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Bobby McMahon

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Raves and Rants – A Baker’s Dozen; Russia, Shankly On Brains, Idiots, Rafa, Les Wilson & More

Written by on January 11, 2012 | 3 Comments »
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Some of the best of the soccer web with an atrocious piece thrown in now and again.

Robert Dillon brings us up to date on a season and a bit of transition for Russian football.

Andrew Gibney has given in and has now adopted a second team to support.

This one seems to be a talk-radio host in his apprenticeship phase. According to this f*!k-wit football games arouse such passion within fans and players that any racist remark can be written off as just something said in the heat of the moment.

The argument is moronic. Taken to its logical conclusion it allows any acts, no matter how heinous, to be excused based on an excitement made me do it excuse  . “Sorry about slitting you from ear to ear with this Stanley knife Guv, just got carried away didn’t I, no hard feelings then?”

Ouriel Daskal has some thoughts on how to deal with match-fixing.

Brian Reade points out although the FA has now dealt with the Suarez case they also need to take a look in their own backyard.

Bill Shankly is said to once remarked to a player – “Trouble with you laddie, is your brains are all in your head”

Science News takes a more academic look at the brains of elite athletes and how they work. It even comes up with an explanation as to why we rarely hear anything of interest from a player right after a match.

Caleb Cousens takes a look at Borussia Dortmund’s youth policy and how it operates.

I missed this one from a few weeks ago but it well worth a read. Rafa Benitez on Women and Football – let’s just say that he takes a more informed approach that Gray and Keys.

The experiences of Ann Hicks and fellow officials at the youth level do not make for pretty reading. I don’t know if anyone has the misfortune to officiate a game at younger levels – I did some years ago. The referee did not turn up and it was a case of I took the whistle or two teams of 12 year-olds were going home without a game.

I distinctly remember a Grandfather and Mother who did not know the Laws of the Game from their arses but obviously and quite vocally expressed their opinions. After a first half of bile I offered the whistle to the old fart and the cow – their response “we can’t do that we don’t know anything about the game.” To them it just seemed to be part of a night out. 

A nice graphic from “My Football Facts.Com” on the current state of goals and assists by player in the Premier League.

A wonderful piece appeared this past week on “WolvesHeroes.Com” on a great servant to Wolves and Canadian soccer Les Wilson.

Jonah Freedman on MLS.Com looks back at the move a decade ago to opt for contraction and to eliminate the teams in Miami and Tampa. It is a hole that remains today.

For all the Manchester United supporters out there who are fixated on their club signing Wesley Sneijder Michael Cox offers some thoughts.

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3 responses to “Raves and Rants – A Baker’s Dozen; Russia, Shankly On Brains, Idiots, Rafa, Les Wilson & More”

  1. Sandra says:

    Had to laugh at your response to Brendan O’Neill’s idiotic piece. I’d already read it (unfortunately) and was not surprised at his argument. It’s very typical of him. He always has a kneejerk response to any issue the media decides to hype up in such a mindless way.

  2. Soccerlogical says:

    This Brendan O’Neill reminds me of those extremists (liberal or conservative) whose ignorance and lack of reason always shines through. Similar to that dolt from the LA Times who wrote a piece on how a recent cartoon comparing Michelle Obama to Marie Antoinette was racist.

  3. Ed Gomes says:

    My rants

    Rafa hasn’t yet found another team to con and plunder? I’m actually shocked.

    A funny thing went on with the Hughes and QPR marriage. What exactly has Hughes accomplished that he is states “he’s pondering QPR’s offer and is still mulling it over and in discussion”.
    Really? If I was QPR I would have held a press conference stating that they are still interviewing candidates.
    If the question in regards to Hughes came up, which it would, they should have stated that he hadn’t the vision they were looking for.
    Since when is Hughes afforded the position of power? It’s laughable, and QPR will regret this hiring.

    Dalglish has to protect Carroll since it was him who threw that transfer money away? Right?
    The true wast of it all will become even more clear now that Carroll will continue to fail even with Suarez out.

    The only reason Lamps will remain with Chelsea is that his salary demands and playing time will both be too high.

    If anyone has attended any youth soccer matches, I think we can all agree that the parents/spectators and sometimes coaches, no nothing about the game. I went to see my niece play and graciously took the side judges flag away from my brother-in-law. He was asked to do it, eventhough he doesn’t know any of the rules. Trust me, he was happy.
    Last season I had to explain to her coach on how to change his formation in order to maximize his best players. At least he listened.

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