in Portugal.

    “Violence Irrupts at Derby”

  2. Ed – interesting thoughts. The story was under Andrew Cole rather than Andy Mitten.
    There is something to stop money getting pumped in in terms of inflated values. They can I suppose continue to sink money in thru’ their own companies (although I think there are also some regulations around that as well).
    But that comes down to two or three teams and what everyone seems to be forgetting is that the big clubs of Europe all were in favour of FFP so at some point are the 99% not going to demand action?

  3. jimsakeeper says:

    Bobby, thanks for all the links, I’d never have found these stories.

    What irks me the most is the articles on kerfuffles, offenses and gossip that, were they about non-footballers, would be in People magazine and the like. “Wenger takes offense at comments from Sir Alex”, “Santos warn Real over Neymar approach”, “Mourinho says Guardiola should mind his own business”, etc. etc.

  4. Ed Gomes says:

    Bobby, I know that it was Andy Cole but at the bottom of the article it stated;
    Andy Cole’s column is written with the assistance of European football correspondent Andy Mitten

    Sometimes athletes, don’t even know what they’ve supposedly wrote. More than one NBA player has been found out that they have someone else put out tweets under their name.
    How many have come out and said they’ve been mis-interperted or mis-quoted in their very own Biographies.

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