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Bobby McMahon

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Raves and Rants – Fergie’s Transfer Kitty, Real or Bogus

Written by on March 28, 2011 | 37 Comments »
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A selection of some of the best and worst soccer articles on the web over the last seven days.

Jonathan Wilson and the stadium that is scheduled to host the 2012 Europa League Final has hit money problems.

And more on stadiums – from Argentina and Futbol Sin Filtro.

As part of the 25th anniversary of the first WSC this article looks back to the exodus of players from England to the continent after the European ban came down.

The times they are a changing, maybe. Governments throughout Europe are looking to make sports organizations that receive funding more transparent and accountable.

An interesting snap shot of statistics from the Barclay’s Premier League before we get back down to it on Saturday.

Joseph D’Hippolito looks at how “the LA Galaxy fans turn.”

Hugh MacDonald finds that it was a Scotsman rather than Charles Miller who first took the game to Brazil.

After you read this article can you let me know who is responsible and accountable for the performance of the Toronto FC team?

Richard Whittall has a run of the traditional Canadian sports media that fail to grasp any sport outside of their warm little comfort zone.

Luciano Moggi’s sentence has been cut to one year from 18 months – such have been life.

One thing we can be assured of is that James Robson who wrote this ridiculous piece will never have to worry about being employed by the Financial Times.

One can only assume that on the back of a $160m+ loss that UEFA has decided that Old Trafford should become a “Financial Fair Play exemption zone”.

According to Robson Ferguson has a transfer kitty of over a quarter of a billion dollars to spend this summer.

Tom English on all the hurt feelings in the English camp.  

Gianfranco Zola discusses the talent of Steve Clarke and other soccer matters.

Anyone want a slurp of Toronto FC kool-aid?


“It is actually an advantage that we are no longer active in other competitions, so we won’t get distracted. We still have everything in our own hands and will do our utmost to win the league title, even though we have been dealt a few big blows in recent weeks.”

Robin Van Persie  – You sort of know what he is getting at but it is like saying that you are better off without a job because you will save a ton in taxes.

“It was a really smart move to bring him in at the same time as Aron Winter. We’re now having real debates about key issues within the front office.”

TFC director of business Paul Beirne gives himself a well deserved slap on the back. Now we can expect him to step forward and own up to dumb moves as well?


“If only youth soccer parents talked abt the game’s finer points as much as they groused abt referees. Then we ll know #US soccer has grown up” 

Charles Boehm


Last week’s question was “Is Fabio Capello right to reinstate John Terry as England captain?”

Sixty-nine percent disagreed with Capello’s decision while thirty-one percent thought he was correct.

On Video

A nice compilation of week one’s action from MLS.


The Philadelphia Union family of TV broadcasters have hit gold with the in-booth pairing of play-by-play man JP Dellacamera and just retired MLS player Taylor Twellman.

Listening and watching the match against Vancouver Whitecaps on Saturday afternoon on MLS Live JP and TT did what so many pairings seem incapable of doing – and that is adding to the game.

No idle chatter, no buddy-buddy banter – they just allowed the game to “breathe” and their comments and opinions added value. JP Dellacamera is of course a veteran broadcaster but Taylor Twellman is a newcomer this year.

Whether he has been coached or has picked up the skills intuitively I don’t know. What I do know is that he nails the purpose of a colour commentator perfectly – he tells us why something happened not just what happened.

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37 responses to “Raves and Rants – Fergie’s Transfer Kitty, Real or Bogus”

  1. redfan says:

    I hope Ian Ayre ties Kenny D and Steve Clarke down sooner rather than later as the results at LFC will have allerted owners and chairman to their respective talents and whilst I do not think Dalglish would work anywhere else now, he might be tempted and for certain Clarke will manage somewhere, sometime and probably sooner rather than later.

  2. Soccerlogical says:

    RED – Which results are you speaking of exactly? Liverpool crashing out of Europa League or their loss to West Ham and draw against Wigan?

    Why in the world would any intelligent owner like NESV jump the gun and give Dalglish a contract until they reviewed his stats at season’s end?

    PS With the talent at his disposal, an Owen Coyle, Di Matteo or Zola could have gotten the same results after just a few games in charge. The fans may be praising King Kenny now but what happens “IF” the hype and excitement of a new manager dissipates and results don’t go his way….hmmmm? NESV are stuck with a legend at the helm who they have to pay off in order to get a modern manager to lead Liverpool to success both domestically and in Europe… not to mention all the chaos and protests of Hicks and Gillett part deux.

  3. – Gab Marcotti’s plan for the Americas in todays WSJ – Bobby’s plan for the Americas from 2002 When Saturday Comes – ahead of my time? 🙂

  4. rdm says:

    It’s as if you have a solid grasp of the subject on which you frequently write, or something… ; )

  5. Bridie Boy says:

    To Soccer Logical – the average increase in points from a change in manager is 2.5 – 3.5 points. I’d assert that Dalglish and Clarke have done far better than that. 20 points from a possible 30 after 25 points from a possible 60 under Hodgson is impressive. Take out Dalglish’s first two games in charge – a defeat at Blackpool and a draw at home against Everton and it’s 19 points from a possible 24. This includes wins against Manchester Utd and Chelsea (who were on a three-game winning streak at the time). It also includes away wins at Wolves and Sunderland.

    This is even more impressive given the quality of the Liverpool squad. I don’t think any Liverpool fan believes it is nearly good especially as we lack pace and width in attack, have no fit natural left-back, have a back-up central-defender (Krygiakos) who wasn’t good enough for the SPL and even with Suarez and Carroll a deficit of striker options relative to other clubs aiming for the top-four.

    Outside of the stats – what has impressed me most has been the tactical flexibility and nous employed by Dalglish and Clarke. They made two quick changes with immediate results. Shifting Glen Johnson to left-back instead of right (employing Martin Kelly in that position before his injury) and allowing Raul Meireles to play higher up the field and with more freedom. Liverpool stopped leaking goals and Meireles started scoring and creating goals. Against Stoke and Chelsea they played three central defenders which snuffed out Stoke’s physical presence and Chelsea’s three strikers respectively. I’d argue that they have only got their tactics completely wrong once – against West Ham where a four-man midfield wasn’t able to cope with West Ham’s powerful first choice midfield including Scott Parker and Thomas Hitzlsperger.

    Which brings us to the Europe League. Liverpool fans aren’t deluded enough to think we have enough creativity in the final third of the park. Without our best player (amazing since he’s only been there since February) Luis Suarez we were beaten by a penalty over two legs. Dalglish can’t be blamed for the purchases of the likes of Joe Cole, Maxi Rodriguez and Milla Jovanich who no longer have the pace to carve open defences at the top level.

    Which brings me to my last point. Liverpool like no other club in the modern era in England (with the exception possibly of Man Utd) are weighed down by their extraordinary history built on the foundation of Bill Shankly and Bob Paisley. Any possible manager has to be able to handle and understand that legacy and in the fans’ eyes be able to conduct themselves and the team in the traditions those extraordinary manager created. (Roy Hodgson made his biggest mistakes on the park with team selection and tactics but acting as if this was just another management job for him meant he had little chance with the fans).

    I can think of no better person than Kenny Dalglish to take on that responsibility. Like many others while hopeful I was very skeptical of what results Dalglish might produce after 12 years out of the game. The results so far speak for themselves. Obviously getting knocked out of the Europa League was disappointing but to see the club winning regularly after the very poor reign of Hodgson and after the increasingly poor last year under Benitez I think i speak for every Liverpool fan when I say that I am pleased beyond expectations.

    Only two things can improve this for me. News of a permanent appointment for Kenny Dalglish and Steve Clarke and news that NESV have concrete plans to redevelop Anfield or build a new stadium. The latter is critical for our ability to compete over the long-term.

  6. Soccerlogical says:

    Bobbo – IMO, after watching the likes of Columbia (Rodallega, Guarin, Falcao) and Paraguay.. I think the US and Mexico would really struggle to qualify for major tournaments. South American teams like Chile are improving at a greater rate than the likes of USA and Mexico and they have more players getting playing time against top level competition.

    Birdie – The difference is that you and RED are speaking from a fan’s standpoint and NESV are owners who are envisioning several scenarios (some which are positive and some fatal) and prefer to wait till the end of the season so the pool of stats is more substantial and a better analysis can be made.

    NESV have money to spend and will want to compete on all fronts and there is no evidence that Dalglish has the tactical nous to be competitive on all fronts (in the modern game) like a Manyoo, Chelsea and Arsenal. Even with less than 10 games left, I wouldn’t be surprised if NESV offered Dalglish a one season extension with a review thereafter. NESV is a serious and very sophisticated group who look at all angles and do not make hasty decisions like an H&G.

  7. Bridie Boy says:

    LOGICAL – fair points and ten games isn’t a fair point for evaluation but “there is no evidence that Dalglish has the tactical nous to be competitive on all fronts like a Manyoo, Chelsea and Arsenal”?

    I’d say initial indications are good given the 20/30 points (19/24 from eight) he and Clarke have achieved in ten games with Liverpool especially with a relatively poor squad. This achievement has been through a combination of tactical nous, improved performances from the team and the introduction of Luis Suarez.

    Moreover, you seem to completely discount the European experience Dalglish has a player and Steve Clarke has as assistant to Jose Mourinho at Chelsea.

    Lastly, smarter people than me would argue that tactical nous in Europe is important only in addition to the following 1. A large squad that can accommodate suspensions and injuries 2. An effective and parsimonious defence and 3. Attacking options that can break down stubburn oppositions.

    Or maybe you are referring to the greatest living British manager in Alex Ferguson who despite domestic dominance and having all three at times has never come close to what Bob Paisley achieved with Liverpool winning 3 European Cups and a UEFA Cup in six years (1976-1981). Or maybe Arsene Wenger who has never won the European Champions League or likewise Chelsea under different managers.

    Bobby – I’d welcome your thoughts on the tactical nous or lack of displayed by Liverpool thus far under Dalglish and Clarke. Especially relative to the quality of the current Liverpool squad.

  8. Soccerlogical says:

    Birdie – I have no idea what your stats are supposed to prove.

    It’s all about reaching the knockouts of CL and finishing top 4 in the league MINIMUM!

    I doubt NESV care about past experience and what British managerial legends have or have not accomplished with their given squads.

    Why would NESV give Dalglish a hefty 5 year contract and hand over their entire treasure chest (over summer transfers) if he should struggle in the business end of this season and the start of next?

    Because the likes of you and REDFAN bring up stats in the few games he managed and demand a long term contract for Kenny?

    And where is this lack of quality you keep bringing up? Are you familiar with international football enough to know Reina, Skrtel, Agger, Johnson, Aurelio, Carra, Lucas or an offensive threat like Meireles who shined at Porto and the WC? Has a recently fit Joe Cole become a bad player over night? Are Kuyt, Poulsen and Rodrigez scrubs with no international big game experience and are Gerrard, Suarez and Carrol just squad players?

  9. Bridie Boy says:

    LOGICAL – let me help you with the arithmetic:

    If Dalglish and Clarke continue to average 2 out of 3 points by season-end these numbers replicated through a season would put Liverpool there at 76 points. Over the last 8 seasons this would put the club either 3rd or 4th every time.

    I think that if Dalglish and Clarke do this by the end of the season they deserve the job especially for getting the most out of a poor squad and following the disastrous period under Hodgson and the sorry state of affairs in Benitez’s final season in charge.

    And frankly I don’t think anyone is talking about a five-year contract. I believe that Dalglish would be happy to manage Liverpool as long as he is wanted – contract or no contract.

    You bring up the prospect of NESV handing over “their entire treasure chest to Dalglish”. Given the appointment of Damian Comolli as head of recruiting new players that isn’t going to happen regardless of who is manager.

  10. redfan says:

    SL – clearly you are not a Liverpool fan or you would know that a) NESV is now officially called FSG (Fenway Sports Group) b) John Henry is doing his utmost to restore stability to the club and revert the operational running style to something like it was prior to H and G buying the club. This latter point is why Dalglish was approached and appointed over Sammy Lee the incumbant Asst. Manager. Had this not been the intention, then Sammy Lee could have been left in charge while the new owners found a stand in or waited to make a new, permanent appointment.

    As for comparing Dalglish with Hodgson, by the end of Hodgson’s limited reign Dalglish had still won more trophies as Liverpool manager than Hodgson had won games in charge, a lamentable statistic.
    When Hodgon left he made the observation that Dalglish would still have the same squad, the implication being that he, Hodgson, did not think anyone could do better with them, a belief now clearly mistaken, I would argue flawed, based on Hodgson’s limited tactical acumen.

    As for the squad, yes it is limited as neither Alonso nor Mascherano have been replaced. These two were part of the spine of the team and the core of the midfield. You take the two best midfielder’s out of any prem side and to what degree they struggle would depend on the quality of the squad in depth. Depth is one thing the Liverpool squad has lacked the last 5 years and that is down to Hicks and Gillet.

    My parting comment brings me back to Dalglish and his suitability as manager. He has won more as manager than any Liverpool manager except Paisley and has a running wins to games played average of over 60 percent which is higher than ANY Liverpool manager in history. FACT.

    This is factual discussion and as a Liverpool fan, I can honestly say that Dalglish is no Souness. From the nature of your comments thus far I doubt this comment will make any sense, but I could recommend a few good books……..then again there is wikipedia!

  11. Soccerlogical says:

    You guys keep bringing up all these stats and blasts from the past when what I am telling you is that currently there is no “financially sound” reason for FSG to take a risk on a long term deal with Dalglish when he has yet to prove himself in the modern game when it comes to competing in domestic and European play. This can easily be a new manager bounce.

    It’s not a matter of comparing Dalglish’s current record to anyone, especially Hodgson (who clearly wasn’t up the task). Having said that, you take away a Torres who is currently out of form and add Meireles (Hodgson’s buy) and Suarez/Carrol and it can be argued that Roy’s record would have been just as good (post transfer window) and he still may have kept Liverpool in Europe.

    And what happens if next season Liverpool struggle in the first half and it looks like they wont make the top 4 and they struggle competing on several fronts? You expect FSG (an extremely business savvy co) to happily eat a huge sum by paying off Dalglish to leave and then start all over under a promising or established manager like a Villas-Boas, Mourinho, Guardiola, Laudrup, Redknapp, Klopp, Deschamps etc?

  12. Bridie Boy says:

    LOGICAL – firstly you assume everything on Dalglish being given a long-term contract. I don’t think that will happen. 2 years top. Then you mention FSG have no ‘financially-sound’ reason to take a risk on Dalglish. Let’s assume the worst. Let’s assume that Kenny’s long-term track record with Liverpool (2nd most successful manager of the club), his domestic and European experience count for nothing, likewise for Steve Clarke and their excellent start with Liverpool this time that far exceeds the average new manager bounce of 2.5 – 3.5 points count for nothing. A disastrous start to next-season might cost the club 18 months of a 4 million a year contract. Maybe 6 million the amount clubs regularly pee away on transfer fees with ease.

    I am not saying that is the leader of the King Kenny fan-club but as someone who was very skeptical of his ability to turn-around a team that had been floundering for 18+ months.

    Again if he averages 2 points a game by end of the season he deserves the manager’s job as this would qualify LFC for Europe every year.

    Beyond the success on the field every Liverpool fan cherishes the dignity he has brought back to the club. If you don’t see value in that fair enough.

    Please don’t get us started on where Roy Hodgson might have taken the club post-January transfers. He seem destined to take a club that has been in the top-flight domestically for 48 seasons perilously close to a relegation battle. I am not saying he is a bad -manager full-stop but talk about a square-peg for a round-whole.

  13. soccerlogical says:

    Birdie – There is obviously a wait and see attitude by FSG or they would have already caved in to Kenny’s demands. Do you really suggest that FSG offer Dalglish a 2 yr contract if Liverpool perform poorly in this business end of the season and with a possibility of some very good and promising managers being available in the summer?

    Even a 2 year contract at this stage is risky as it sets the entire tone of the FSG takeover and sets a course which may be difficult to change.

  14. Bridie Boy says:

    I’d say wait until the end of the season but you act like Dalglish given them some sort of ultimatum which he clearly hasn’t.

  15. Ian says:

    Liverpool fans are funny. I have to side with SL on this. I think you guys are drinking the kool-aid a little too early. There is no harm in waiting at least til the end of the season and then offering a one year extension as SL suggests. I’m not going to try to argue with your stats, especially if you chose to bend them to your views (“the first two games shouldn’t count!!”), or the blind love you have for King Kenny, but I would think that you would have learned your lesson by now regarding The Next Great Savior of Liverpool FC. How many times do we have to watch you boys crow about a new signing (Torres, Morientes, Keane, Cisse to name a few), new managers (Benitez and houllier were both seen as the bright shining future of LFC at one time) or new owners (H&G were going to be “American Abramovich’s” who would build a stadium and spend LFC back to the promise land!) only to watch it all go wrong a few months later. If Daglish and co. have a good finish this year thats great but why not see how it all goes next year before shooting off at the mouth or asking the owners to shoot off at the checkbook just yet. For a group of fans to get burned as often as you boys have its just surprising to watch you reach for the pot handle again without checking to see if its hot. Even worse is dismissing and shouting down anyone who offers a sensible warning. As I said, you Liverpool fans are funny but I hate to see someone kicked repeatedly when they are down, so I hope for your sake we aren’t having another laugh at your expense in a few months, cutting and pasting the above comments as you make demands for a new Manager and a new Savior of LFC!!

  16. Bridie Boy says:

    Again dismissing all hype,emotion, history and the off-the-pitch benefits – if Kenny Dalglish and Steve Clarke can average 2 points per game before season-end they deserve a contract as that puts Liverpool in the Champion’s League every year.

    Again an impressive statistic for anyone given a Liverpool squad that lacks natural width and pace going forward and which has been in serious decline since the end of the 2008/2009 season.

  17. redfan says:

    Birdie you are totally right and thanks for the balanced argument you have laid out.
    SL is clearly anything but logical for to write off anyone’s working life and experiences is either ageist or he is blindsided to anything Dalglish. I am not sure why SL hates Dalglish and is so against his appointment when fear of failure appears to be his only reason, an emotion you could apply to any appointment.
    I am amazed that Dalglish’s abilities in assembling a team, seem to be so lost on any wannabe pundit, for the team of 85 that Kenny developed through 91 was one of the finest teams to ever play football in England. That team was rebuilt by Dalglish adding the likes of Peter Beardsley, John Barnes, Ray Houghton and John Aldrich.
    Kenny has the ability and I do not think, listening to his press interviews, that he has lost the plot yet.
    The only other managers with any sort of track record and reasonably good enough to rebuild Liverpool would be Hiddink or Mourinho and there is also LVG who is out of work come summer, but these three have no knowledge of the club, its culture nor its philosophies, though I am quite sure given time they could do a good job. Off course SL could be a Rafa fan?!

    The trouble with these ideas is that it will add one or possibly two years to the rebuilding process and that will not sit well with John Henry but especially not with the majority of fans. Now I must go and watch some paint dry.

  18. Soccerlogical says:

    RED – Typical “reactionary” Liverpool fan…I don’t remember ever saying anything that would suggest I hate Dalglish. First of all, hate is a strong word and secondly I am suggesting a level headed and cautious approach… something Liverpool fans are clearly incapable of.

    After only being “properly” in charge for a few matches.. there is nothing to suggest Dalglish (who I greatly respect for his accomplishments (10 YEARS AGO IN A TOTALLY DIFFERENT ERA!) can successfully compete on ALL FRONTS and therefore it’s foolish to offer him anything other than a one year contract should he finish the season showing promise.

    PS This 2 pts per game stat means NOTHING considering the number of matches he actually was in charge of. And with the squad at his disposal, getting knocked out of EL by a struggling Braga side which is also rebuilding is nothing to be proud of!

  19. Bridie Boy says:

    This competing on all fronts is a red-herring. Look at Wenger or even Ferguson – a standard that few consistently can do especially re:EPL and Champion’s League.

    We Liverpool fans might be slightly deluded but don’t expect to be chasing silverware on all fronts every year anytime soon.

    I’d make an argument that for a good manager things are easier now in this new era because you have so much better support at a top club from the medical staff, through your assistant, a bigger-squad,to the use of stats through having someone recruit the players for you. That’s why you haven’t seen the equivalent of a Derby or Nottingham Forest in the last 20 odd years. And it’s why the Champion’s League is dominated by the same clubs now year in and year out.

    Again, ‘new era’ stuff is a red-herring. If that was the case Liverpool’s form would have gotten worse since January.

  20. Bridie Boy says:

    LOGICAL – I have tried not to be dismissive of your assertions. But telling me the points per game under Dalglish so far is meaningless is plain wrong. The manager of the year (2009/2010) managed 1.25 per game. The yesterday’s man has managed 2 per game. Let’s compare notes at the end of the season. I am willing to accept humble-pie.

  21. Gus Keri says:

    Here we go again..



    “I am suggesting a level headed and cautious approach… something Liverpool fans are clearly incapable of”

    Can’t you address your criticism to Bridie Boy and Red Fan, alone?


    “Liverpool fans are funny”

    Do you think Bridie Boy and Red Fan represent all Liveprool fans? Because I only saw these two Liverpool fans writing in this thread.

    What is it with you guys? Do you know that there are Millions and Millions of Liverpool fans around the world? And some of them might agree with some of what you are trying to say?

    So, please guys, address your comments to the people who write only and leave the rest of them out.

    Or, I will start calling all Arsenal fans as illogical people because SL keeps writing illogical comments. LOL

  22. Soccerlogical says:

    Gus – Unless Bobby has millions of Liverpool followers who post, I think 2 representatives of this blog (composed of about 20 regular posters) is a sufficient cross section of Liverpool fans. There are thousands of posts and blogs where Liverpool fans are already demanding a long term deal for Kenny with total ignorance for the big picture and various ramifications… so i see nothing illogical in our statements.

    Birdie – As for this 2 pts per game nonsense… are you intentionally avoiding the fact that Dalglish has only “properly managed” only a handful of games, or is it purely ignorance? It’s like you are intentionally fooling yourself with a stat for which the pool of games is less than 7 and not weighing in a new manager bounce or EL knockout to a rebuilding Braga side.

    PS Any modern manager in the EPL who is not capable of finishing top 4 and at least getting out the final 32 (perhaps even Rd of 16) will not be there for long… that’s a modern truth which Liverpool fans.. or shall I say Birdie needs to realize.

  23. Gus Keri says:

    Here is what illogical in your comments:

    A high profile coach doesn’t guarantee success. See what happened to Scolari and Benitez in Chelsea and Inter, respectively. As a matter of fact, in 2004 when Liverpool hired Benitez, he was one of two hotest coaches, alongside Mourinho, in the world. He faield to bring a league championship in 6 years.

    To achieve success in the highest level in Europe, you need one of two things: Either spending huge sum of money like what Chelsea, Real madrid and some others did or build a strong foundation which take few years to show result, like what Man Utd, Arsenal and Barcelona did.

    With the new financial regulations to take effect soon, I don’t think the first route is possible. And John Henry is not that kind of owner who spends astronomical amount of money. he is more of a builder.

    And to build Liveprool club at this stage, you won’t have any better than Dalglish for many reasons, Some of which were mentioned by Red Fan and Bridie Boy and the others I talked about a lot in the past and I am sure you remember them.

  24. Soccerlogical says:

    Gus – You are having difficulty grasping my point. I never said a high profile manager guarantees success. My premise is DALGLISH HAS YET TO PROVE HIMSELF TO BE OFFERED ANYTHING MORE THAN A 1 YR CONTRACT… IF THAT (which should be assessed at season’s end).

    FSG have and will spend money (that’s obviously why Comolli was brought in… to scout and buy talent) but one thing we know about FSG is that they want Liverpool to be competitive on all fronts like Ars, Che, and Manyoo and have the money to back the “right” manager.

    As for Scolari and Benitez:
    1) Scolari was never going to guarantee success as he was a NT coach with no experience at European clubs.

    2) Benitez like Hodgson (personalty conflicts with their respective teams aside) could have done just as well as Leonardo/Dalglish if they had the fit squad and new transfers which Leo/Dalglish have at their disposal.

    PS Please don’t put Manyoo in the same category of building clubs such as Arsenal just because Fergie didn’t spend millions this season. Even Barca spend heavily by the way.

  25. redfan says:

    SL Dalglish proved himself, as I said, 85 thru 91. He is not senile and the football that team played during his first stint was nearly exactly what Barcelona play today and what Holland were playing in successive World Cup and Euro Nations Comps around the same period. Dalglish then went on to do it again at Blackburn and among his signings, a certain Alan Shearer, who as part of the team Dalglish built, won the Premier League.
    Kenny Dalglish has nothing at all to prove.

  26. Gus Keri says:


    When I talked about building I meant what Man Utd did in the late 80s and early 90s, not now. The same with Barcelona.

    OK..let me see here:

    You want to wait until the end of the season to decide on Dalglish.
    This is fair and I agree with you

    One, two or more years, I don’t really care. As long as he is given time to prove the doubters, like you, wrong. Because apparently, what he did so far is not enough to convince you.

    And do me a favor, stop mentioning the Braga result a hundred times. We heard you the first time.
    Apparently, a team that beat Arsenal, Celtics and Sevilla is still not good enough for you.

  27. Soccerlogical says:

    HOLY SH$#.. are people really that dense? That was more than a decade ago in a different time with long ball football, less competitive teams and a less cosmopolitan and technical league. You want FSG to just give Dalglish a long term contract and dictate Liverpool’s direction this decade because of his success more than 10 years ago… are you serious? I like how you don’t bring up the final years at Newcastle.

    As ignorant a statement as saying that Jock Stein, Paisley or Shankley would be able to compete on all fronts in the current game because of what they achieved decades ago!!!!

    Wake up and realize the game has changed and may have even passed you by my friend!

    I know realize why Liverpool will soon go the way of Newcastle, thanks to fans like these. King Kenny, King Kevin.. oh glory days, a great club are we… blah blah blah.

  28. Gus Keri says:


    Go back and read what I wrote carefully.
    You misunderstood what I said.
    And after that, you should remove your comment before the 30 minutes passed, because you looked very bad, now.

    I was talking about what “Man Utd did in the late 80s and early 90s” not Dalglish.

  29. Soccerlogical says:

    I was replying to RED (who wrote: “Dalglish proved himself, as I said, 85 thru 91”), try keeping up.. it’s not ALL ABOUT YOU!

    You logic should have enabled you to understand that specific post was not in response to you but someone else.
    Ah Liverpool fans.. slow as well eh?

  30. Gus Keri says:

    Sorry, SL

    I didn’t see REDFAN’s note.

    Why don’t you write the name you are addressing the comment to? It’s easy to get confused with so many commentators.

  31. soccerlogical says:

    Sorry for not specifying Gusey.

  32. Bridie Boy says:

    SOCCERLOGICAL – I’ll refrain from using words like dense. I think if you had read what I said you’d see one that I think we should wait until the end of the season.

    All I am saying is relative to the poverty of the situation he inherited he has made an excellent start and if he continues two points per game he deserves a contract.

    Let’s go back to new manager bounce. Read “Soccernomics”? If you haven’t I’d recommend it. Ave. bounce is 2.5 – 3.5 points for the balance of the season. Let’s divide that by the ten games that Dalglish has had for an ave of 0.30 per game. Ave points under Hodgson = 1.25. Ave under Dalglish = 2.00 which represents an increase over the average of 0.45 points.

    Again happy to see what that looks like at the end of the season.

    Are you telling me that Dalglish and Clarke haven’t used considerable tactical nous and flexibility this far with Liverpool? If not, I really question your objectivity?

    I have to laugh at your comments about the game being more physical. Remember the challenges that ended somebody’s career like Van Basten at 28? Specifically the challenge from behind.

    You confuse physical with athelticism. A box-to-box midfielder like Gerrard runs 4 times as much as someone similar in the EPL 15 years ago. That doesn’t make the game more physical but does mean injuries are greater because of the speed and endurance needed in the game now.

  33. Ian says:


    Easy big fella. I was having a go at all Liverpool supporters, as rival fans will do, while also agreeing with SL (god help me) that these unsolicited posts extolling the genius of KD based on less than half a seasons results, added to the demand that he be signed to a long term contract immediately, are foolish and “funny”. Obviously I don’t think every Liverpool fan is funny… I’d say some seem to have no sense of humor at all! Wink wink. It was just too easy to take a shot at all Liverpool supporters there. I know how it feels to have the voices of the foolish few in your midst thrown back at you even though you thought they were wrong when they were spoken. There were idiots in my own tribe of United supporters a few years back who were making noise about needing to get rid of Sir Alex as we hadn’t won the league in a couple of seasons. They were reactionary and illogical in the same way. Or, more recently, those who proclaimed that Rooney was washed up during his contract negotiation fiasco. I didn’t agree with those ravings but I was tarred with the same brush when he did his about face. Unfortunately for us all sometimes, you are often judged by the company you keep!

  34. Soccerlogical says:

    So REDFAN says I hate Dalglish and Birdie claims I used “physical” in my comparison. Is putting words in my mouth helpful, in addition to filtering facts that back desired claims? Good thing you’re above using words like “dense” eh?

    I think you are having a conversation with yourself my friend. Save your stats and soccer book quotes for someone else.

  35. Gus Keri says:


    I can crack a joke or two also. Ask people around.

    But what I hate the most is the theme which seems to keep creeping on this chat room; “generalizing negative comments about Liverpool fans.”

    If one fan states his/her opinion here, it doesn’t mean all the fans agree with him/her.

    I am getting tired of these general negative comments, to tell you the truth. And I would like it to stop.

  36. Ian says:

    Gus — You are making it very difficult for me not to make another negative comment about Liverpool fans. I was trying to have a little fun while making my comment. I’m sorry to see you took it so seriously and have found a way to be upset by it. I even tried to show you that we all deal with generalized comments from time to time. Do you think us United fans don’t get our fair share of jabs? It’s all in good fun. I think you need thicker skin if you are going to be a fan and I’ll just take your word about the sense of humor.

  37. Gus Keri says:


    You are right. I have a “thin skin” when it comes to this issue.
    I have been told that before.

    Believe me, I also like to have fun. But this issue, in particular, brings a lot of bad feelings. It’s personal thing. It comes from a long history of being on the wrong end of it.

    I had similar discussions in the past, some of which are on this website, and it seems they always end up on a sour note. It always starts with people having fun.

    I am trying to solve this problem but I don’t know how. A friend of mine suggested that I should stop reading the comments’ section all together. But it’s hard to do it when the major part of my contributions is in this section.

    Also, there is a wealth of knowledge that some contributors bring to this site, through their comments, unmatched any where else.

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