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Bobby McMahon

Bobby McMahon

You can see me on Soccer Central most Mondays and Thursdays on Rogers Sportsnet in Canada. I write a regular column for and and frequently guest on various podcasts and radio shows.


Raves and Rants – A New Book on George Best And A Find From Eoin

Written by on June 17, 2011 | 7 Comments »
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Some of the best of the soccer web with an atrocious piece thrown in now and again.

Daniel Geey looks at the failed attempt by UEFA and FIFA to overturn the principle of “listed” sporting events.

Les Rosbifs has an interview with the legendary Clive Toye.

Ogo Sylla takes a run at much of the conventional wisdom that pervades Serie A.

The wages bill in the Premier League continues to rise.

Last season’s most deadliest finishers in Serie A and more statistical gems.

Hearts take a big financial hit for their disciplinary record over the last season in Scotland.

A review of the latest book about George Best.

Twittering can lead to embarrassment, impeachment and withdrawal of funding.

And more on the same subject as Supporters Direct suffer from thin-skinned Premier League.

Is Arsene Wenger really a great manager? One thing is for sure the author of this piece should never be allowed close to a keyboard again.

A find from Eoin O’Callaghan.

Was the 2010 World Cup Finals a waste of South Africa’s money? Two articles look at the legacy and the benefits given that we have just passed the one year anniversary.

Retired Rangers manager Walter Smith talks about the signing of Paul Gascoigne and Brian Laudrup and the impact they made on the club.

Comments from still-Wigan manager Roberto Martinez in an interview with Joe Lovejoy.

The Bank of Montreal (BMO) steps up to sponsor the Montreal Impact as they ready for MLS in 2012.

A History of World Football in 100 games reaches 1929 and Spain’s 4-3 defeat of England in Madrid.


Kartik Krishnaiyer RT: @nathaneide: Robbie Savage on BBC radio 1 this AM re: rumors on his move to MLS, “I watched the MLS. It’s rubbish”

Waiting for response that reads “MLS – We watched Robbie Savage. He’s rubbish.”


Gullit stunned by sacking” on Wednesday when Ruud Gullit found out that he had been fired Russian side Terek Grozny. Ruud might have been stunned but the rest of the football world wasn’t.

World Cup 2010

It is a year since the Finals. What is the one most prominent memory of the tournament from a year ago?

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7 responses to “Raves and Rants – A New Book on George Best And A Find From Eoin”

  1. CACuzcatlan says:

    My best memory from the 2010 World Cup was the way Diego Forlan tore it up. I almost placed a large bet in the semi-final stage on Uruguay winning it all, since no European team had ever won outside of Europe and the return would have been 20 times what I put in. Luckily, I did not wager anything.

  2. Tim says:

    2010 memory -Maradona… insane and funny

  3. Gus Keri says:

    My most prominent memory of the tournament from a year ago is the Landon Donovan goal against Alegria.

    It is the sudden change from the dispair and doom of elimination to the ecstasy and euphoria of qualification to the next round in a matter of seconds.

    It was one of those moments that will live im memory of many US soccer fans for eternity.

  4. Soccerlogical says:

    Ben Arfa, Cabaye and now Ba. Looks like Newcastle is putting the Carrol cash to good use… how long before arrogant Pardew messes it all up and KING KEV comes in only to be replaced by Martin O’Neill?

  5. So does every team now get a chance to take the best part of their season and then project 38 games based on only the good bits?

    “Strawman” – a bit like your last point?

  6. Carmelo says:

    Bobby thanks for the column, only wish you would be on Fox Soccer Channel more often! I really wish Fox Soccer would let you do something more interesting & intelligent. A special on the history of our beautiful game, the social connections that cause rivalries & the giants of the past… I believe that learning about the past is key, the most beautiful thing about football unlike american sports is that it really has deep rooted social ties with the community & colorful histories…. I grew up with my dad (Palermo born) loving the Napoli side of Careca & Maradona, the others (Palermo born) in my Sicilian family Juve of Platini & Boniek, & my mum (German, Scotch-Irish) made me (Palermo born now live in the US) fall in love with the Inter of Zenga, Brehme, Bergomi, Berti, Ferri, Serena, Matthaus, Mandorlini… coached by “il mister” Trapattoni. I love football stories you always get socio-political ties West Ham & Millwall, Liverpool & Manchester United, Rangers & Celtic, etc.

  7. Carmelo says:

    By the way a more generic overall note…. why did Max Bretos leave FSC ??? I was saddened …. a really fun & genuine football lover… his rants & his passion are missed, I don’t like this new wave, the aim to please the american fans with cookie cutter stuff that everybody knows already is alarming…. I fell in love with FSC years ago when the Bundesliga & Ligue 1 were on all the times, I know you want to cater to your audience, HOWEVER, all my american friends need to be held at gunpoint to watch MLS, real football fans appreciate variety in coverage & real talk not diluted & watered down coverage… I am glad at least you are fair & pretty honest, you don’t usually let stereotypes dictate your comments or your impressions. Serie A & Bundesliga are great leagues, La Liga as the 2 best teams in the world by a long way… but the premiership do one thing better than anybody & ONLY this without argument MARKETING. The English will put a microphone in front of anybody who will say they play the best football, they absolutely love themselves, they arrogance and the bigotry often on display in England is sick… does Warren Barton know any other way to play football other than 4-4-2?? LOL… he always critiques a team hinting they should have 2 up top, use the width of the pitch and get stuck in…
    no shit sherlock ! Ciao !

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