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Bobby McMahon

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Raves and Rants – A Man Who Thinks He Can Turn England Around; Scotland Fans; Ayre Takes Over As Head Cook

Written by on October 19, 2011 | 3 Comments »
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Some of the best of the soccer web with an atrocious piece thrown in now and again.

Ben Lyttleton looks at the Comolli-effect and Liverpool.

Klinsmann was quoted as saying that MLS players needed to play more games – perhaps not according to this.

Ian Macintosh reacts to Ian Ayre’s suggestion that Liverpool deserves more money because……because they are not Bolton.

The andersred blog plays dirty and fights Ayre’s suggestion with facts.

Jurgen Klinsmann tells Alex Hoyt how he goes about coaching the USA.

Can’t qualify for a major tournament but Jimmy Burns thinks the Scotland team has one thing going for it….the fans.

Lisa Fallon looks at what Cryotherapy involves. And no it doesn’t involving crying a lot. although when you consider the treatment I would understand why.

Dr. David Martin a leading Australian sport scientist is interviewed.

Certainly not your usual run-of-the-mill piece. This one from WSC on a Londoner who has gone from selling cars to running a Serie C club in Italy. Taranto

Jonathan Wilson wonders if Marcelo Bielsa and Athletic Bilbao are a good fit. Bilbao did win on Monday and here’s hoping it marks a turnaround.

A very good interview with Simon Kuper from Mother Jones  – God bless her.

It seems that the FA can save a lot of money by jettisoning Fabio Capello and simply get this writer to take over the team. He claims that England’s problems are easily solved.

The Economist looks at the cost and logistical challenge of keeping everyone save at a major sporting event.

Deutsche Welle looks at moves by the European Union that provide more powers to countries to crack down on match-fixing.

Here is an introduction to “First Thoughts” a news and sport website which exclusively features the work of 15-18 years olds

My apologies for missing this one a couple of weeks ago. “Arsenal – 21 Finance questions’ from The Swiss Ramble.

From Giancarlo Rinaldi – a piece he did some time ago for the BBC but a great story nonetheless.

A big week for FIFA and Sep Blatter according to Keir Radnedge.

The Washington Post looks at the scientific reason why “soccer-style” kickers have an advantage kicking field goals in gridiron football.


“Garry Cook has only been gone a few weeks and already he has a successor as the embodiment of crass corporate bluster in the Premier League. It’s Liverpool’s managing director Ian

for his suggestion that clubs should be able to negotiate their own foreign TV deals. Ayre’s proposal was quickly slapped down by other clubs, with the best response from the chairman

who said “You won’t get more money by killing the heart and soul of football in England”. Making Dave Whelan sound like the voice of reason is quite an achievement.”

WSC Weekly Howl Oct 14.


During Saturday’s match between Liverpool and Manchester United there was an incident between Patrice Evra and Stewart Downing. Downing went to ground and Evra started to wave an imaginary card in the expectation that the referee would book Downing.

A replay showed that Downing fell without contact nor did he have to evade a challenge from Evra. Neither Downing’s action nor Evra’s for that matter were acceptable and both worthy of criticism.

However, ESPN commentator Ian Darke chose to describe Evra’s actions as “pathetic” while Downing’s “fall” and attempt to con the officials (and something that might lead to Evra being booked) was immediately glossed over.

If Downing does not dive then Evra doesn’t wave an imaginary card so why was Evra’s action “pathetic?”

By glossing over Downing’s roll the inference was the perpetrator had done little wrong.

Strange thought process I thought.

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3 responses to “Raves and Rants – A Man Who Thinks He Can Turn England Around; Scotland Fans; Ayre Takes Over As Head Cook”

  1. BC Spur says:

    Absolutely strange thought process inolving Ian Darke’s comments! I thought the exact same thing!! While both actions are regrettable, Downing’s dive is pathetic. Rivaldo-esque. Another swipe at Johnny Foreigner from an English commentator?

  2. Soccerlogical says:

    Bobby – What are you doing reading Mother Jones? LOL

    I like the new pic of you behind the UCL Cup. Will Eoin be popping out of it?

  3. Gus Keri says:

    Scotland will need those fans very badly to qualify to the world cup. They are becoming the minnows of their group.

    Recent FIFA rankings had moved Wales, the supposedly lowest ranked team in the group, to 45th; 6 ranks above Scotland.

    On the positive side, if there is one, you still have Macedonia which was ranked lower. But don’t count on it to be an easy prey.

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