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Bobby McMahon

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Raves and Rants – Casual Fans Don’t Appreciate de Guzman & A Load of Bowles

Written by on April 12, 2011 | 3 Comments »
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Raves and Rants was bumped from the usual Monday slot on account of the Arsenal takeover. Here is an abbreviated version.

Some articles and blog postings from the last week.

Paul Gardner sees Dwayne De Rosario as the type of player the New York Red Bulls can build a team around. Should a team really be planning to build on the talents of a player who is 32 next month?

When a sponsorship deal turns sour – this one from the Russian League.

How would the Champions League look if the allocation formula shifted even further to the “best teams?”

Joe Lovejoy meets up with the legendary Stan Bowles.

David Conn tells us we still don’t know who actually owns Leeds United. So much for transparency. My understanding is that Conn is still banned from Elland Road by Bates for asking questions that should never have needed asking.

How Spurs are like England or is it England are like Spurs. A John Nicholson article that hits a note.

A warning issued in the week that the Spurs financial accounts was issued – and as was alluded to on Soccer Report before the accounts were made public.

The issue of a possible Liverpool groundshare arises again like a phoenix.


“If George Best, a mutual friend, was ultimately laid low by birds and booze, Stan (Bowles) was undermined by nags and fags.”

Joe Lovejoy as part of his piece on Stan Bowles.

“As a holding midfielder, (Julian) de Guzman’s skills are not always appreciated by the casual fan.”

Duane Rollins of writing on the Toronto FC 1-1 draw with San Jose Earthquakes. Believe me I don’t think you have to be a casual fan not to appreciate de Guzman’s skills of picking up niggly yellow cards and playing five yard square passes as quickly as he passes responsibility.


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3 responses to “Raves and Rants – Casual Fans Don’t Appreciate de Guzman & A Load of Bowles”

  1. Seattle_Loon says:

    John Nicholson’s article on Spurs was a tad harsh. It’s fair to say they were psychologically overwhelmed a little against Madrid (Crouch and Modric especially) but up to that point their first-campaign in the Champion’s League bore no resemblance to England’s national team. It would seem, however, short of making the Champion’s League every year that their profligate spending will come to an end. You can also see why their failure to get the Olympic Stadium after 2012 is a disaster.

    Which takes me to Liverpool and Everton ground-sharing. Very simply it’s hard to see how a city the size of Liverpool can rationally support two new stadiums. That’s not to say it will happen. FSV while making the right noises have kept their cards very close to their chest.

    Somebody please tell me if I am right in the following. The yet-to-be-fully adopted FIFA Fair Play Financial Rules impose a formula for wages and transfer fees based on total club revenues. As such, Everton, Liverpool, Spurs and even arguably Chelsea are potentially at a major disadvantage to Man Utd, Arsenal and Man City who have bigger grounds. This is exacerbated if the average ticket prices are lower and number of corporate boxes are fewer?

  2. Bryan says:

    Sounds like Stanley’s still full of it ,and himself.
    What a waste.
    He could have been someone ,he could have been a contender.

    I remember him and Duncan Mckenzie being the same type of player around that time ,I liked Duncan better though.

    Made me smile tonight anyway.

  3. Bryan – Was it Duncan that jumped over the mini?
    To pick up a comment you made on Monday about Everton. I think if Everton had got their stadium situation sorted out some time ago they would already be in foreign hands.

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