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Bobby McMahon

Bobby McMahon

You can see me on Soccer Central most Mondays and Thursdays on Rogers Sportsnet in Canada. I write a regular column for and and frequently guest on various podcasts and radio shows.


Raves and Rants – Ken Bates Banned

Written by on May 10, 2011 | 6 Comments »
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With the podcast being moved to earlier in the week, the regular Raves and Rants is going to start appearing in a midweek slot.

David Bevan questions the claim that “everyone wants goal-line technology.”

Miguel Delaney looks at former European and Champions League winners and tries to gauge which one has had the most difficult route to Europe’s premier trophy.

Arsenal: What Separates Them From Success?

Jonathan Wilson runs down Porto and their success this season both domestically and in Europe.

British crowds in particular get excited when a corner is awarded – is it worth it?

Passing the ball successfully is a critical factor in any game but there are passes and there are passes. Should statistical breakdowns not offer more points of differentiation?

Egotistical owners are one thing but  Chechnya has a political leader seemingly intent on playing out his footballing fantasies.

Jack Bell looks at how some of MLS’ charter clubs are not doing so well.

In a week when Ken Bates gave Leeds fans the equivalent of a “Luke, I am your father moment,” David Conn writes about the background to his banning by Bates from Elland Road. As a token of solidarity with David Conn, Soccer Report has banned Ken Bates from this site until further notice.

I urge all other soccer websites to join Soccer Report in banning Bates. Further the ban has been extended to include Sir Richard Attenborough in case Bates subtly disguises himself.

Former FSR host Carlos Machado was the first to pick out this Bates’ ploy.

Just Football picks the Championship team of the season.

Premier and Football League clubs owe the UK taxman a lot of money according to this report.

Bobby’s appearance on an episode of “Beyond the Pitch.” A big thanks to the boys for having me on.

Nick Lewis is looking for support for the film “The Jay DeMerit Story.” A great story.

The annual listing of MLS players salaries. Nominations for most overpaid and most underpaid anyone?

Giancarlo Rinaldi compares the Milan title winning side them with past winners.

And Bobby on Tuesday’s edition of World Football Daily.

Quotes & Headlines

“CSA to allow auditors to examine finances in wake of allegations”

This headline in Sport Business got my attention. But as it turned out the CSA in question was not the Canadian Soccer Association but rather Cricket South Africa.


“Would you prefer to be shot or hanged?”

Brian Glanville writing in the May edition of World Soccer provides his take on the FIFA Presidential election candidates Sepp Blatter and Mohamed Bin Hammam.


“Morales was stretchered off following an awkward tackle by Chivas’ Marcos Mondaini in the 38th minute. “ again expands their choice of adjectives when describing a tackle that causes injury. This time the “awkward” tackle caused a broken ankle and put Javier Morales out for an extended period of time. There was nothing awkward about Mondaini’s tackle – it was a bad tackle and indicated one of two things. Mondaini either doesn’t know how to tackle or by tackling with his wrong leg he knew that he could not possibly get the ball without going through Morales first.


“It was a clumsy challenge. It certainly wasn’t malicious. It was more like a forward stuck in the midfield having to make tackles. It was a clumsy challenge, but I know 100 percent there was no malicious intent.”

Robin Fraser, Coach of Chivas USA comments on the tackle by Chivas attacker Marcos Mondaini on RSL’s Javier Morales that left the RSL player with a fractured ankle.


From MLS Major League Soccer

“#FC Dallas hand #LA Galaxy first defeat of 2011”

It looks as if results against Real Salt Lake are not being counted in 2011.

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6 responses to “Raves and Rants – Ken Bates Banned”

  1. Gus Keri says:

    I know it’s his second year as professional but $55,125.00 for Tim Ream is an insult.

  2. Soccerlogical says:

    Bobby – Very admirable to insist that WFD allow you to post their “Premium” content of your punditry for us to access. You are a gentleman and scholar and I promise not to tell anyone. Boy that psycho Cohen really put bad juju on WFD.. poor poor Kenny.

    Thanks again sir!

    Gus – Is Tim Ream the real deal, does Soccerlogical need to do a scouting report?

    *Browsing the MLS salaries, it seems wages are determined more by tenure and image and less on merit and ability.

  3. Gus Keri says:


    Tim is going to be one of the two starting US central defenders in 2014 WC. You can still do your scouting, though.

  4. Michael Sebold says:

    While there are, in fact, things I like about how he plays, the prize MUST go, hands-down, to Julian DeGuzman.

  5. houyhnhnm says:

    I notice in that article by jack bell concerning mls, DC United are not mentioned. I find that puzzling. The club has had the most years of success but has the worst stadium scenario.

    He is right about the redbulls, the problem is, when MLS was started it was started wrong. If only they would have used a version of the brazilian model(since brazil is far more similar to the States in terms of size than england), where states within the union, have their own leagues, and then the victors of those leagues would have been in a tournament. like a domestic champions league, “federal cup” for the champions of each state, replacing the us open cup. Soccer could have grown right in the States.

  6. redfan says:

    So it is done and dusted and for better or worse FSG have given Kenny a 3 year contract and the same for Steve Clarke. Thoughts Bobby?

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