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Bobby McMahon

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Raves and Rants – Looking Back On Transfer Deadline Day And Fergie’s Timepiece

Written by on February 7, 2011 | 4 Comments »
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Jason de Vos with a follow up to his article on the change to the way that the Canadian Soccer Association is governed. This time in a Q&A format.  The new governance format passed in a vote on Saturday.

The Andersred blog with an update on the snarled financial web woven by the Glazers.

EU “ruling” or “opinion” with benefits regarding the broadcasting of Premier League games from foreign distributors.

Transfer analysis. has been a staple for research for many years. It has just undergone a makeover and a significant upgrade. Others don’t necessarily share my opinion.

David Dickson describes a bad week for journalists on account of Twitter.

Sid Lowe on Fernando Torres’ long good-bye from Anfield.

An economic analysis of Chelsea signing Fernando Torres.

Gabriele Marcotti on Udinese – a club that understands its challenges, limitations, keys to success and executes to perfection.

Faux Pas

A goalkeeper goes walk about. This clip is courtesy of the Football Supporters’ Federation website.

In these difficult times, football provides the occasional heartwarming story, such as the Liverpool fan who changed his name to Fernando Torres in December. The owner of a toy company in Scunthorpe declared himself to be “gutted” at the news of his idol’s departure to Chelsea, as presumably he’s now going to have to fork out for a season ticket at Stamford Bridge.’

In the Friday edition of The Howler from WSC.


“The stereotype of the nouveaux riches is that they lack taste, that rather than carefully creating a coordinated look for their home they just buy lots of expensive stuff and slap it all together: oligarchs and soccer clubs often seem the same.”

Who might Jonathan Wilson be describing?

“For Arsenal fans, watching Sky Sports News on transfer deadline day must have felt like being the children of hardcore Jehovah’s Witnesses at Christmas.”

Wednesday’s The Fiver.


“REPLICATE transfer d/line day in works canteen by panic-buying a pot noodle for £20, a min before they close.” @TwopTwips

“Does SSN’s suggestion of Kevin Nolan driving Andy Carroll to Liverpool conjure images of Thelma & Louise for anyone else?” Andy Brassell

“Is there anything more fatuous in football world than the phrase “in Premier League history”. It’s like Pol Pot took over footy 20 years ago” – Michael Hill

“What’s the difference between Scholes hand ball and Henry? Is it just that Henry got away with it?” Gabriele Marcotti

Added Time

When the Great Referee-in-the-Sky blows for time on Sir Alex Ferguson he can be sure that Fergie will arrive at the Pearly Gates pointing at his watch claiming that he is due two extra  minutes.

With a quarter of the game against Wolves still to go he was pointing to his trusty timepiece.

I don’t know if any watch manufacturer has ever used SAF as part of a marketing campaign but if it hasn’t happened one surely should.

Premier League Upset

You would have got odds of 6-1 on Wolves putting one over on Manchester United on Saturday.

Curmudgeon Corner

Chelsea announced an operating loss of £68.6m for last year – a reduction of £3.6m on the previous 12 months results.

Chelsea’s Chief Executive Ron Gourlay was quoted thus “The reduction in operating losses and increased sales in 2009/10 shows that we are moving in the right direction.

The club is in a strong position to meet the challenges of UEFA ‘financial fair play’ initiatives which will be relevant to the financial statements to be released in early 2013.”

You only need common sense to work out that the results show nothing of the kind unless your time horizon two decades.


With the broadcast coming from Stoke on Saturday ESPN took the opportunity to do a little feature on Sir Stanley Matthews and Stoke City.

Ian Darke set it up nicely but when he threw it to Steve McManaman, McManaman contribution was limited to “he was just a wee fella, wasn’t he?” (In an era when almost all players were less than 6 ft Sir Stan was not considered a “wee fella”)

Mention of the Tony Waddington era from Darke was met with a Macca silence. Darke’s contribution left me thinking more highly of him, not so with McManaman.

While commentating on the West Ham v Birmingham game Richard Kaufman noted that the Hammers Carlton Cole had only averaged a goal every four club games. He thought that was a disappointing return for an England international striker.

Is that not getting things the wrong way round? Surely it is a case that it is disappointing that a striker who averages a goal every four club games is an England international striker?

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4 responses to “Raves and Rants – Looking Back On Transfer Deadline Day And Fergie’s Timepiece”

  1. Soccerlogical says:

    The creepy looking Jean-Claude Biver strapped his Hublot on Fergie’s wrist a few years ago and he’s been keeping time on it ever since.

    As for McManaman, I’ll never forget his “genius analysis” on ESPN during the WC. The dolt arrogantly advised Lalas not to worry about the US not progressing through the gruop stages because England would more or less comfortably defeat both Algeria and Slovenia which would ensure both USA’s and England’s progression….. you know the rest.

  2. Fab4 says:

    McManaman has always struck me as a person who is so used to sliding by on personal charm that he doesn’t feel the need to take his professional duties seriously. He’s the soccer world’s Charles Barkley (for any NBA fans out there).

  3. J says:

    Not Charles Barkley. HR Pufnstuf.

  4. Soccerlogical says:

    Bobby – I think you are slightly harsh on K Doyle.

    Besides his awesome work rate and ability to hold the ball… the Irishman is a very athletic, great header and great finisher. It’s not his fault that McCartney is a defensive minded manager and Hunt has been injured. Put Doyle up front at an Everton with Saha or the likes of a Tottenham or Villa and you will see the lad’s full force in effect.

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