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Bobby McMahon

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Raves and Rants – Clubs Infighting and Insolvency; Rent-A-Player and A Captain’s Tale

Written by on February 8, 2012 | 9 Comments »
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Some of the best of the soccer web with an atrocious piece thrown in now and again.

Stanley Lover asks fellow referees if they are indeed nuts. Most fans will be able to provide a ready answer while most colour commentators will need half a dozen replays before coming up with a definitive response. Commentators will probably agree but point out that there is no malice in their answers. 

For all Fantasy Football enthusiasts who may not have found this very helpful site, Fantasy Football claims to have detected a change in outlook last week in Scotland as the prospect of Rangers Football Club being liquidated began to look like a real possibility. 

David Fox looks back at a time when money was no object for an outlaw league in Colombia.

Gabriele Marcotti looks at the issue of third-party ownership or as it should be known “rent-a-player.” It may not be allowed in England but that is not the case elsewhere.

A “they-don’t-know-how-easy-they-have-it” piece from the Guardian’s Secret Footballer.

Former Leeds United, Manchester United and Scotland centre-half Gordon McQueen is battling cancer. Here is an interview in which he talks about the battle against the disease.

A well-reasoned piece from Daniel Taylor on the FA’s decision to strip John Terry of the England captaincy.

More than Arshavin” looks at how Russian fans view their football exports.

The New Yorker had this all-encompassing piece from Wendell Steavenson on the Egypt football tragedy of last week.

Mike Goodman looks at what David Moyes means to Everton.

This is the 20th season of the Premier League and the Guardian remembers the often difficult birth.

Ernst Bouwes reports on the ongoing battle that is tearing Ajax apart.  

A RT from Beyond the Pitch just after the Super Bowl half time show.

“@KimJongNumberUn: Compared to Dad’s funeral, this halftime show is overproduced.”

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9 responses to “Raves and Rants – Clubs Infighting and Insolvency; Rent-A-Player and A Captain’s Tale”

  1. Erik says:

    David Fox’s piece was good. If you want to see more about Colombian soccer, check out the ESPN “30 for 30″ show…….”The 2 Escobars” about Pablo and Andres. Two hours of some of the bloodiest/goriest/violent TV you will ever see but it was dannnnnnnnnng GREAT! Anyone who has seen it knows how right I am – a MUST SEE!

  2. Ed Gomes says:

    Erik, the 30 for 30 show on the two escobars, like most of the other pieces, was excellent.

    I truely enjoyed the piece on Ajax. I understand the affiliation and supposed love by Cruyff. But if he truely cared and loved Ajax, shouldn’t he be in Holland instead of being unreachable in Barcelona. Let’s face it, he’s more Cantolonian than Ajax.
    I get the Board going around him was wrong, but for how long are they suppose to work with someone completely unreasonable.
    I’ve made clear before that I’m far from a van Gaal or Dutch fan, but due to Cruyff’s anctics Ajaz could be in deep trouble for longer than expected, no matter which way the decision falls.

    I’ve been harsh on David Moyes, but its mostly due to Everton’s inconsistency during a season. Maybe you can chalk it up to injuries and funding, but for me they are the perenial mid-table club. If that makes Moyes great, hence him being able to keep them there, ok.

    Third-Party ownership is a real risk to smaller clubs. On more than one occasion, clubs have had to move players due to that third party instead of their own wishes. It becomes less about the players development and more about the quick buck.
    Porto has shown real well in Europe and Portugal, and due to that many don’t realize that they are third biggest in Portugal. Porto needs to find any edge in trying to maintain that top standing. Benfica is by far the biggest and Sporting also has a bigger following. Yes, the disparity has lessened, but that’s mostly due to Sporting’s lackluster showings in recent years. I would love to see all of Portugal’s Big 3 succeed, but playing in such a small country makes it very difficult to compete in European football.

    By the way, Benfica (102.5 million euros) was just listed as the 21st richest club by Deloitte Financial in their annual “Football Money League” report. This list is based on the revenue that clubs are able to generate.
    Real lead the pack with Barca second and Man United third.
    The top 20 consisted of only teams from the top 5 leagues in the world; EPL, La Liga, Serie A, Bundesliga, Ligue 1.

    List of the top 20:

    1. Real Madrid, 479,5 milhões de euros
    2. Barcelona, 450,7
    3. Manchester United, 367
    4. Bayern Munique, 321,4
    5. Arsenal, 251,1
    6. Chelsea, 249,8
    7. AC Milan, 235,1
    8. Inter de Milão, 211,4
    9. Liverpool, 203,3
    10. Schalke, 202,4
    11. Tottenham, 181
    12. Manchester City, 169,6
    13. Juventus, 153,9
    14. Marselha 150,4
    15. Roma, 143,5
    16. Borussia Dortmund, 138,5
    17. Lyon, 132,8
    18. Hamburgo, 128,8
    19. Valência, 116,8
    20. Nápoles, 114,9

    A couple of thoughts on the list and why I could be completely wrong about FFP.
    Marseille made the list, yet they are dumping salary like crazy. They just gave Lucho back to Porto for nothing just so they can cut his wages from payroll. Not good.
    Although in the Top 20, Napoli will most likely go on a selling spree after the season. The CL looks out of reach for next season, especially with only 3 spots available.

    This should make Arsenal fans crazy. One of many more rumors to come in regards to van Pearsie. Barca is really persuing him and will offer Arsenal, Isaac Cuenca, Cristian Tello e Jonathan dos Santos in order to make weight on the deal.

  3. Ed Gomes says:

    Link to Deloitte’s “Football Money League” Report.

    For those interested, I thought it made a good read.
    (pdf file)

  4. Erik and Ed – the two Escobars was riveting television – quite outstanding.

  5. I am not a big fan of the list that is often reported as the world’s richest clubs. It is nothing of the sort – it is a list of the top grossing clubs. It does not take into consideration expenses, net position or debt – it is like watching five minutes of a two hour movie.

  6. Soccerlogical says:

    Hogdson, Pardew, Pierce…. really?

    What banal and superficial speculation by the FA and English media. Surely England’s only half competent and slightly qualified candidate is Redknapp (who is still a risk in a world tournie). Any other qualified candidates are all foreign… as usual.

  7. Ed Gomes says:

    Bobby, I don’t normally disagree with your thought pattern on club stability. But sometimes a very good 5 minute movie trailer will people in the door.
    Being one of the biggest grossing clubs makes companies think about being affiliated with such clubs. There’s a reason so many are paying so much for that kind of presence/exposure.
    Debt is a big issue, especially when you have to factor operating costs nevermind wage bills. The disparity amongs clubs is huge, even within the top 20 list.
    But being a big grossing club, tells a nice story. Maybe not a two hour movies worth, but just maybe a an hour documentary worth.

  8. J Rob says:

    Any views on the likelihood of a break-away European super-league in the future? What chance that the leading clubs decide they could get far bigger net TV revenues playing each other every week as opposed to the likes of Getafe,Stoke or Parma? Or is this just the paranoid delusion on the part of people like me?

  9. Ed Gomes says:

    The biggest issue with the “super league” is that some of those “super” teams will be the minnoes of the league.
    You coud create a Super League with division A & B. That way relegation can be left intact and Division A’s Cup wil be like the CL and B’s Europa.
    Wouldn’t it be more financially rewarding if the top clubs set up their own tourney? Or will that break UEFA rules and not be possible under current FA arrangements.

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